How to Paint a Dining Room Table with Chalk Paint

How to Paint a Dining Room Table with Chalk Paint

Among the most trendy home improvement painting on old furniture on of them. And how to paint a dining room table with chalk paint will provide satisfying look of old and outdated piece to new and beautiful without spending much investment. Giving your old piece special look chalk paint offered rich color and silky matte finish to being a centerpiece entire of the room.

Most of the homeowner who have good knowledge about chalk paint considered a coat of paint to give it new life before throwing them as wastage. Usually you can choose these for vintage and shabby-chic makeover but making easygoing with any style saturated color are best pick. While painting need so many prep work chalk paint do not require much more if the surface is clean.

With chalk paint you will get surprising coverage result as this comes as thicker than regular paint. For best result make sure 2or3 coat of painting which also last longer than other paint available in the market. This paint ideal for walls,kitchen cabinet, wood and fabric. When it comes to paint a dining room table with chalk paint you can simply start with our instruction.

How to Paint a Dining Room Table with Chalk Paint

How to Paint a Dining Room Table with Chalk Paint

There are several steps to follow to be successful in the DIY project how to paint a dining room table with chalk paint. While chalk paint is durable for your kitchen setting you can confidently use for your dining table makeover.

We suggest to work indoor while chalk paint adheres to surfaces best at room temperature.Because of outside temperature too hot or too cold  is not right for painting. If there is 60-80 degree Fahrenheit you can move to this. That’s why we recommend to manage space to paint indoor.


Before moving to the main task you should have gathered all the things which will be needed. Chalk paints have excellent colors from different brands which from you can choose one easily. Plus, you can make your preferred color with mixing 2 colors as your own DIY chalk paint to be more satisfied in painting projects.

You should check out different brands color and their price on online and set mind to paint your dining room table. Among them Annie Sloan is a popular choice of most homeowner.Beside the paint and wax collect paint brush and wax brush, some sandpaper, lint-fre cloth or shop towels.

Step 2

To protect your floor as hard surface or carpet from paint dripping, spread a canvas sheet on it to go the next level of painting. In the very begging of paint a dining room table with chalk paint clean of the furniture go through wiping down to remove any dirt and debris from years of use. To wipe down use a clean and slightly damp rag first and another stock of wipe special cleaning products.


As you are painting dining table mostly this won’t have drawer, knob and other pieces of hardware so directly start filling in gouges and deep scratches if there. It is very common to have indents, discoloration and scratches in old dining table. To find out them run your hands over the surface and others parts. You can use filler with a putty knife to close up the gouges which are available in near market and online shop. We have already said you for sanding you should collect some sandpaper which have fine grit and make sure you are sanding evenly with consistent pressure which help to prevent the wood furniture piece damage free.


Though you have already chosen your chalk paint color which you preferred for your dining table. One more thing should you know depending on color you need to coat on the furniture. For best paint result try to coat 3or 4 when you are working with darker like mahogany or black. Do not worry about the time and quantity of chalk paint while this are thick and dries quickly so multiple coats won’t take lots of time. 

In this stage apply water based primer to under treated wood to give the chalk paint rightly adhere with dining table. Simply apply the primer with a cloth pad make sure to cover the entire surface in a thin layer. Read thoroughly instruction before applying.


Choose a brush with long flexible china bristles which allow this to pick up a good amount of paint for longer stroke to cover more area before you need to reload your brush, here dripping the brush about halfway into the paint can to prevent lots of drips and tab the brush against the side of the can to remove excess paint to ensure clean painting result. You should apply the paint in one direction such as left to right which helps to keep the stroke consistent size when you run out of paint and re-dip the brush.Make sure you restart by placing the brush just inside the paint you just applied and continue painting in the same direction with the same about of paint.

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If your dining table is larger one use a high density foam mini roller after pouring paint into a paint pan. As a needed top do not totally fill the pan since you will just have to pour it back in the can if you do not use all of it to pour enough to cover the roller brush when you place it in the bottom of the pan leaving a part of the pan dry to roll up the brush against it before applying to make painting mass free. With roller dipping into the paint in the pan and roll it back and forth to complete the coating task easily. Roll the brush back in the opposite direction for good coverage. 


Before painting larger area of your furniture testing a small area on your furniture mostly on the back of the table or inconspicuous corner. At first apply one coat of paint and let it dry then another layer to check out your preferences color if you did not found best effect continue more layers. Then go for tabletop and others part of the table. Usually two coats is enough for table-top while existing finish already disappeared. If it is unfinished work give  more strokes.

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When you love to create perfect distressed look use a fine grit sand paper as this makes grooves created in the furniture not thyroid to the wood only beneath the layer of furniture. It is your liking where and how much paint you sand off. Then dampen a piece of tower and wipe down the furniture those dust are generated with sandpaper. Do not apply wax at large area rather small section at a time and use a shop towel to wipe off the excess wax. If you want to bring more aged look use dark wax in this case you could not  use the for regular wax.


You know that the process of  painting any furniture with chalk paint takes time as a couple of weeks to offer required effect as the wax take time 2 weeks to set and make your chalk paint water protective as you can clean easily. When you want to do something unique not like the distress yet modern give at least to complete coats with lots of drying time and apply ample of wax to allow satisfying shinning effect.

For shabby chic look create two toned distressed look with chalk paint where deep color coat comes first, and lighter one is top coat and before giving second coat to dry completely.


Without any doing mistake you can reach the final destination of how to paint a dining room table with chalk paint following our directions. Working with chalk paint much easy with others painting. This could go with any materials while wooden dining room table you will get new and absolutely personalized look of your outdated piece.

If you think painting is a hassle for their prep work chalk paint do not required all of them which won’t require your time and patience on making the surface ready for applying paint. Being water bases paint this won’t have allergic smell to bother you and spills and drips can’t ruin your furniture piece or floor.

To enjoy surprising look and durability a dining room table with chalk paint is reliable.Hopefully your DIY project will be accurate and fascination with this content on how to paint a dining room table with chalk paint.

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