how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room

How to Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Living Room

There is nothing better than arranging furniture with well-research furniture outlet for an awkward living room. Oddly shaped living room with right furniture arrangement always insists on taking suggestion from interior designer. But it won’t be overwhelming when you are known about How to Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Living Room.

But as you update your entire look of your living room you should arrange the furniture correctly. Even the most beautiful living room with elegant furniture pieced seems boring and attractive. If you be successful to find a successful layout avoiding several mistakes it will be appealing like professional suggestions.

To prevent any kinds of difficulty and annoyance. Here we are presenting a guide with suitably arrange of furniture in a small or awkwardly shaped living room to keep pointing space, storage and overall look of the place. With our ideas and tricks finding a befitted layout is much easier for you.

How to arrange furniture in an awkward living room?

How to arrange furniture in an awkward living room?

In this section of writing we put together some common mistakes which you even did not think before reading this writing. Hopefully, these will make the entire process simple. Keep continue reading while you will find your mistake in furniture dealing. We researched on lots of websites, and have taken experienced suggestion to learn you the common mistakes you have done on this way. Beside the problem we also shared solution for your help.

Dimension of the Furniture

You cannot go with larger or smaller size of furniture comparison of your living room. To create proportional look you should scale the furniture size up to down and consider furniture for perfect blending. As example, you can pick a huge sectional sofa for small living room which won’t make odd your setting place. Beside this a skinny loveseat could be an appropriate choice for zooming feel in vaulted ceiling.

Mostly you should consider sofa size with an accent table size. The trump rule is allowed table or coffee table height as sofa’s arm or top of the couch cushion. You should not undertake the easy accessibility of each future along with cohesive furniture arrangement.

Keep simple Decoration

Don’t be careless about furniture choosing and arranging when you have small spaces. We suggest to give priority on low profile pieces rather than handful of quality furniture to give airy feel of your place. Even the less furniture can be crowded and chaotic in these cases. Depending on your living room functionality, made a balance of furniture to keep simple yet enough room decor.

Partially placed bed can block Window

Don’t ignore the window side area of your living room. Nice combination furniture arrange of window side can easily change the entire look of your room. While a bed spotted in your bedroom it can ruin the all effort, but some tricks make it worthy. You can hang floor length curtain panels to block the back of the larger headboard from the window by falling behind the headboard or install top-down/bottom-up shades curtain to provide a backdrop for great blending. If you picked a modern style a platform bed is low enough to match with a window frame.

 Avoid poor Rug

 Avoid poor Rug for living room,

Sometimes homeowner won’t be serious when they are picking a rug for their bedroom or living room. Rug with layering will be indomitable for modern look of your place. Yet size matters as you need to keep the legs of the leg of the furniture on the rug area. If it being quite expensive consider only front legs of them to bring the expected view of the room.

Create visible Zone 

If you have a bigger room you can  make separated space as conversation are with sofa. On the contrary, keeping fireplace is a concern with chars and other sitting option you can easily create a cozy conversation area. Depending on your need you can pattern your living room including TV watching or working area for homework, paperwork or any art project. With establishing zones for different activities you can give a personalized outlook of your living room.

Start with wrong furniture Arrangements

You can make a blunder to arrange with any piece with space restriction. We suggest you to go with bed placement which is the most important and space consuming furniture for any room setting. You can’t follow the off balance of furniture which we have already said that but not symmetrical as example loveseat can balance by two chairs on the other end. Convenience is another important topic when you are thinking to decorate your place with right furniture. You can place coffee tables at the forefront to allow more convenience to reach all seats for drinks.

Choose multi purposeful Furniture

Be wise when you are adding furniture to decor an awkward living room. To minimize the amount of furniture you should make a list of them which have dual purposes. As example, you can pick storage ottoman, bench or coffee table for storing thing and serving foods. As a lift top coffee table can itself functional for meal serving where you can skip breakfast nook in an awkward living room that have. Manufacturers are launched these types of furniture which have multipurpose. So whatever you picked you should keep in mind that your chosen furniture can serve multiple function.

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Decorate the focal Point

Want to give your living room complementary look even with sloping ceiling, strange or odd architectural feature? But this won’t be hard with some particular tricks like making a focal point such as gorgeous fireplace mounted TV and more per your liking. Don’t make double effect which can ruin your all planning. Within you can easily overwhelm the struggling task  as decorate oddities of your living room. In this purpose of making focal point and around this decor biggest furniture helps to make section boldly and cohesively.

Right scheme and color Choice

Before you making the full process critical in terms of color, we want to keep the matching window curtain. For wall, you should consider white, gray and beige to bring expansive appearance. These colors will go glamour furniture like red chair or yellow armchair which seems to broaden view instantly and cough attention at a glance.

Combine furniture layout with Room

On the journey of how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room you should think not only multi functional furniture but also space. As example a larger living room can be used living room and dining room combo while one style and color scheme can make this idea authentic and dependable. However, making visual division with furniture or decor yet keeping consistent and cohesive takes your well research and experienced interior designer help.

Grab accent shape of the Furniture

If you preferred cozy and wide feel for your awkward living room choose circular pieces rather long and straight edge. Whether it is a round coffee table or rug these could provide soften glow for the entire setting. When you gave spacious living room don’t ignore to embrace a larger luxurious sofa a statement itself. It won’t be wrong to take advantage of vertical space with them style of furniture.

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Clear doorway and Walkway

This is the last trick of how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room. As we already said that your living room should be functional where you can’t block doorway and walkway anyway. You should be careful at the time of making layout on this matter. Placing a coffee table or end table check out  the use of the space which helps to the plan efficient. You can choose big mirror for any difficulties to arrange furniture in an awkward living room.


When it comes to arrange furniture in an awkward living room we need to be appropriate in our layout to picking right kind of furniture for the entire place. Every small thing can make a great difference. As the entire process is puzzling you should take help of different website or designer monologue which finally fits your needs. 

Then we put together small to big considering factor such as storage, furniture type and placement, color schemes, decoration  theme, making focal point, rug design and size and so on. One more thing you should not lay all the furniture against the wall and use potted plants for the corner.

Hope at this time you won’t be nervous after reading our writing to arrange furniture in an awkward living room.

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