how to place a rug in a bedroom

How to Place a Rug in a Bedroom

From good research, you have already found most standard bedroom rug sizes but determining answers to how to place a rug in a bedroom can create an illusion. You can’t be careless about its placement to complete the ambiance look of your bedroom. It is quite difficult to give a direct answer about placing an in a bedroom while several factors were interrelated.

There are lots of key topics to reach the way on this matter. As if you choose a rug under the bed. You should place the bed middle of the rug for edges protruding fact. On the contrary, when you are placing an around your bed. He also should leave half meter gap between the wall and it for the crushing. Again if you choose multiple rugs should have a matching effect.

Keep reading this article till the end which offers important information which won’t disappoint you with different settings even in an open plan living space or cluttered place.

How can you choose the right shape for a bedroom rug?

You cannot move any single step of rug placement in the bedroom without the right dimension of a rug, furniture, and room. The most popular shapes available in the market and online marketplace are round, rectangular, and square. To make you more confident to pick the right one we suggest you pick a round it. It will be a complement for any sort of bedroom layout among small, medium, and larger per your need.

choose the right shape for a bedroom rug

To bring a fun and eclectic vibe to your layout you can depend on rounds’ rug. While rectangular rugs are reliable for complementary in your bedroom interior design. It has lots of size options as well as a universal sophisticated and straight-laced effect. And square-shaped areas are ideal for specialized layouts as accent nooks.

Moreover, the square-shaped area rugs for layering with solid color schemes easily catch anyone’s attention and elegance for the entire place. If you think of a square-shaped for typical beds it won’t be working as a compliment. So, before adding them to your place you should spend time to be triumphant with this layout.

One more thing you should mind is that medium and oversized rugs. It can be paired with a king-size bed on the flip side small or medium-sized areas will go with a queen-sized bed for being complementary and accurate.

Which sizes of rugs should you consider for your bedroom?

Which sizes of rugs should you consider for your bedroom

Figuring out the rug size for proper fit sometimes be tricky. If you have detailed ideas, this piece of textiles can easily enhance your bedroom’s coziness in a modern and minimalistic home. To blend softening glow even infirm and themed place. From this section, you will get clear ideas about, bed, and room size individually and make collaboration in need.

Full Rugs

When your destination is covering the entire bedroom including furniture, and side tables. You should be careful to leave a small perimeter between 18-12 inches of the floor exposed around the edges. The bedroom full looks elegant and spacious when you are picking a small room.

Mid-Size Rugs

Consider a mid-size it when you want to spread it underneath the bed. Yet this rug can extend to the edges of the table, not underneath them. Because of its length seems a durable and excellent choice for budget-friendliness. Along with a variety of materials and vibrant colors, it easily allows a welcoming feel instantly.

Smaller Rugs

Finding the right sizing and placing of 0n pretty essay with the smaller option. Because of their cost-effectiveness. You can afford multiple for enhancing the overall look of the place with different locations. For example, two same-size rugs can place off-center of the bed and another one on each side of fit. Depending on your space and decor you can set these rugs.

Here we discussed different sizes of that can you choose for a bedroom up to your budget and space. There are lots of websites and catalogs from well-known manufacturers and shops. It helps to take the right decision in this matter when you have spent time to satisfy your query.

How to Place a Rug in a Bedroom

While a bed is a must-have and larger space blocking furniture in your bedroom. Yet, the main factor to consider from where you should start planning rug placement. Besides the bed, you should consider other furniture like a side table and vanities.

In this regard, the furniture placed beside the wall as the dresser won’t consider. You will follow the general rule of thumb 18-24 inches leaving space edge of the rug to the wall.  

To help you efficiently in this task we are sharing our well-analyzed results. It won’t bother you to find the right path without making complexity. Such as moving furniture again and again or returning rugs that won’t fit your requirements.

Under The Bed

Obviously, this is the most common and popular spot to place in the bedroom set. Where all the larger furniture pieces stay over the things. Mostly this style of the rug should have reached the minimum front legs of furniture like a nightstand.. Stand to get out of your bed to ensure a cozy sense whether it is starting morning or ending of the evening.

On the contrary, outlets also provide comfort on foot on each side of the bed. Whatever the theme or style for soft layering for your bedside elegance must be complementary. There are three unique ways to make these conventional techniques to do prolific now we are talking about them. 

Firstly, place only the top few inches (6-18)of the rug under the bed where the 12 to 24-inch rug is. This should have either side of the bed at the time of picking a medium/oversized one. Hopefully, this layout will be symmetrical for your plan.

Secondly, put down three-quarters of the rug underneath the bed when the maximum part of the area rug accommodates under the bed. Slide under the nightstand per rug size. Here 2.5’ to 3 ‘ of bottom should peek out underneath the footboard. One more of these tricks only works for larger bedroom cases. 

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Lastly, you can think of your bedroom rug placement with an oblique angle underneath one corner of the bed which will be suitable for a larger bedroom. When you want to design a stylish interior this layout won’t disappoint you.

At The Foot Of  He Bed

Though this way is customary for rug placement in the bedroom, you may add more flair with these considerations. Placing it at the foot of the bed is great to put your foot down on. When you are picking equal or smaller things to the width of the bed you should leave 12 to 18 inches of space around all sides. That of the rug to ensure expecting collision. On the other hand, the rug width is larger than the bed need to place the top of it is just under the footboard of the bed to make sure visibility and togetherness with other furniture.

Next To The Bed

Depending on the space you have you should pick the right length and width of it. We suggest buying two smaller size rugs on either side of the bed. Through larger rugs are better but in some cases bring smaller ones pretty wise idea. Along with blending beauty, it will be a soft touch on your feet when you get out of bed.

You can choose longer bigger ones that line the full length of your bed or a smaller accent rug to give a warmer atmosphere. Expert suggests that customized length will be appropriate to fit your requirements. Sometimes this makes it costly for their natural starting and finishing point.

At The Side of The Bed

From an unusual point of thinking placement of rugs at the side of the bed is effective for a bigger bedroom. When you want to free up space and your bed has been pushed against the wall this layout will be a magnificent one for your demands. However, you can go with smaller area rugs as 3×5 or 4×6 feet which exactly . Match your space for either side of the bed.

But 12 to 18 inches of spacing all around those rugs need to consider in any situation. If you want a more coherent effect can consider a runner which works like a full-sized rug. In spite of being pushed the bed against the wall small or medium size rug beside the bed. It can easily be printed together with all the elements of the room.

Perhaps your bedroom is a smaller one and in this case, these rugs take up all the central space and will be itself a focal point of the room. But except for the proper size of rugs, you need you can’t be on the right track. So. be enough sure about dimensions.

Throughout The Room

There are also other furniture like dresser and seating option, if you want to place rug you should consider also all the furniture size. You should find a good size that can go halfway under your dresser.

A reading nook or corner desk needs the rug to offer a comfortable feel so the placement of a rug throughout. The room is the unfailing layout for your bedroom layout. The length and width of the should be accurate while too small a rug won’t be appeared with the entire room balanced looking. On the contrary, a larger rug creates difficulty to place the furniture.

So, choose the rugs with precise dimensions for making this functional and attractive addition. You can choose vintage or antique rugs which easily be a statement with any style of your bedroom. Furthermore, lots of sizes and a reasonable price tag make you happy with your purchase. Like other hand-knotted rugs won’t be character and stylish in fewer sizes.

Layering Under The Bed

It is an open secret that rug layering has its own value in bedroom interior design and others. Though simple and single rug instantly creates contrasting flair within the ambiance. Yet layering with different area rugs can brighten the place more when you are choosing them from different shapes, sizes, textures’ and color choices.

 If you have great eyes for matching and blending each other this task won’t be a difficult task. You can easily pick completely opposite ends of the spectrum as blue and orange green and burgundy, red and white, and others. As a tip, our suggestion is to place a lighter-hued rug underneath the bolder one for a much eye-catchy appearance.

Put Emphasis on Accent Furniture Around The Bed

Don’t need to give utmost priority to the bed when you are making a layout to place a rug in a bedroom. While you can consider your rug pairing with accent furniture of your bedroom as a separate entity for bringing a unique and personalized theme. To the list of accent furniture, you can add any freestanding furniture pieces such as chairs, dresser which are usual items.

Put Emphasis on Accent Furniture Around The Bed

Believe it or not, if you choose this layout you should think oversized accent chair in your reading nook. A rug placed underneath the reading nook provides a cozy, complementary, and unique style in blending with an end table, floor lamp, and other bedroom accessories. Plus, with a middle-sized area rug underneath the dressing table or console. 

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So, you can choose your preferred style with focused areas among lots of opportunities this way.

Some Advanced Tips for Placing a Rug in a Bedroom

Here are the top tips which will be very helpful when you want to learn about how to place a rug in a bedroom properly.

  • Multiple neutral colors and different shades help to create a harmonious effect.
  • You should avoid a bold design when you want to use the same rug in one room multiplier times.
  • Go with a bigger it for the roomier look of the small room.
  • Custom and vintage rugs have varied sizes for proper fit for your place from them confidently grab one per your need.
  • Find one which has functional, comfortable, and useful.
  • You should be careful about the sizing of the bed and bring a soft and comfy experience.


It is no secret that rugs have the magic power to ensure the required warmth and homeliness in your bedroom. With, this power is used to tie together a room’s color scheme, furniture, and cozier effect of your bedroom. Most interesting these pieces of textile can give a smaller or spacious feel with their size, color combination, and placement of areas.

In addition to renovation or other room, decoration purpose experienced suggests to give importance to rug placing areas. In this step of layout making perfectly arranging furniture is a difficult task which also makes figuring out the correct placement of the area easier.

Hopefully finding the perfect answer to how to place a rug in a bedroom won’t be challenging even for various styles of your place and requirement.

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