Cheap Decorating Ideas for Living Room Walls

Cheap Decorating Ideas for Living Room Walls

Decorate living room walls with cheap decorating ideas certainly good. You can manage the entire decoration even in tight budget. Our these cheap decorating ideas for living room walls will be brilliant and interesting with little changes of accessories, furnishing. If you are ready to do something to highlight your living room wall our writing will be worth.

There are lots of choices as accent wall, adding some statement pieces of art or other. But we did a deep research to help. You find more creative ideas to give more special look throughout of your living room. With simple and cost-effective ideas your empty wall offers lots of possibilities to give new and fresh look of your living room.

You spend a lot of time and money to make your living room warming and marvelous. But with these cheap decorating ideas for living room walls must be considered first. You do the next level of living room decoration simple and standard.

Make Gallery Wall

Make Gallery Wall

At the time of living room wall, making gallery wall possibly the most favorite way as they can personalize space with any pictures and photos those you love most. Except living room you can create gallery wall from entryways, bedroom and more.

According to your choice you can create boho, modern, eclectic gallery wall giving priority on old memories, travel experience and so on.In this idea you can add various creative sign as well as monograms to make the gallery wall more interesting and vivid.

Make sure you have chosen photos and picture in one style and coordination colors. To bring accurate combination and variation decorate your gallery wall with different frame and sizes of them.

Among most popular style you can consider boho inspired living room with boho inspired art pieces, travel inspired or eclectic gallery wall for cozier and stylish living room.

Add Mirrors

Add Mirrors for living room

Among modern homeowner home decoration from always to bathroom adding mirrors became very popular idea which won’t require lots of money rather being functional and style for any place. Whether your living room is small or larger hanging mirror is the easiest way to decorate your bare wall.

Beside decorative purpose mirrors helps to open up the space and ensure relaxed feel in the room. With basic or colorful color of wall mirrors have good power to mix up easily. The market is full of various size, frame material and finish and design of mirror with good ranges of price. So, you can buy them easily per your budget and need of place without being confusing.

Install a Wall Sconce

Who does not want to be showy and fascinating when she/he decorate living room wall? Wall scones are trendy choice for various themes of house. These are source of comfortable glow and eye catchy decorative piece side by side. Because of their lot of design availability and price range you can find the appropriate one for your living room wall. These won’t take space of floor or a side table rather being an attractive addition in the entire setting. With various finish you can create match or contrast appearance with rest of the decoration things and wall.

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Hang Plates or Headwear

Show off your beautifully decorated or antique plates. If you are one of them who love to collect varied design object this place is the right place to display them. Sometimes displaying favorite dishes or serving platters also can be mesmerizing in this way. With wire plate hanger you can hang them safely.

On the contrary, your headwear could be fine pieces to show off in this are if you have a good numbers of them. On the blank wall these could be unexpected collection but not miss your guest eye for admiring. No matter you have chosen center or corner of the wall to display them elevate the living room detail.

Consider Shelving

The bookshelves or displaying favorite things or green plants placing floating shelves will be stylish and space-saving ways. For displaying to storing this adds also decorative touch. Without killing valuable floor space shelving is an efficient and blend everything together beautifully all the stored items. Make it convenient to use and eye catchy with various size, design, finish and material choices.

Mount Television

Mount Television for living room

It is traditional style to place your television in living room which is the amusement, most common time spending area of any home. If you do this same thing wisely which can enhance your wall and update the entire look of your living room without doing extra creativity.

As example, add a flat screen to the wall. Wall finally free up space on top of your media cabinet and allow neat and clutter-free look of the room in the long run.Most interestingly some televisions have designed with artwork framed which itself is a decoration addition for your living room wall.

Put Rugs on Wall

No matter decor of floor or wall rug are good thing with multi-functionality. You can find various size, pattern, color and themed rugs in near market or online shop. From the very past to present day people love to hang them in their bedroom or living room to make the cozier and warming. To cover larger space or 2 to 3 foot both rugs size will be complement for your place.

Textile embroidery as artwork or hand painted moral will be appreciating for any style of living room decor. Main purpose of adding moral to make a big impact whether you are covering the whole wall or partly.

 Go With Bold Wallpaper

Bold Wallpaper for living room

Undoubtedly wallpaper is a cheap and great wall decorating idea. It can bring out unreliable difference from nude wall to well decorated one. You should choose single one or multiple up to coordination color and style of your room. In some cases this idea will be super for one single accent wall or all the walls covered them inspired theme and look. Depending on your mood, occasion and overall interior arrangement. You can remove and change them which also a convenient side of wallpaper. So grab one to bring stylish feel to your living room instantly while these things are available in numerous varieties with price ranges.

Whether you have mid-century style of living room or English country living room as  elegant flora with fauna print wallpaper, cool graphic wallpaper or bold tropical leaf accent wallpaper will be stylizing, highlighting, eye-catchy and rise timeless feel for your interior style.

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Take Advantage of Fireplace

To make the accenting wall in living room fireplace is an open secret. Though this could not be categorized in cheap decorating idea, fireplace is a general costing plan for your living room decor. We shared this here to learn this if you are planing to renovate your place or somehow manage the cost.

To ensure higher level of coziness and comfort fireplace is a must-do addition which easily can be highlighting spot not only in wall but the entire room. Up to your living room design and style you can confidently pick making materials of a fireplace between brick and stone.

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If there is enough space you may add firewood storage or mantel to the fireplace stand out and so on. When you are thinking to bring  luxurious feel and look to make a vertical stripe which highlight the space as well as make the ceiling look higher by keeping the whole wall covering yet something different and innovative.

With your concrete wall a build in fireplace offer unique touch and modern feel. Again, a marble clad wall and ethanol fireplace bring refined look. You can also blend with accent wooden wall and build in fireplace which have mantel, accent wall with build in fireplace and others.

Hang Oversized Artworks

Hang Oversized Artworks for living room

When you are desired to create colorful statement a bold oversized artwork over the sofa could be unparalleled ideas in this situation. This idea is getting popular in these years as cheap and efficient decorating idea which also express your thoughts and defined your personality.

You can choose match or contrasting bold  rocking large art work one which being detailed in style or color to allow bolder look to be individual attraction in the room.If you have a creative mind you can make the proper piece by yourself. To help you there are numerous Vedic tutorials on YouTube, you can borrow the theme and ideas for unique artwork piece.

There is no hassle to change or remove them from your wall when you are tired of it simply bring down from the wall. Most interestingly, watercolor abstract artwork matches the most room decor with colorful or neutral chair upholstery or sofas.

Combined various size or art which bring personalized and attractive look whether traditional or others styled things.

Important Tips for Cheap Decorating Ideas for Living Room Walls

Check out the most favorable cheap decorating ideas for living room walls from here:

  • Try to combine art with various size, color and materials to create exciting backdrop.
  • Add greenery plants in mounting, shelving or hooks to give fresh look in your place.
  • Choose modern and light color for wall to bring relaxing atmosphere in your room
  • Make kids gallery framing children artwork to feel them special.
  • An oversized  mirror is a quick but stunning reflective artwork
  • Upper wall art gallery will be colorful addition
  • For darker paint choose light colored art to create dramatic effect
  • Try floor length tapestry.


Before reading this entire writing your brain must be bland on the matter. Cheap decorating ideas for living room walls. But now you have multiple ideas. It is the best of the best for various design and sizes of living room wall decor. Giving more interesting interior decoration. It is not essential to call designer rather a good research on internet helps to do this task perfectly.

Yet, you think that you don’t have much time to go through the research, comparison  and finally make selection to reach the right way of living room decoration. Do not disappoint while we are presented A to Z tricks and highlighted way to complete the task smartly.

Here, we covered common to things of cheap decorating ideas for living room to filled throughout the walls to make the styling timeless and spotted your personal taste.

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