how to cut chicken breasts into tenders

How to Cut Chicken Breasts Into Tenders

How to cut chicken breasts into tenders has been chronicle question for foodies weather you love to eat easiest BBQ chicken tender or crispy potato chip crusted chicken tender or oriented salad. While chicken tender are packed with protein and low in fat. Yet, these are favorite food of healthy eaters. Usually people cuts chicken breasts into tenders with knife or kitchen shears as safe and practical.

If you got bored with same grilled breast every day this technic will introduce new food items. Therefore, cutting chicken breasts into tenders will be an essential skill for weeknight cooking for chicken Schnitzel or masala while a thinner chicken tender perfectly sears and breads and fries for any dish.

The cutting process won’t be difficult with a sharp knife and a bit of practice to do this. If you are not enough expert make a few holes in chicken breasts before you get the hang which won’t impact on food taste. To get final thickness this holes in meat make the task fun and easy.

If you are slicing your chicken breasts into tenders with knife follow this:

Step – 1

Start with placing a boneless, skinless chicken breast on a cutting board and hold it flat with the palm of your non knife hand. Getting amazing cutting result of chicken breasts into tenders pick a sharp chef’s knife with approximately 8/10 inch which did this task smoothly. You know that the sharper knife less risky than blunt one. A sharper knife won’t slide around as much while a longer knife will help to cut chicken smoothly. For clean cuts avoiding repeated cutting a chef’s knife have sturdy construction which did all work without taking lot of arm’s stamina.

How to Cut Chicken Breasts Into Tenders

Step – 2

To sharpen your knife press the knife blade into the side labeled as coarse and pull it through you a couple of times applying gentle pressure then pull it though the fine side. We suggest not to use dull chef knife, and you will get them variously in price, quality and materials. Before shopping any of them check out it’s comfy to hold during work. You can also use boning knife or fillet knife to slice the chicken breast horizontally into two even pieces that helps to cut rightly even close to the edge of the board.

Step – 3

When you want to keep the cutting process risk-free you should keep the chicken breast on a plate in the freezer for 15 minutes which help to firm it up making it easier to handle as the raw chicken used to very slippery.

We suggest removing it first, and you do not need to cover the breast or either leaving it in the packaging. One more thing, you can use a paper towel to wipe down the chicken to dry before cutting if you do not want to wait for the chicken to dry before cutting. Yet, this process also keep the chicken less slippery, effective for these difficulties.

chicken breast on a plate in the freezer

Step – 4

It is advisable to transfer the chicken breast to the cutting board. This time remove the breast from the freezer and slide it off the plate onto the cutting board or use your hands to pick it up and set it down safely. Place the breast toward the center of the cutting board this step. Be careful about the raw chicken’s bacteria which can spread easily entire the kitchen so use a separate cutting board for chicken to avoid contamination to others. Plus, you should not use your hand beside cutting board, knife and chicken. Try to place chicken into center place rather there have possibility to slippery.

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Step – 5

To go the next level on how to cut chicken breasts into tenders smoothly you must follow several simple yet delicate step and at the very first deboning of the chicken breast is essential if there have bone in the breast. Make sure you have trimmed around the ribs and breastbone to ensure clean cutting look and move to the breast meat off the bone gently to keep the tender in good condition while make sure to cut off the tendon at the bottom as well as hold the breast in place with your non-dominant hand. If you are one of them who do not have trusted own self to cut the tender with a super sharp knife we recommended putting on a pair of cut resistant gloves which are made from same material as bulletproof vests and will keep your hand safe. Do not forget to rest your palm firmly on the piece of chicken and curl your finger slightly under your knuckles to protect them from getting cut by the knife as you slice if you didn’t wear gloves.

Step – 6

Herein, slice the chicken against the grain that makes your chicken more tender once it’s cooked. So find the grain and cut across it rather parallel to it. On the contrary, take  the cutting pattern left to right while the grains running up and down. As a most efficient tip always take a long stock as much as possible for your knife and start dragging through the breast to get one properly clean slice with your preferred wide of tender. Till finish the last strips of cutting chicken breasts into tenders be static on this above described process.

Cutting chicken breasts into tenders with detachable kitchen shears

When you are not comfortable with kitchen knife choose a pair of detachable kitchens shears which are different from regular scissors much sharper, sturdier and available in cheap costing. This knife can cut through everything from meat to bone. With 2 piece labeled scissor you will be able to take the 2 halves apart to between the blades to cut them thoroughly.

Step – 1

Like the using of knife process need to place the raw kitchen breast into the center of the cutting board which gives you more control over the breast for making straighter cuts. We suggest not to hold your chicken best in the air while you are cutting this which won’t let the pieces same size and risk-free of slippage. In this process there will be less wastage to clean.

kitchen shears

Before cutting chicken breasts into tenders deboning the breast is important and make sure cuts around the ribs and breastbone while using your finger to pull the meat away from the bone then cut off the white tendon to go smoothly.

Step – 2

Usually the process of how to cut chicken breasts into tenders with a sharp knife and shears did not different in process or step rather holding the kitchen shears and chicken breast rightly. In this step after debone find the grain of the breast to go to the nest step of positioning the blade of the shears to cut it thoroughly.We have already said that to get accurate clear-cutting tenders from chicken breasts you should cut with opposite direction to keep the grain in good condition.

cut through the breast

Step – 3

In the final level cut even sized tender with the shears which could be difficult with the knife. Up to your cooking items cut the chicken breasts into tenders using your non-dominant hand to hold the chicken in place on the cutting board while you use the other hand to cut through the breast with the shears comfortably. One more thing you should touch the cutting board lightly to find and go through the straight line of the meat even in multiple cuts actually this step helps you to guide the shears to move.


We often found how to cut chicken breasts into tenders could be harder for anyone if you have not practical experience, but our guideline won’t disappoint you to do this successfully even your doing first time. To make things easier we have provided two different ways as you can find your favorable one to make your kitchen task much easy.

The goal of cut chicken breasts into tenders helps to made rightly delicious food and appealing. The pieces of chicken get good and even shaped use your hand o pull right off of the chicken rather than knife. They are versatile and delightful if you cooked properly.

Making your own chicken breasts into tenders with tricks and safely steps to complete the entire task. Thanks for reading this writing and comment below if you want to ask other things.

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