how to make kitchen cabinets shine

How to Make Kitchen Cabinets Shine

Are you looking solution of how to make kitchen cabinets shine while this piece of furniture rubbing dust particles and made nasty layer on them? Cleaning of the greasy residue being hard when time flies. When you have wood cabinet for their elegant appearance. But dirt stuck to cabinet exterior occurs discoloration which paying extra attention to prevent additional damages of years of use.

Certainly wood cabinet are beautiful addition for any kinds and themed kitchen. But dirty and dingy kitchen cabinet appearing disgusting in cooking time to restore your cabinet new like with natural ingredients or chemical with fragrances. If you have chemical sensitivity natural ingredient olive oil and water mixture or vinegar solution can be dependable for you.

Your cabinet with original shine  won’t be hard for you when you will read our DIY method with unique techniques. So, without wasting your time check out which one seems perfect for your dirty and greasy kitchen cabinet.

How to Make Kitchen Cabinets Shine

How to Make Kitchen Cabinets Shine

If your kitchen cabinet is very bad condition we suggest to called professional cleaner for better result. Though dark finish kitchen cabinet seem less dirty, long termed meal preparation leaves food particle and dust behind as a residue which makes your wood cabinet dull. Here you will get some suggestions throughout the article to provide refreshed and revived looking of kitchen cabinets.

Prepare Vinegar Solution

Everyone knows well the effectiveness of vinegar on cleaning procedure. For your everyday cleaning a cup of white vinegar with a cup of water is a perfect cleaning solution. We are suggesting this mixture which won’t wrap the wood finish. If you have allergic issues with vinegar make the cleaning solution with a spoon of light dish soap solution in a cup of water. When you are cleaning your wood kitchen do not go with all-purpose cleanser. It can wrap or discoloration of your center kitchen piece.

Remove Dirt and Grease

Remove Dirt and Grease for Kitchen Cabinets

Before going any step of how to make kitchen cabinets shine process after preparing vinegar solution. You should clean the kitchen cabinet which help to minimize damage. To the wood finish from cobwebs, gritty and others stuck on particles you can with a microfiber cloth, soft brush or duster on a pole. On the need you can dip a clean cloth into a bucket of vegetable oil soap diluted with warm water. Don’t forget to read manufacturer instruction for the correct ratio of soap to liquor and start wipe gently the cabinet exterior. Rinsing is not essential when the soap leaves no residue.

Here, use of mixture of equal portion of vinegar and hot water with 5 drops of olive oil efficient. To remove the grease. Bring shine for your nasty kitchen cabinet. Without cleaning dust from your cabinet basis daily working while water and vapor caking the dust on the cabinet surface very stubborn. Wipe down the cabinet door and underneath the cabinet thoroughly. You should mind that washcloth need to wring out not only dripping.

Clean Out The Inside of The Cabinet Regularly

This step help to save you frequent deep cleaning of your kitchen cabinet. You should have a routine to clean your kitchen cabinet which prevent catch lots of dirt. It is very common to spill when you are storing spices and other food in your cabinet or at the time of washing dishes and sweeping a floor crumbs. You should not avoid this frequent mass.

When it comes to keep your plates, pans and pots germ and bacteria free. It is stored into the kitchen cabinet sanitary being a headache. Don’t forget to check out the corner of cabinet where food spill and mess. It may have fallen accidentally. This is enough to call ant, fruit flies or other pest in your kitchen those are disgusting and harmful for healthy kitchen environment.

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So, keep the inside of your cabinet clean by wiping them out every few weeks with mild vinegar or soap solution. We have already said the mixture process of them. For exterior cleaning after every use wipe down your cabinet including knobs with a damp cloth. If you finally make a habit of this simple task stubborn grease and grime bother, you to get off easily and less time consumption.

Buy Oil Soap for Kitchen Cabinets Shine

We have already said this you cannot buy any hash cleanser for kitchen cabinets shining process with being caused of discoloration. And oil soap can easily remove grease and caked on substances without being harsh or damaging you wooden kitchen cabinets  surface. So you can’t be right path except oil soap. This could be stronger than available soap dish solution or vinegar against dirt and strain.

You should use a soft cloth to rub the oil soap on the cabinet but not creating much pressure. Complete the cleaning of kitchen interior, exterior, shelves, corner and knobs thoroughly which ensure new like look instantly. When all the natural cleanser won’t bring good cleaning, oil soap must be dependable for you DIY methods.

Use Baking Soda to Fight Against Stain

To handle thick caked substance from long time food spills use of baking soda make the process easier. It was quite difficult for you. Because of mild abrasive features this can remove fries food particles in least pressure and without ruining wood surface. To make the thick paste of baking soda add water and scrub of the caked on dirt. To be efficient on challenging stain even darker than wood itself. You can mix orange essential oil, olive oil, baking soda in a small bowl.

In this mixture need to add  2 or 3 drops of orange essential oil, two parts of baking soda and one part of oil and mix them thoroughly. To get stain free shine use a thin spatula to scrape of the substance of the paste and wait 5-15 minutes and start scrubbing. After that you wipe down the remaining mixture with water if there. Hopefully sticky grease and their strong spot will vanish with least effort and except any harmful chemical using.

Hot Water and Dish Soap

Hot Water and Dish Soap

The market is full of dish soap which are strong against of kitchen dirt but gentle on your skin. Mix  two cups of hot water and two tablespoons of dish soap which could ve favorite one to remove grease even nook and crannies. For wood grain choose microfiber cloth and soft bristle brush to scrub the mixture with ultra smooth finish of these materials. Don’t forget to dry the cabinet right away to make the piece of furniture spot free and water damage free. You can do follow same procedure when you have need deep cleaning.

Kitchen Cabinet Polish or Wax 

For warm and elegant look of your kitchen depends on polishing task when you have a wooden kitchen cabinet. Mostly there are two types of  polishes-high shine or low lustre. You can choose between them per overall kitchen arrangements. So bridging out true character of the wood polishing is always reliable and long-lasting solution.

Because of using frequent cleaning solution and daily use your kitchen cabinet became dull and restoring the natural  shine of  kitchen cabinets pretty easy as DIY tasks. Commercially made wood polish is recommender for this purpose. You should work with a four or five inch small area of the cabinet exterior to rub the polish evenly. With gentle circular motion offer better result in polishing. To ensure flawless polishing result you should check out the best match of the dark or light wood choices.

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The thumb rule of the process is wipe the kitchen cabinet with spray or cream furniture polish and rub with a dry cloth. You should make first stock small cabinet surface to preview the exact effect. According to the cabinet material such as stained wood go with a wood polish free of wax  and natural product ike1/4 cup of  vinegar and few drops olive oil can be ideal in some cases.

For wood polish we suggest silicon cloth while natural products required flannel cloth for amazing polishing and buffing of your worn kitchen cabinets.

Use Borax as a Last Resort

When you are finding much eco and health friendly cleaner Borax consider Borax or 20 mule team Borax. It is used for pest control. The position of the mixture is two cups of water, one cup of vinegar and one half cup of Borax and two tablespoons of dish soap. By using a cleaning rub you can remove residue and greasy dirt. After completing this cleaning treatment as  rubbing of basic mineral oil or orange oil bring extra shining in your dull and boring  kitchen cabinet.

Powder Cleansers

Powder Cleansers

Before considering  any harmful chemical to fight against large amount of dirt build up trisodium phosphate which can remove them scratch freely with usual scrubbing. When you will use this with clean cloth those can help to wipe away the greasy dirt or stubborn stains. You can choose this instead of baking soda. This powder cleaner could be wordy alternative of bathroom cleanser. 

Take Care of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

We are pretty sure about kitchen cabinet hardware dirtiness. You have touched throughout the day with different things in hands. These cabinet pieces of hardware good source of infection which can spread of germs all over the cabinet and kitchen. Deep cleaning with toothbrush and hot soapy water scrubbing cabinet’s handle and knob properly. To get rid of any build up sticky greasy which comes from over time using.


An old and worn cabinet required  proper cleaning. Because of chipped strained and damage to the finish gave a dull appearance. When you have made a good habit of regular cleaning you can save a hundred of dollar from replacing a new kitchen cabinet.

Especially cabinet surface became uneven wear for cutting, dishwashing and other messy tasks. You should clean them lightly and deep cleaning everyone or two months which helps to avoid sticky stains to remove from wood kitchen cabinet.

Hopefully these methods won’t make you disappoint with you worn kitchen cabinet. With discussing all the methods with ratio and scrubbing pad details for you don’t go any wrong path which can damage your center furniture.

These are a neutral way which can applied for most finish or wood kitchen cabinet with utmost safety. Even this cleaning solution is suitable for other kitchen addition like refrigerator, stove and so on.

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