how to clean a glass top stove with burnt on food

How to Clean a Glass Top Stove with Burnt on Food

A successful attempt for how to clean a glass top stove with burnt-on food, make your enjoyment of using them up to several times. Because of sleek and minimalistic look, glass top stoves are a popular addition to any kitchen. But the problem is that even the smallest spill or splatter shows up easily, and cleaning is essential. Sometimes these spots being stubborn and do not ready to go even with chemical solutions.

There are several cleaning procedures available, but you should pick one which won’t make bother you with consuming lot of time and money. If you have a habit of regular cleaning, it won’t be worst for you with lots of spots. You should wipe the glass after every use. Don’t do this when the glass is hot.

To keep maintain the beautiful look of your top like a newly installed one, we have attached multiple ways and additional tips on how to clean a glass top stove with burnt-on food to complete the DIY task.

Basics of cleaning a glass top stove with burnt on food

There is something that should help you in this mission. If you have a glass top or planning to buy one, you must have a look at these tips.

  • Depending on your glass top stove design and type you should consult with the manufacturer’s representative and read the instructions which come with it to know the suggested cleaning product and process while the wrong step can void product warranty services.
  • Do not start to clean the top when the surface is hot.
  • Use microfiber cloths or sponges as soft cleaning material, while scouring pads and scrub brushes could leave a permanent scratch.
  • You should not be harsh to clean the surface, as some chemicals ruin the longevity of the unit.
  • Consider Skrapr to remove stuck-on masses on the top stove without any harm.

How to clean a glass top stove with burnt-on food

clean a glass top stove with burnt-on food

Burnt food on the glass top stove is a common hassle and frustration for any kitchen. Removing them is not easy, but it takes time and arm grease. But you will please to hear that you pull out the various household and kitchen things. After a good research, we get different methods that will be efficient for different food items. You can mix up them in several cases depending on the spot condition

Let’s talk about them and learn how to clean a-top stove with burnt-on food without leaving any scratches but provide you spotless kitchen glass-top stove.

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How can you clean glass top stove per daily routine?

Nothing could be helpful to clean the top stove after every use which won’t build up the collected dust and spill obstinate. You will need a spray bottle of water and a microfiber cloth to clean. If you want to use distilled white vinegar, it will offer a lot of cleaning effect.


The cleaning process should start when the stovetop is completely cool. Spray vinegar or water on the glass top stove. After that, wipe the liquid away with the microfiber cloth. Rub up the things on the spot and finally wipe down with dry cloth. This process makes the monthly cleaning task much easier and perfect.

Method – 1 Cleaning glass top stove with baking soda

Deep cleaning of a top range with scorched-on food for regular monthly or biweekly baking soda is a trusted cooking area point. You need to take care of cooking soda, a spray container of distilled white vinegar, a tidy towel, a tidy sink container or bucket full of warm water, and also microfiber fabrics.

Once the glass top stove gets cool, wipe the stove top thoroughly, which makes the rest of the process easy and efficient. You can not use cleaner on the hot surface, which can damage the elegant finish of the top stove. To remove any loose debris such as crumbs or blunts on food. When you are scrubbing with cleaning products, these might be interfering to get read of grease. Choose a soft cloth, while moisture from this damp cloth help to soften cooked debris and remove this easily.

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Using sodium bicarbonate and also vinegar is safe for cleaning a top oven with burned on food, while chemical cleaners burn the following time utilize the heater. Yet, cooking soda and vinegar won’t create this kind of difficulty. Spew the distilled vinegar over the oven surface as well as cover the surface area with a cooking soft drink. To go next action demand to dampen a big towel in warm water as well as lay it over the oven top after wring out the additional water. Currently, wait approximately 15 minutes.

Do not use harsh fabric which can damage your range top, so choose soft fabric to rub out the residue to tidy. You should duplicate this whipping down the job till it cleans perfectly. Beware to rinse the cloth, otherwise leaking can mess up the place completely. If there is some prepared food continue to be, you might require to spray a lot more vinegar on the surface to remove them and also most likely to the complete tarnish cleaning therapy again.

Method – 2 Rubbing with silicon

Silicon cooktop scrubber will do a magical performance to remove away almost all the cooked messes from glass top stove. Most interesting fact this that these are enough soft which won’t make any scratches. This comes from innovative silicon to be durable against stubborn spots from burnt food. 

If you are not ready to invest money in them, the silicon spatulas with be helpful to clean a top with burnt-on food. You can spray vinegar or water on the surface and rub the spatula over the marks in a circular motion, which help to fave the back spot with the least effort. After that, wipe down the debris with a cloth or soft towel.

Method – 3 Use a razor blade to clean a top stove with burnt on food

Sometimes cleaning a glass top with burnt-on food is worst with blunt-on rings around the burner or epoxy-like junk. To deal with these types of spots, a razor blade is dependable if you can use that in the right way. In this cleaning method, you will need a razor blade in a holder or scraper tool, distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth.


Process Clean a Glass Top Stove with Burnt on Food

You should not go against manufacturer instructions, so check it before using a razor blade on the glass-top. If they advise you not to do that directly, which can void their warranty, you should skip this method. On the contrary, if there is no direct instruction follow our process to ensure a new-looking and clean top even if there was burnt food. 

When you are sure of the cool status of the top stove, split vinegar on the adhered area of blunt residue and scrape the dirt gently with the razor. Make sure you are holding the razor properly while you cannot use the corner of the blade, those can make marks on your top. As this may reason of digging into the stains for major scratches of the glass and won’t be beautiful like a newer one.

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We suggest holding the cutting edge at a very mild angle from the top of the oven to make it flat for a more secure effect. Keep continuing lightly scraping on the dirt until it goes. With a microfiber cloth, wipe away the debris. If you feel necessary, repeat the above steps for more kitchen cleaning. This is spill free and smarter than other methods. But you should be pretty careful to hold this to prevent damage to the and cut to yourself.

One more thing you should bear in mind is that you should spray some vinegar before starting scarping. The rule of thumb is to hold the razor blade at a slight angle and scrape at the stained areas. At the end of the procedure, wipe away the debris which already loosens. For better results keep continuing wiping and scraping until you get your required spotless glass.

Method – 4 Olive oil cleaning formulae

Once cooked on gunk over the top surface you may think of commercial cleaners which have harsh ammonia, but we suggest not to do this rather you can consider this cleaning solution that is mild and powerful for your purpose. In this process, you will need a small dish, a plastic spoon, baking soda, lemon juice, soft cloth, olive oil, water mild soap, single edge razor blade, and a magic eraser.


Leave the burner to cool to start going cleaning procedure. So wait to completely cool the burned and arrange the listed thing to go to the main process of cleaning. To loosen the stain, you can use a razor if there is a darker spot. On the contrary, for the thick stain, use a dull knife or spoon. 

For lubricant coating, you can use olive oil to help loosen the cooked-on debris. After 5-10 minutes of soaking, you can move to the next level of cleaning. We have already told you the pattern of holding the razor and the way you will push the razor against the stain. Until your scratch won’t light, you should keep continuing this step. If you have the majority of blunt food, using of razor will be satisfying. This time, mix a paste of baking soda and water in a small dish with toothpaste consistency. Cover the burnt area with this paste and wait for 10 mins till its dries out.

For a faster and more surprising effect, you can add lemon juice or seltzer in the baking soda. This time, need to scrub the stain with a soft cloth or plastic scrubber. For a stubborn spot, you can repeat this whole process. Or pick a magic eraser to remove them easily.

Don’t forget to wash away the surface with warm water and mild soap when finally you are being successful to remove the burnt food and stains.


Hopefully, this cleaning method will make easy even the toughest blunt food and stain not only the top stove but also other kitchen units’ cleaning requirements. In addition, with a daily or monthly cleaning schedule, you will get a spotless kitchen glass-top stove.

Depending on various types of the spill, we have shared 4 different methods with different house ingredients and specialized tools for this task. Though these processes will take your time and patience, results will make you happy, get rid of disgusting burnt spots on your favorite glass-top stove.

So be confident with our guidelines which won’t let you go in any wrong direction, rather satisfying methods and tips for how to clean a glass top stove with burnt-on food. 

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