How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives

How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives

Though high-quality knifes comes with lifetime longevity with proper care and maintenance. But most of the time you need to replace it with a better set where you need to know how to dispose of kitchen knives without facing any hassle of safety and legality. Here we will learn you different ways to dispose of kitchen knives.

There are different types of knives depending on the design and use while knives are the most frequently used cutlery in the kitchen. For efficient cutting, we sharpen knives which makes them difficult to manage or dispose of. Unwanted knives thrown in thrash bag brings in contact with sanitation workers or another person who searching for things that are dropped off accidentally.

On the contrary new set of knives required disposing of old knives. In the way of disposing of sharp knives poorly disposed of items can cause damage and cuts to the waste package, container even the disposal machine itself when you are dropping this into the bin. Read the writing to know the convenient way to dispose of kitchen knives. 

How to secure a knife before disposing of it?

When you are thinking about disposing of kitchen knives you should secure them perfectly. Here we will discuss 5 ways to help you on this process.

Wrap in a knife bag 

If you have an old bag, this could be reliable to secure a knife that needs disposal. As a decent and safe way kitchen knife disposing much easier. Handing the knife with a bag won’t occur in any accident.

Enfold in a newspaper or old cloth

Enfold in a newspaper or old cloth

Among the most common ways, this can regard as the easiest disposal package which won’t require extra cost. It won’t be very hard to find newspaper or old cloth around your home to wrap the knife to offer a thicker appearance while the blade does not the things and hands in accidental touch. A knife package with newspaper wrapping will be complete with duct tape which helps to stay the newspaper in right place to prove the package safe. Instead of newspaper, you can wrap your old knife with old cloth which is also a dependable choice.

Use a cardboard

A piece of cardboard that is longer and larger than the blade of the can secure correctly thrown into dispose of bin. After placing the knife on the cardboard fold properly and use strong tape to secure it tightly to prevent unwanted accidents. For thicker cardboard, you should stick the tools into this to ensure firm holding of the knife so and won’t fall out before throwing it out.

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Put knife in a plastic container 

Put knife in a plastic container 

A plastic container drink bottle is also a safe choice for packaging to dispose of in a kitchen. Cut the top of the bottle to put the knife into the bottle. Make sure the opening should be small otherwise knife can fall out. To keep the knife in right place wrapping some newspaper over the blade is an efficient step when you are following this process.

Use a bubble wrap

If you have bubble wrap at your place this could be the best option to secure tools to carry for disposal of. After wrapping the knife’s blade with bubble wrap, don’t forget to secure it with duct tape which helps to cover the knife’s blade safely. Because bubble cushions, won’t cut things in an accident while safety consideration is very important for unwanted kitchen disposal. 

How to dispose of kitchen knives

When you have a high-quality kitchen knife, it has a long lifespan with proper care. But after years of time, it also needed replacement by a new one. The problem makes sense when you are searching for a reliable, safe, and easy way to dispose of old kitchen knives. Whether it is an item or other sharp tools without accurate safety precaution anyone can face injury when coming into contact with them.

Also, different countries have various laws about carrying with you. To keep all these things in mind we suggest several ways in comes cases this will help to get money back to invest in a new set for your kitchen.     

Throwing them away

Most of people like to throw an old and unwanted knives in garbage bins rather than other ways-sell, such donate or recycling. We have already discussed the ways and methods- newspaper wrap, bubble wrap, cardboard wrap, and container put. You can choose the right one up to your convenience and preference. Each of them works to substitute one another where the motto is wrapping the entire sharp blade and exposed handle. The use of heavy-duty tape helps to secure it perfectly. Labeling of Caution: Sharp can be a good trick to present various types of accidents.

Replace the knife

Replace the knife

You should purchase a cheaply made knife that won’t come with a warranty offer. Sometimes you may think you can save money with a cheap one but in long run.

When the time comes to replace your knives, we would recommend looking for a good-quality of material and construction it with manufacturer’s warranty. You will enjoy the lifetime replacement option to save your every time new investment for kitchen knife.

Sell them

If you want a good investment from your unwanted kitchen knife selling them for scrap metal is pretty convincing. You should carry this safely in local markets where it can be reused countless times even keeping the quality of the metal well. If your have is made from good materials you will get a good amount of cash. Sometimes knife sharping shops purchased them for reselling with spare parts or good sharping conditions at a fair price.

Donate your knives

There are lots of charity shop that takes a sort of it with an individual policy where you can donate your knives. Before doing this you should get together the required information while terms vary from shop to shop. In most cases, these are reused or recycled to move to a new home for trouble-free cutting service.

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Plus, you can consider a friend’s first kitchen, a local culinary or food technology school/college, a homeless shelter kitchen, or a chef apprenticeship scheme experience. For donating your knives you should have knives in well condition from where they could get valuable profit. 

Before donating your unwanted knife you should clean it with warm and soapy water and dry them properly. Sharpen the knife and wrap it with newspaper to secure rightly.  

Recycle old knives

While you are knife is in very bad condition as you cannot donate this, or you are not ready to throw in the trash recycling will be the best option. You will find lots of recycles in the local market. Go and inquire about them. Though most of the recycler workshop takes metals and other household appliance for recycling purpose. From the recycling process, they make other items or modified knives by smelting.

For good packaging of your knife for recycling workshop, we have already attached several ways. After wrapping with newspaper or old cloth place it into a container or box to prevent the knife from direct contact with other people.

Hand them to the local police

When you are throwing your garbage thrash there has a wide possibility of reaching the wrong hand and being misused. To get rid of this hassle handing over the unwanted knives at the polish station is the safest and legal to dispose of kitchen knives. You can dispose of your poorly which creates the risk of cutting and use by the wrong hands, ensure the right packaging and ways to avoid unpleasant injuries.

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Plus most polish stations usually accept them to ensure the right way to dispose of them without reaching someone to use the weapon. Ask them before sending, if they are not accepted must tell you the other place or ways to dispose of kitchen knives safely and legally.

Waste collection side or collection bin

Waste collection side or collection bin

Mostly throwing old knives is not safe. But you can find waste collection side or collection bin you will be pretty sure those won’t be dangerous for anyone. You can check this type of point location online and inquire about their charger and other details. Though this site works for free disposal of sharp household tools, fewer areas take small about to do this. You should secure the knife blade perfectly before carrying and throwing away them. You inform the worker about a sharp for safe handover.


Even you dull knife can be the reason for a larger accident if you are being able to dispose of kitchen knives properly. We have discussed several answers for how to dispose of kitchen knives which makes the older knife disposal, not a hassle. If you are not comfortable with the given methods simply dispose of them as garbage alongside your household trash with good knowledge of restrictions and laws about this thing.

We suggest considering repurposing your knives which can make some money for new knife purchasing. On the contrary, if your knife has a condition donate them to whoever needs this.

So, disposing of kitchen knives is pretty easy to our discussion. If there is any question about this feel free to ask in our comment section.

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