How to Get Rid of Weevils in My Bedroom

How to Get Rid of Weevils in My Bedroom

Weevils can be a common reason to annoyance whether it is bedroom or kitchen. Though these are live in pantries you can explore them anywhere. If you want to find a way out how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom keep reading the very end. Because of weevils laying of hundreds eggs at a time those can easily make your home disgusting and embarrassing for guest.

Here in this writing we will provide several questions answer which can be dependable. Hopefully you will get better solution among these. Step by step identifying the source to chemical natural ways to get rid of weevils from your bedroom rather than the entire home.

To feel your bedroom safe and vulnerable you will need to dispose of small and unwelcomed creature we researched lot as your attempt will prove fruitful.

What is Weevils?

More or less all we have well-known this small beetles with slender or oval-shaped. Usually these can grow 3 mm to 10 mm with dark-colored or brownish to black. There are close to 100000 types of weevils which are live in almost any part of your house kitchen pantry to bedroom. These could be more nuisance in every place in bed. Though these are harmless and won’t bite but can ruin food supplies and peace of home.

Weevil infestation

You will find them gathered in a mass till these are small won’t invisible to be a problem because their larvae is tiny which are hard to see. With the brown head the larvae look like  tiny white grubs.Usually these Weevil comes indoor for shelter through the crack of window and under the door. Weevil infestation make the food of pantry inedible.After that adult Weevil crawls on the floor and wall to disturb the homeowner.

Types of weevils in my bedroom available in bedroom

Types of weevils in my bedroom available in bedroom

Without any medium weevils won’t enter your bedroom as we have already said.Depending on the medium you can find the several common types of  weevils in your bedroom such as rice weevils, seed weevils, bean weevils and wheat weevils. In these things they invade and easily transferred into bedroom or other places. As their name suggests This comes with different types of foods like raw seed, rice, bean, wheat and others. Be careful about bringing food to your home which can invite an unwanted little nuisance through the storage box.

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Check the reason that Weevils spread you space 

As we mentioned earlier weevils lives in personal space food like grain, bean, seed, maize and others to invade. From  the kitchen to bedroom they crawl at their night trip and entire bedroom to disturb you and strike in front of guests. It is really hard to infest in bedroom. In this case you should clean the bedroom perfectly while potentials weevils food sources need to remove.

Process of how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom

There are secret interrelated steps which helps to clear out weevils not only from bedroom but also the entire place. Follow the steps for best result.

Deep clean your bed

Deep clean your bed

As a comfortable and favorite space you will love to eat snakes or pastries and leftover foods can attract weevils easily from kitchen or outdoor. Deep cleaning is essential to eliminate the sources of weevils in your bedroom which not only get rid of weevils rather others bugs. You should be careful of the bed in each corner which is a great place for striking leftovers. For positive result you won’t be hurried while this could take more time. Yet deep not essential for routine wise rather  once in 15 days.

If you have not enough time you can call deep cleaner service which can be expensive but dependable for worst situations.

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Clean the kitchen and storage out

Certainly kitchen is the main place where most of the weevils live in and infested area from where they spread everywhere of your home even bedroom. We have already said that only  throughout the deep cleaning you can not  prevent them. If you are able to clean all the storage place such as kitchen cabinet or pantries. To clean the pantry and cabinet we suggest making a mixture of eucalyptus oil and vinegar which can efficient to get rid of weevils.

Take help of a vacuum cleaner 

Next, you should bring a vacuum cleaner which can provide satisfied cleaning performance.Furthermore, this could be reliable for narrow space which can be very powerful to ruin weevils infestation weather these are very hard to find in usual look. Because of their size you can use this for any  small drawers, upholstery and certain even under any furniture. For perfect cleaning of kitchen we suggest having one for overall cleaning. 

Perfectly sealed the pantry

Completely covered up of every food pantry can get rid of weevils from your home. If you keep all seeds perfectly clean and store them. With several times of cleaning and sealing of the all boxes and food packages in the pantry. Airtight boxes are a dependable option to get rid of weevils. Beside this freezing dry food items can prevent weevils from infesting in any way. Plus you should not store any seeds for long time for more than weeks and months. Even you kept the dry food and groceries long time with airtight boxes which need frequent inspect.

Use natural pesticides

Even after whatever we suggest above you tried but weevils ready to go from your home. In this situation natural pesticide can be effective to kill those little bugs which also, harmless to human, pet and children. These are very easy to use as use a little amount of powder and sprinkle the place where weevils live. Don’t forget to clean the dead bugs with vacuum cleaner after few days those are lying around your bedside or pantry. Even before this we also shared 50/50 solution of eucalyptus oil and vinegar which is non-toxic and powerful. Bay leaves crushing could be a great way to weevil deterrents from the herb.

Apply chemical pesticides

If you are completely fed up with all attempt  some chemical pesticides won’t disappoint you. Before using this you should read the instruction clearly for their measurements and cautions.You should consider its harmful effect in indoor or some of them need periodical or re-apply use to ensure better result. These type of chemical pesticides can kill weevils quickly rather need to clean faster properly.

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We also suggest sprinkling food grade DE which can kill weevils which is safe for child and pet. After spreading this you should wait two days which for surprising result into pantry and cabinet or bedside corner.

Use Weevil traps

Pheromone and sticky traps are dependable to get rid of weevils  from your home. With this you can run out of them without any chemical or natural pesticides. You can choose traps depending on your convenience.

Take pest control expert

Take pest control expert

Who has not enough time to do all this experiment or number of the weevils larger can call professional who are expert to get rid of various pests including weevils from you home or property? Some of them have reliable equipment, skill, knowledge and needed experience which can get out weevils from your permanently. As this takes good cost you should call for a lot of land, large amount of grain storage place or farming purpose.


We have already shared several tips and technique as solution of how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom. Though these small pests won’t bite you or not make any harm human or pet while this could be disgusting at your place. Whenever you find the source of weevils you should take step against on this.

If you follow our suggested steps hope you will be able to get rid of weevils successfully. To help you in this way we include details with experience suggestions. Among the listed solutions you can control weevils. 

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