How to Decorate a Small Living Room with High Ceilings

How to Decorate a Small Living Room with High Ceilings

A small living room need special attention to use every inch of space keeping things and  decoration coherent. But it seems overwhelming for anyone and comes to question to inquiry how to decorate a small living room with high ceilings. Like others, you also spend times in your living room. To provide personalized look and ultimate comfort you should think twice or thrice to add or remove things from this room.

Decorating a small living room with high ceilings can be exciting with our tricks. These will work magically. Yet it is you who will choose the right one or multiple among them which are describing in this writing. You can blend with each other to make a customized theme for your place.

With ours guidelines transforming of the small living room with high ceilings won’t be difficult for you rather it will be smart, stylish and cozy to spend your refreshing hours. Even after killing a fair amount of space you can decorate your small living room bold and eye-catchy.

How to Decorate a Small Living Room with High Ceilings

How to Decorate a Small Living Room with High Ceilings

If you search ideas for how to decorate a small living room with high ceilings on internet where you will get various ideas which can be pretty confusing. To make you confident we put together these versatile and popular choices. From this discussion you can reach to the right decision without waiting wasting of time and money. You should match a good design with decoration and functional things keeping them side by side. Get ready to note them to compare each other for you small living room.

Hang Artwork High Wall

When you are decorating a small living room with high ceilings should use the empty space on the high parts of the wall. You can hang your favorite art collective piece or item to make a gallery style wall with multiple or larger ones for the entire height to catch the eye upward. Whatever you choose it should match the rest of the room decor.

Choose Ceiling Height Drapes for Window Treatment

You don’t think this factor before our writing but its works with this layout. To create dramatic effect you should notice this even after it takes a good amount of cost on lot of fabric while low draperies itself divisional look in the wall. As a result, the upper area of wall seems isolated and bare. For a fantastic look, we suggest picking a solid color. Yet, the pattern could be satisfying but this need more research.

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Go with Statement Light Fixture

Go with Statement Light Fixture

We suggest hanging a large statement where you like to do it. You can place this center in the middle of your living room or over the coffee table which could be always a prominent spot for this. Find a larger yet lightweight piece as a crystal chandelier that will be elegant and accurate. Avoid small and middle-size which won’t fit with the rest of the furniture and decor.

Furniture Arrangement

Furniture Arrangement

You can’t sacrifice your demand of various furniture even you are decorating a small living room with high ceilings. With some tricks you can make your odd place cozy and warming. You should keep furniture together and intimate while pick the multi functional rather unnecessary stuff. To get more space in the center of the room, place the sofa against the wall. When you are selecting furniture consider texture, pattern and color to create your place elegant. As sophisticated furniture such as  accent chair and sofa it can make airy feel in your small living room. Perfect combination of every detail and piece of furniture able to bring change completely.

Paint Wall with Dark Color

Paint Wall with Dark Color.

There are different opinion on this purpose as example dark, glossy wall can create sophisticated backdrop even with colorful and old items or others. You can paint your ceiling and wall with same color or colored a single wall with bold color. Light color like white also work in this plan to warm and inviting while this colors bright up the space.

Add Creative Shelves

Of course, this is not unknown fact for you that shelving is a great way to make use of the otherwise empty wall space and these are right choice to keep books, accent decor piece, photo frame and more. You can hand floating shelves in different spot it save floor space and won’t make clutter of your small living room. Besides, you can feature you shelving various materials, pattern, style and color.

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Color Coordination

Maybe you are not think this before every added things like cushion, sofa, rug, painting can provide elegant look even in a small living room with high ceilings. In this case we will suggest going with neutral colors or pattern option which won’t disappoint you even you are planing unique and simple. To create a focal point in a small living room with neutral color shade quite easy with antique pieces, light or an art piece.

Find a Large Rug

You cannot neglect rug pattern and size when you are decorating a small living room with high ceilings. A large size rug with bold pattern gives a spacious view of your small room while smaller rug visually break up the floor. With corner seating option leaves larger space in your room.

Make Way for Natural Light

Make Way for Natural Light

If your living room have larger window nothing can be good to come natural light on your place. Be careful to place furniture and curtain which should not block the natural light. But if you have not larger window manage lighter shade which helps to maximize  the light you have without compromising anything.

Consider Architectural Details

It is open secret for modern homeowner that architectural details as example breadboard or exposed beams to make balance with overall look. You can add this easily if you haven’t already. Because of its higher cost you should consult with your interior designer. This is a good way which connect with entire living room decor. Even a plain theme room it can be fantastic.

Add Mirror

One of the most satisfying solutions is picking mirrors which helps to give larger view instant with good amount of light reflection. The market is full of various type of mirror which easily suit your decoration with numerous size, frame material. So, finding the appropriate one for your place won’t be hard for you. As decoration and functional purpose you can hang mirror even within budget.

Choose Low Seating Options

For creation of visual effect of higher ceiling lower sofa or settee is a wise idea. In a combination with small table these are more than your demand. You can add colorful cushions with these small scale furniture to make living room comfortable. Ensure chosen sofa option comes with clean lines and accent touch. There are lots of choices when you will invest in custom furniture. Backless sofa will be worthy of choice if you want to try something different.

Small Lights Addition

Small Lights Addition for living room

We have already said about light fixture for decorating a small living room with high ceilings, but small lighting option with good number can be eye-catchy for your customized living room pattern. You will get superb idea on internet or different shop’s outlet from where you can find your required lighting source. From different spot up to your lighting need and decor purpose you can hang them.

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Think about greenery plant

Adding green bland in different location of a home is getting a trend, but this is very effective to keep your small living room decoration natural depth which create an illusion of having more space behind this. You can choose real or artificial for your place which can be placed beside sofa or chairs. Furthermore, these plants are well-matched in any corner of your living room. According to your decor and wall paint you can choose light and bright flowers with these plants.

Rule of third

Bring balance in small living room decoration visually splitting walls in three equal part is an effective result. Decor your room to keep the idea of three different design while bottom part can serve as a furniture basis and large painting or artwork can fulfill the middle parts of the wall with empty upper part. Here the painting made a balance between the floor and ceiling for establishing visual balance at your place.


You can find great ideas after reading our this writing on how to decorate a small living room with high ceilings. We are researched on paint, additional accessories, furniture arrangements, curtains and others which inter related with this matter and makes you confusing on this way.

Along with some unique decoration challenges you can present a small living room with high ceilings luxurious and roomier. Even the small tips like placing small furniture against the wall, or placing a sofa center can make a bigger difference in your decoration. On the other hand, blending with various tiny pieces or small art work can ruin your entire decor style.

So, choose a fresh design without making this clutter which styled your living room welcoming and warm for guest and you.

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