How to Decorate Balcony with Plants

How to Decorate Balcony with Plants

A pretty and small garden on your balcony can extend the beauty of your house. And if you know how to decorate a balcony with plants it can inject limitless beauty with relaxation going through simple investment and addition. While your balcony is a spot where you prefer to spend leisure time to develop new ideas, you can’t avoid its attractive look full of nature, which won’t be complete without plants.

Your balcony needs more attention to pick the best types of planning and plants to make it the utmost comfort. But making better your balcony with plants is very simple if you have a reliable guide you can find the best match for your palace and which right arrangement. Whatever you choose flower, herb, creeper, or other indoor decorative plants.

No matter whether your apartment has a small or larger space, you can give your space with personal liking. You should find low maintenance plant to save your time for this purpose.

How to Decorate Balcony With Plants

To enhance the beauty of your balcony with plants will be pretty easy flowing our attached effective ways. We are writing this after researching a number of writing on the internet and experiencing suggestions. Here we also added several tips to find the right path. So, keep reading at the end of the writing and combine them per your space convenience.

Use a Staircase

It is hard to get finding a larger balcony for the city people while they are living small size apartments. You can decorate it with houseplants which also be perfect and display things perfectly actually you love. With a stir case, you can put plants in the corner when you want to leave empty the middle space of it where you can seat with a small table and chair in the evening to read your favorite book or enjoy tea/coffee in the favorable and fresh atmosphere. Even in a tight place staircase provide a good number of to hold plants.

Consider Wall Planters

Up to various walls of your balcony, these handy thing comes in different shapes and sizes which you can easily attach to the wall with the help of a metal hook. To make it more greenery wall planters are a smart idea while growing some colored flowering plants in them that splash colors on your wall without lots of hassle and wasting of money for balcony gardening.

Arrange Pots Horizontally

Among the most useful tricks, it is easy and efficient to decorate it with plants. Simply arrange pots and planters horizontally on a shelf or stand in a corner of it to create a lot of space to grow many plants even in the tiny size of the balcony. In this case, colored pots standing will look absolutely gorgeous on your cozy balcony. On the contrary, with this, you can bring fresh air to breathe with a combination of greenery plants.

Install Hanging Plant Boxes

For balcony railing, nothing could be more dependable than installing hanging plant boxes to create more space and keep the floor free to place patio tables and chairs to enjoy fresh air and evening tea. You can find them in various sizes per your need for balcony railings and space.

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Buy a Supporting Structure for Climbing Plants

Some plants like bougainvillea, blue morning glory, and star jasmine which are low-maintenance yet fast-growing climbers. You can choose these plants to grow on your balcony. Along with a supporting structure such as a trellis or bent steel rods to transform the plain wall of it into a colored painting with climbing plants which will be the focal point of your entire balcony.

Pick the Right Shapes and Shade

We are talking about choosing a pot for your space. Decorative pots and planters bring more color to your favorite space. Geometric shapes and pastel shades of pots will be noticeable for their sharp and clear edge even if you have fewer plants for a small space. You should also consider hanging baskets and pots to provide for decorating and vital growing space.

Add Creative Pallet Board

Add Creative Pallet Board

When you want to pick some unique and vibrant ideas for it you should find something creative like attaching a pallet to the wall with the help of iron nails to hang flowing pots and greenery indoor plants rather than hanging from the nude walls. You will need to break up a board and separate the palled planks. Finally, these are ready to attach to the wall and fix the plant pot vertically on them to get more space without eating floor space and give personalized decorative attraction.

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Which Plants are Good for Balcony Decoration?

Depending on your balcony location you should make a list of plants. You can choose Begonias with beautiful flowers and leaves. With its luscious green, big and jagged leaves this plant will increase beauty years after years on your balcony. Some people prefer marigolds, fruits or vegetables,s and succulents for their apartment balcony decoration. It is you who can make the right combination of plants for your place up to your space and requirements.

Fuchsia seems a hanging basket full of beautiful flowers. These dropping flowers create fancy chandelier layering of flowers on your balcony. On the contrary Petunia and Pansy comes in lots of color option to provide colorful balcony decoration with plants. While Hydrangea is a recommended flower for limited space. If you love to give priority to greenery plant fern and herbs are good choices. When you have larger space choose fern which has the faster-growing ability. Yet herbs fit in a small container and grow vertically.

Unique and Effective Tips for How to Decorate Balcony With Plants

Unique and Effective Tips for How to Decorate Balcony With Plants

You will find ways to make your small or larger these tips will be efficient in several ways. Keeping the natural touch in your balcony with plants takes help of unique and effective tips to move further.

  • Use an artificial green carpet or turf rug on its floor instead of a simple rug.
  • To bring a beautiful look to your balcony with plants don’t hesitate to use wooden tiles.
  • Installing railings offers more space to hang flower boxes on your small balcony while the hanging basket is essential to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables.
  • Choose a decorative pot to make your balcony vivid.
  • Try to place a small table with two chairs without making the space cluttered to enjoy the fresh air and favorite tea or coffee on warm days.
  • Reuse your old shelf, cabinet, or table to arrange pot of plants to create a lot of space in the balcony garden area.
  • Grab a bent steel rod or wooden slats for creating a small structure to support climbing plants 
  • Place a small table with two chairs, so that on warm and favorable days, you can enjoy the fresh air with your morning coffee or tea.
  • Bringing a more natural touch you can buy garden accessories depending on your place and personal preference such as lanterns, statues, or hanging colorful pictures.
  • Give a careful eye to installing lighting to allow great illumination at night.
  • Add nigh scented flower plants as stock, night-blooming jasmine, and nicotiana for amazing fragrance.

Things you Should Not Do  to Decorate Balcony With Plants

  • Small pots and plants can look over busy and over-crowded so go for big and bold arrangements.
  • Avoid scattering different sizes and patterns of tall and short rather regular patterns like taller plants at the corner of your balcony and shorter ones along the front to make a balance in stricture.
  • Do not block sunlight while you can make climber over wires if you will need shade for different plants.


Typically, you want to decorate it to make this most refreshing space in your home. To give the right suggestion in this context we put together all the information which we have got at the time of research. Hopefully reading this newer and more efficient idea help you with how to decorate the balcony with plants way.  

Most of the balconies have some common problems like sunless or odd corners. We attached here multiple solutions to ensure an airy item even if you have a small balcony. From garden accessories to the shape of their placing we discussed helping you like an experienced guide.

From our writing, you will be more confident if you want to remodel your existing balcony plant decoration.

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