How to Remove Moen Kitchen Faucet

How to Remove Moen Kitchen Faucet

With meanfaucet in your kitchen, you will face problems of breaking down, and knowing how to remove moen kitchen faucet helps to renovate your space by removing and replacing the broken it. Removing it is not rocket science but rather very easy with following any delicate process.

To make the procedure safe and easier you need to take some safety precautions and several helping tools which prevent difficulties like leaks and breakages. When your kitchen sink cartridge faucet is installed removing Moen faucet and place the fresh piece would have your most recurrent DIY.

So, no more wasting time rather learn how to remove moen kitchen faucet to solve the problem by yourself.

What You Will Need

To make the entire process how to remove moen faucet easy. You will need several minimal tools, and you may not need a couple of them which could be hassle to manage. To complete the project here is the  list of tools: 

  • A screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A wrench

How to Remove Moen Kitchen Faucet

As a wise step know the model number and types of mean kitchen faucet. You are going to remove which helps to find the correct replacement for this. Sometimes you do not get the right part for replacement in this case replace. The entire faucet to make active your Moen item. To deal with water running in your cabinet, flooring, or basement. You should repair your damaged Moen faucet as soon as possible with the given process:

Step 1: Turn off the Waterline

Find the waterline supply which is located under the sink and shut off it before you start the moen. Kitchen faucet removing process. If you have separate valves for cold and hot water make sure to turn them both off to move to the next level much safer.

Step 2: Drain and dry the pipes

Make sure the pipes are empty so open the Moen kitchen item. To drain out any water that may still be inside the pipes. If you have found any water left in the pipes drain them thoroughly. Unless you did this you how to remove moen faucet can pause by water draining onto your floor or into your cabinet. Where need to clean up the mess after disassembling it.

Step 3: Remove the handle

To extract the faucet’s handle use a screwdriver. Whenever you have been loosening the handle. You will see a set screw attached to this with help of a wrench unscrew the screw and pull out the handle. Be carefully and patient  to do this step to avoid further damage.

Step 4: Detach the plastic part

In how to remove moen faucet of kitchen process after taken of the handle. You will get the major leak actually occurred in the malfunctioning rubber gasket or other areas. Now you will see the dome and black jacket. It needs to pull out by using a wrench with an ant clock turning and the parts will slide out easily.

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Step 5: Remove the mechanism

After plastic parts removed you should take out the handle mechanism which controls the water flow out of the faucet. Here you will find a screw that holds this mechanism together. So, at first unscrew this with a screwdriver to loosen the screw. It helps to come out of the entire arrangement without any damage to it.

Step 6: Extract the white ring and washer

There is a white ring under the handle mechanism. Once you have been removing this reaching and taking off the white ring easily. When you are taking out this be careful about it. You need to place and the direction it back in a similar way whether. You set up a new faucet or put the old one again after the repair task. Now grab the washer which also need to leave. This placed under the ring and uses a wrench to remove faster and safely.

Step 7: Pick up the water spout

If you have done previous steps correctly lifting and removing the sprout will be effortless. As a wise step write down the part’s direction and sequence or take a picture to make it easier to put back tiger later after remove moen faucet. You can move this without using any tools. simply slide out the spout and find the clip. Now draw out with the  clip which holding the cartridge if it is an older model and pick a screwdriver to leave it.

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Step 8: Take off the cartridge

It is the final step if you have an old faucet. Here you should use pliers to hold the stem and keep twisting this in different direction until it loosen. In several case pliars won’t work then use cartridge puller to take off the cartridge. When you have completed a all the step pf remove moen faucet and move to repair and put it back correctly.

How to reinstall kitchen of Moen faucet

Reinstall Moen kitchen faucet

Once you successfully remove the Moen kitchen item now inspect it for finding damage and problems. Replace the valve if you have found breaks or unusable parts. We have already said that you should have been finding the rights part to fit your faucet. Usually there are lots of models available in the market so finding the accurate one won’t be difficult. Reinstalling a faucet is simple like removing this where need to reverse the entire procedure. You should start with reading manufacturing instruction to be exact on this process.

You will get lots of videos on YouTube on this topic if you need visual guideline play one or two to gather confident. At first place the plastic gasket,rubber cap, over the hole on the sink and also position the faucet on this.

Place the plastic gasket, rubber cap, or trim ring over the empty hole in the sink. Now install washer, attach sprayer and pull down on the hose. After attaching the washer make sure the area is completely dry. Do not tighten the supply lines to prevent further damage from bursting or linking.


Though the entire process of how to remove moen kitchen faucet won’t be easy while you are trying this first time, but if you can remember these simple steps you can fit the damage to  it. Yet you have learned and completed the project once it will be worthy your invested time.

Even after reading this content and watching several videos from YouTube, you think removing, replacing and reinstation of Moen hassle for you call a professional plumber and did this easily.

You should try out guidelines with won’t take more than 30 mins once you remember the steps of it.

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