How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take

It is certainly the centerpiece of any home where the joy of a meal is prepared. Everybody will be desirous about a trendy kitchen. What about you?? Let me guess, you are thinking about remodeling the old one? Welcome to this article as it is specially designed for you. 

Whenever it comes to remodeling the kitchen, people become frustrated as the options are endless. Since your kitchen is the reflection of your lifestyle, it’s fun to update your features by remodeling it for sure. But to be honest, it’s not so simple to think and act on it. Lots of research needs for proper remodeling unless it will be a disaster. 

But we have made your journey super cool providing all the general answers and the ultimate guideline to remodel your kitchen with your favorite design. You can enjoy this process with a careful and well-planned remodeling project. Also, you can hire a professional to assist you with the best results. 

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The first and foremost question that arises if you’re planning to remodel the heart of your home, is “How long does a kitchen remodel take?” Though there is no finite answer to this question. Luckily we can give you the best estimations!  In google, you will find various estimations to remodel, starting from 1 week to 3 or 4 months, even as high as 6 months. Yet the answer isn’t as simple as several days, weeks, or months as it varies depending on the style of the design, the amount of changing things, the size of the space, how much you’re going to pay for it, etc. 

Once you have made all the decisions then you’re ready to move to the actual remodel of your kitchen. If you are a DIY Home Project lover or use a cheap or less experienced contractor, the timeline for new modeling will take much longer. 

Kitchen renovation is expensive, there is no denying that. Our estimates involve more zeros than you would have hoped for, but they are not set in stone. There are always opportunities to save money. Online and local shops go on sale more than once a year, such as the Black Friday sale at Macy’s, and if your timing is right, you can take advantage of those and save tons of money. Always be on the lookout for discounts and deals on home essentials, appliances, and furniture, and spend those extra savings on other necessary kitchen upgrade expenditures.

But believe me, no matter where remodeling your budget lands, these tips, guidelines, recommendations, and a realistic schedule will ensure that your renovation will visually be appealing. Here in this article, you will also get the primary ideas for renovation. Let’s take a close look at this area. 

Can you remodel your kitchen by yourself?

Can you remodel your kitchen by yourself?

Fortunately, you can do DIY kitchen remodeling if you have enough time and skill. You can save money to do it by yourself eliminating the cost of hiring a contractor. Along with your family and friends, you can go with proper research, and then it will definitely be an enjoyable project. But keep in mind that things like plumbing and electrical functions are not so easy. So, for this, you must hire a professional to get the of your dreams.

What is the estimated timeline for remodeling a kitchen?

An efficient things remodeling is not a simple task, from construction, installation, plumbing, and electrical wiring, actually, there are plenty of works to act on. With professionals, it takes less time while DIY renovation takes much longer. We can give you a general estimated timeline for remodeling your expected kitchen.

Why does kitchen remodeling take such a long time?

When you are thinking about a complicated topic such as remodeling the kitchen, just remember that there you have to do a lot of things. As the other rooms of a home do not need much attention. They just need the heating, electricity connection and four walls to keep attention. But it’s not the same as it.

The kitchen needs heating, extensive plumbing, electrical fixtures, an expensive cabinet set, durable flooring, suitable countertops, refrigerators, ovens, and especially an appropriate design to cover the space, easily saving storage capacity. Moreover, before starting work, you must create a frame of all the tasks to make the remodeling process fruitful.  That’s why the remodeling is much longer.

In what order do you have to remodel your kitchen?

To make sure your project finishes on time, you need to pay attention to a few facts and maintain order. Here we’re to help you with a step-by-step guide to remodeling an up-to-date kitchen.

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take

The 10 steps to meet your advanced kitchen are: 

Step 1:

Finding a Kitchen Remodel Contractor: The first essential thing of remodeling is to search for a contractor. Before confirming any contractor you can check their licenses, letters of credence, recommendations, and previous work examples to get a clear idea about their consistency over perfection. A constructor will help you to ensure your kitchen is carried out efficiently. 

Step 2:

Planning, Design, and Budget: Before you are going to start the remodeling process, you have to discuss with the selected contractor about your desires. This pre-step is very important so that the remodeling ends up with your loving room. If you are confused about the color or design, then you can easily take advice from an interior design specialist. Once the actual planning is done, you will have a better sense of how long the next process can take. By collaborating with your contractor, you can solidify the schedule and he will assist you with the design, schedule, and budget to get excellent remodeling results. Experts say that today’s full kitchen renovation costs up to $25,000. For the average, you may need to spend $10,000 to $15000. 

Step 3:

Demolition of the existing kitchen: After finishing the planning and with all the decisions in your hand, your old kitchen must be removed from your house at this stage. This can take less than one week though it varies depending on its size of it. It includes removing the old cabinets, countertops, lighting, appliances, and current flooring. To avoid any electrocution, be serious and careful to turn off the electricity in your things. 

Step 4:

Marking Everything: It is an important step to know where everything is when remodeling the room. And this is going to be a very helpful step also once you label all the backs of the drawers, cabinets, refrigerators, microwaves, electrical outlets, and other appliances.  

Step 5:

Structural change: You will not need much time if you are not planning to change the vestige of your room. But if your includes taking out a wall, door, or window, constructing islands or bars, then this stage may take three days to one week or more depending on the number of changes. 

Step 6:

Mechanical installation: This process may not be much longer, just taking two to five days to complete. Involving the water lines, gas lines drain, plumbing, electrical installation, and other mechanical constructions, this is the pivotal step of any kitchen renovation. More time and money will be required depending on the changes you want to make. 

Step 7:

Drywall, Paint, Lighting, Flooring: At this step, the drywall will be prepared, and installed. After the installation of the dry walls, it’s the exact time for painting.  The kitchen remodelers know the best time for painting the walls. It needs two to three days at most to paint the remodeled room correctly. Then another day to dry the paint finely. It’s nice to paint before installing the cabinets. 

The light fixture doesn’t take more than one day to install. Even when the other constructors are busy in their working area, the installer can smoothly finish the installation of lighting. 

Determined by the type and size of the floor, the amount of time the flooring will take. Laminate flooring needs a large amount compared with ceramic tile or hardwood flooring. Varying from two days to one week may need to complete this task. 

To wrap up, installing the drywall, painting, lighting, and flooring thankfully doesn’t need a long time, and usually finishes under two weeks.

Step 8:

Cabinets and Countertops: It’s the most exciting part of kitchen remodeling. This also indicates that we are near the end of the whole journey. If the cabinets are already measured and prepared which takes a few months, then the installation becomes so quick and easy within 3 to 5 days. On the other hand, the countertop installation takes a much longer time.  Because they must be cut accurately to accommodate the things appliances, it requires great patience to finalize this task.

Step 9

Installation of new appliances: Within under a week you can complete all the installation of new appliances and fixtures if you have already arrived. Or you can also use your previous materials to unify with the new design. 

Step 10

Cleanup: Once all the installations are completed accordingly, the final trim is done, and the excess materials must be removed outside. And to get spotless and ready for the food preparation, you have to clean all the specks of dirt and the work is done. You can finally use the renovated of your dreams.

What are the most expensive parts of a kitchen remodel?

What are the most expensive parts of a kitchen remodel?

If we are talking about the most expensive part of the room remodel then it’s impossible to neglect the cabinets and countertops. So, let’s get a complete picture of this answer, go in-depth with this article.


Cabinet style defines the tone of your choice. Truly speaking, it is the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling. Depending on the size of your tbhings and the more customized cabinets you will need to spend more money and effort. It will take a long time too.  For the average remodel in the US, you may have to spend $7,000 to $20,000. 

For proper installment, you need to consider the material and finishing of the cabinets. Nowadays, in the market, you will get a lot of updated cabinet features such as adjustable shelves, customized storage options, and so on. But if you want to save some money on this cabinet then you can go for prefabricated cabinets that are ready-to-go designs as they are comparably budget-friendly.


Countertops are the considerably expensive part of the kitchen after cabinets. In this case, you have to think about the design as well as the materials to fit your style. Different countertops have different merits and demerits, so it’s better to take help from experts and professionals. 

In our research, we’ve found that “Granite countertops” are the best option for countertops. You have to pay between $3,000 to $5,000 for these classy and durable granite countertops. But if you prefer something in cozy pricing, then you can get the look and feel of options like Marble, Laminate, Corian, Quartz, and more.

What should you not do in a kitchen remodel?

To avoid wrong remodeling, here are the 10 major factors you need not do at the time of kitchen remodeling: 

  1. Don’t try to choose lower-quality appliances only because they are cheap. To get your lovely and durable fixture choose wisely though room renovations are costly.  
  1. Always choose the major appliances first and then go for the minor appliances of your things. It is easier to measure the cabinets and countertops, then you can smoothly build a plan for the other empty spaces.
  1. We’ll suggest never refusing to take help from a professional. Even though it’s fun to make your own renovation by yourself, as everybody knows the professionals are experts in their area. So, you must take expert advice for the best remodel. 
  1. What about the rest of your house? People usually get caught up in remodeling and neglect to take care of the rest of the house. As a result, your house will be full of dust, debris, spots, and splatters of remodeling.

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  1. Neglecting the lighting is a major mistake when it comes to remodeling any room. Be careful to plan about lighting your trendy kitchen. It is also a must-do option for your safe and secure operations in the kitchen. 
  1. Forgetting your workflow, when playing for remodeling can be proven so wrong. The things is among the busiest area of any home, make sure the fridge, sink, and stove are positioned for a smooth flow of cooking. 
  1. One more important thing is not to forget about proper ventilation as the room does get very hot and sometimes it becomes very dangerous to stay mostly in the summer season. It also affects your cooking badly. 
  1. Moreover, don’t forget about the importance of storage space. It’s a common mistake to fail to include enough storage space while kitchen renovation. Excess storage space is not a problem but it’s difficult to cook in a lack of storage area as it hampers your daily cooking. 
  1. To have a safe remodeling, always stay organized and stick to the plan to get what exactly you are desiring. Stay positive and believe me, you will love it once you finish the task. 
  1. Under so much pressure don’t forget that renovation is fun also. Keep your entire family involved in this project and enjoy the remodeling process a lot. Additionally, it will help to let the frustration out.

The Bottom Line:

A long-lasting room remodeling is basically a tough and time-consuming process. The total length varies due to differences in planning, designs, and installations. But we strongly believe that to ensure amazing final results, our experienced advice with general ideas, careful planning, step-by-step guide, and do’s and don’ts tips will provide you effortless experience and especially a brand new kitchen. 

To conclude, with proper planning and a trustworthy contractor, your it remodeling will be so smooth and eco-friendly whereas the timeline is a rough estimation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if there arise any queries. We are always standing by your side. 

Enjoy your contemporary kitchen remodel! See More?

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