How to Store Blankets in Living Room

How to Store Blankets in Living Room

Blankets in living room brings another level of warm covering your body whether you are watching movies or taking rest. When it comes to the matter of how to store blankets in living room we get overwhelmed while these things are tended to accumulate over the years. You should consider amazing blanket storage with easy access in need.

During winter season managing blanket would be difficult with perfect storage space. To overcome this challenge we are suggesting best ideas which are functional and stylish. There are lots of way to store blanket rather throwing them taking over your living room. You can display your cozy accessories with blanket ladder or rack not stashing them in a trunk.

Yet, people love most to keep their blankets in a trendy basket which can be placed next to the sofa. Beside these popular ideas, we put together several unique storage options which going to need to store your collection. Among these ideas you should choose most snug options per your blankets and rest of room decoration furniture.

How to Store Blankets in Living Room

How to Store Blankets in Living Room

Whether blankets collection is more or less you should find large one otherwise you might still yourself searching for more storage spots. Let’s check out our best suggestions for how to store blankets in living room which can great storage around the room no matters hidden space or beautifully displaying rack or ladders where your soft blankets will be in good condition and close to your hands.

Blanket Basket

When you are finding a go-to storage idea blanket basket are ultra simple where you can store varied sizes of blankets which won’t mismatched in your living room decor. You can place them easily next to your couch while simply roll it up and put it back. As a suggestion you can pick a large wire basket could be ideal for storing blankets weather it is season or off-season. There are lots of possibilities to reflect your personalized and style with this basket storage without investing lots of money. This also help to access them easily when you have placed this by the side of couch.

Blanket Wall Rack

Blanket Wall Rack

We are starting with the most popular and simple idea as blanket wall rack. If your living room is small every inch of floor space is valuable where this idea will offer you clutter-free floor space with good number of blanket storage option. Without adding other heavy furniture piece you can store blankets in the living room with wall rack. These type of rack are versatile where you can store a good number of blankets plus this could match any home decor which save your money and give unique look to your place. 

Installing process of this storage are pretty simple and keep your blanket organized and easy accessible while you can rolled up and stored vertically.

Ladder Storage

You would have found that the ladder storage are recommended for bathroom towel storage, but this could be reliable technique when you are finding blanket storage for your living room. You can transform your simple ladder with different color with your preference and decor need. Being a space-saving storage solution you cannot deny this anyway.

Blanket Chest

Blanket Chest in Living Room

If you want to add comfortable furniture piece to store your blanket in your living room this idea will make you happy. Keeping furniture budget affordable while hide your blanket in this chest which have soft sitting surface. To create cozy corner of your living space upholstery stapler will be unbeatable ideas.

Blanket Crate

When you want to do something unique and cute vibe in your living room setting which have farmhouse style. With a specious crate you can store couples of blanket and cushions at once. If you have pretty collection of blanket with this storage you can display them.

Use a Storage Ottoman

It is an open secret that a storage ottoman reveals storage space inside with a lid that can lift to store some folded blankets and seasonal things. It also can be used as a convenient place to put up your feet when you are enjoying a movie or reading a favorite book.

Hollow Wicker Coffee Table

As an eye catchy addition has dual-purpose hollow wicker coffee table must be a cleaver idea. If you want to prevent mustiness this wicker can air pass easily and the surface can be used as a table per your various need. These wicker or rotten table suits any home style, so you can confidently pick this which easily match the rest of the decoration.

Make a Display Cabinet

Providing a warm and inviting environment blankets with beautiful textiles can be shown off in your living room.To do this repurposed furniture like a china cabinet, up-armored with the drawer removed or console table for a display cabinet to store several blanket collections nearby the place you will need them.

Use The Back of The Door

Use The Back of The Door for living room

Whether your home have kid and need to store baby blankets that have never-ending numbers but because of their small size won’t take lots of space simply roll them up and slide in any rack or organized them installed in the backdoor. With the clear pocket allow each blanket to be visible to make it convenient in use in need. Keep blankets vertically in the towel rack to make more space.

Quilt Stand

If there are space problems these stand will rock which fit between wall and couch effortlessly. String to using a blanket will be pretty easy on a cozy night. This addition won’t disappoint you even it is bare. As an art piece, you can hang your favorite items to access easily and create focal point in your small living room.


There is no straightforward rule or terms for how to store blankets in the living room. Depending on your space and the rest of the furniture and decor style choose one or multiple from our chosen ideas. The market is full of different types of baskets, racks, cabinets or coffee/side tables you can pick to store your blank collection. It is not obvious an item have a particular purpose while you cannot use it for other ways rather this could be unique and personalized for your place.

Most interesting fact is that in this project you can create your storage options if you have great mind of DIY. So adding or detaching drawer or shelves, changing color or pattern will be praiseworthy in this planing. You can make blanket storage solution different style of space with matching of room theme.

Do not hesitate to share with us new idea if you have through comment section which can be lovely one for other’s living room.

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