Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

Orange bedding is perfect for those who love to stray from their traditional white color scheme. A deep orange tone on walls, floors, furniture and curtains makes a bold statement in any room. When choosing your orange bedding, be sure to choose a color that complements your existing colors. A dark orange paired with gray or brown adds a lot of depth to a space that looks great with silver accents. So check out orange bedroom decor ideas here.

Those cheerful yellow walls that somehow manage to be cheerful and welcoming. While they certainly work wonders in the kitchen, bathroom and nursery, they sometimes feel less than inspired in the bedroom. Here are ways to incorporate an orange accent wall into your room.

25 Ways to Incorporate an Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

1. Orange Wall Art

Orange bedroom Wall Art

Adding artwork to your walls can help bring interest to otherwise dull spaces. Find art depicting nature scenes or landscapes. If you prefer something more modern, consider using colorful abstract pieces of art. These pieces will add vibrancy to a room without competing with other colors.

2.  Accent Pillows

Accent Pillows

Add some color to your pillows with these unique patterns. Choose bright orange ones for a pop of color, or go for a more subtle look with natural tones. No matter which style you choose, be sure to choose comfortable cotton pillowcases. They should fit snugly over your head and stay put while you sleep.

3. Orange Throw Pillows

Orange Throw Pillows

A throw pillow is a great way to add comfort to your bed and can easily transform your room. Use a neutral color fabric to create a simple design, or use prints and shapes to add some personality. Add a throw pillow to your bed to freshen up your space.

4. Lampshade


Lamps are often overlooked in favor of other types of lighting, but they still add a lot of ambiance to a room. Consider adding some orange lights to your home. Hang them above your bed or place them near your desk so you can read comfortably in bed.

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5. Orange Floor Pillows

Orange Floor Pillows

Floor pillows are a fun addition to a room because they are inexpensive and versatile. To keep things interesting, experiment with different textures and materials. Try placing small round pillows on top of rectangular or square pillows to create a unique effect.

6. White and Orange Bedroom Cabinets

White and Orange Bedroom Cabinets

Make sure your bedroom looks good with these white and orange cabinets! You get plenty of storage space and a clean look at the same time.

7. Curtain

Orange Curtain

Get rid of those boring floral curtains and do something more fun! These awesome curtains aren’t just pretty—they keep water out, too.

8. Orange Screen

Orange Curtain

Yellow curtains add a pleasant feel to any space, especially the bedroom. When paired with a yellow bedspread, they create a cozy atmosphere perfect for relaxing after a long day. To really pull your bedroom together, pair them with blue rugs and floral prints on pillows. You will have a complete bedroom decoration!

Curtains are a quick way to update a room without making a big investment. Look around your home for different fabrics that can serve as curtains. Choose bright, solid colors like orange. Try mixing and matching patterns to add extra interest.

9. Chair For Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

Chair For Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

What’s a little comfort? Make yourself a comfortable place in your home with this orange chair!

10. Sofa Table

Sofa Table

If you want to give your home a makeover, you don’t need to go out and spend money on expensive furniture. Get creative using items around the house!

11. Orange Carpet

Orange Carpet

If you love orange and prefer to have it in your living room rather than your bedroom, you should definitely consider getting this beautiful rug!

12. Color Scheme For Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

Color Scheme For Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

When choosing colors for your bedroom, you want to choose calm, soothing and relaxing colors. Avoid bright blues, greens, reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and purples, unless they are muted shades.

13. The Light

The Light

Decide what kind of lighting you want in your bedroom. There’s no point in having lights if you never turn them on. Having some ambient lighting will help create a mood and give the space a natural feel.

14. Artwork


Your bedroom is not just a place to sleep; It is a place to relax, reflect and enjoy yourself. If you have artwork in your bedroom, make sure it fits your lifestyle and doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

15. Storage


One thing you’ll notice about many bedrooms is how little storage there is. Instead of wasting space, use dressers, shelves and closets to store clothes, books and accessories.

16. Wallpaper For Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas


When choosing wallpaper, make sure it’s something that fits the theme you’re trying to achieve in your space. Many people go for abstract prints, but to some people they can seem random at times. An alternative would be to use a patterned print, which may work well depending on what type of wall you are installing it on. For example, if you have a white wall, a striped background may not be the right choice. But, if you’ve got a black wall, a checkered backdrop can really enhance your space.

17. Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Adding furniture to your bedroom is a great way to change the look of your space without doing anything major. And, since orange is such a fun shade, we thought it was only natural that it would be perfect for the bedroom. First, classic same accent chairs are always a good option. Another popular choice is the nightstand. By combining orange with wooden finishes, you will be able to create a comfortable and inviting place to relax. What about bedding? Well, if you want to stay true to the theme, going with a solid colored duvet cover is the right choice.

While solid colors will give the room a consistent feel, the added contrast created between solid colored pieces and same fabrics can really enhance the look. For a more playful take, consider choosing a striped bedspread. Not only will stripes give your room a modern look, they will also add depth to your bed frame. We hope this list inspires you to transform your bedroom into a cheerful and fun place.

18. For Orange Accent Walls

For Orange Accent Walls

The best thing about having an accent wall in your room – besides making any space look sunny and inviting – is that it’s completely customizable! If you have a particularly bright, sunny room, complement your wall color. Or if you prefer a darker theme, use vibrant, warm shades to bring the mood of your room. Whatever you choose, these tips will help you create the perfect backdrop for your bedtime routine.

If you want to spruce up your home, this small change can make a huge impact. All you need is some paint and a few accessories, and you’ll have the perfect touch of sunshine in no time. Let’s take a closer look at how to add a pop of color to your home

19 . Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you’re looking for an easy way to refresh your bedroom, consider painting over your existing walls – whatever their color – with a nice shade of orange. You’ll instantly transform a boring space into a relaxing retreat where you’re ready to face the day and start your morning routine.

20. Your Wall is Orange

Your Wall is Orange in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you’ve painted your home orange, head over to our next home decorating tip. Painting your walls with paint will help brighten up any room and make it look more attractive. It will not only give the room a fresh feel, but also increase its value. If you want a neutral backdrop for your artwork and photography, it’s best to use an off-white color. You’ll love how the warm shade changes the whole feel of your space.

21. Add a Wall Sconce

Add a Wall Sconce in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

A wall sconce adds a beautiful touch to any room. These light fixtures are ideal for adding warmth to a small room or hallway. You can choose between ceiling mounted fixtures and a floor lamp. Both provide similar effects and both can be placed anywhere in the room.

22. Make The Bedroom More Comfortable

Make The Bedroom More Comfortable in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

You might think you’re trying to keep the room cool if you have white walls. However, white walls won’t do much to block the sun. Instead, choose a darker shade, preferably something with warm tones. You don’t have to get rid of lighter shades completely, just keep them low and use sparingly.

23. Add Flowers

Add Flowers in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

Flowers are always a good idea when decorating a room. They not only bring beauty and cheer, but they provide many practical benefits. First, they can help keep insects at bay. Second, they are wonderful for attracting pollinators. And finally, flowers are great air purifiers! Stick some petals under the door opening and watch the air freshen up in no time.

24. Keep the Furniture Neutral

 Keep the Furniture Neutral in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

Decorating your home doesn’t mean putting everything up front. In fact, sometimes sticking with what you already have makes things easier and cheaper. There are many ways to look neutral on furniture without spending a fortune. One way to achieve this effect is to choose items with simple shapes and natural materials. Another option is to buy pieces that can be easily matched together, making it easier to change the entire design later.

25. Be Creative

Be Creative in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you have a spare room in your home, try turning it into another living space. By doing this, you’ll save money on rent and increase the chances of selling your old place sooner than expected. You can turn it into a den, guest room or even a nursery. Whatever you decide, set aside a budget and plan accordingly.

1. How to Add Color to Your Room Without Painting?

How to Add Color to Your Room Without Painting? in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

One of the easiest ways to change a room is to add texture, pattern or color to the walls. And thanks to an abundance of affordable wallpaper and fabric choices, you don’t even have to buy a whole new piece of furniture or repaint your walls to get a new look.

2. How to Be Inspired By Sunlight?

How to Be Inspired By Sunlight in Orange Bedroom Decor Ideas

A sunny bedroom isn’t just pleasant to wake up to; It can actually improve your sleep quality by providing natural sunlight. So whether you live somewhere with temperate weather or you just want to make sure you’re getting the right amount of light exposure, there are plenty of ways to be inspired by sunlight.

The Final Thought

A great way to create a fun color scheme in your home is to use orange. Adding splashes of bright citrus colors to your space helps create a warm atmosphere and adds warmth to the room you add them to. To help bring out the best in these vibrant shades, keep things simple. You want to focus on adding unique designs and patterns that stand out. Use unique textiles, pillows, curtains, rugs, art and furniture pieces to make your design pop.

Keep in mind that if you plan to paint your walls, using a darker tone can make the wall color look dirty over time. So, opt for the lighter variety instead. Also, try to limit yourself to certain rooms in your home. If you have dark accents in your bedroom, don’t let them dominate the rest of your space. Instead, choose a lighter orange elsewhere. Hope you understand that orange bedroom decor ideas.

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