how to clean porch screens

How to Clean Porch Screens

The positives of having porch screens are directly related to how to clean porch screens and how you maintain them. To stay clean along with the furniture and porch air-carried pollen and debris screens are an ideal choice. Furthermore, screens help to keep bugs out so enjoy outdoor times without fear of bite of them. There are lots of options such as-to creating your space cozier with porch screens.

Learning how to clean it helps to enjoy the fresh air and soothing sound with the filtering of insects, pollen, and lawn debris. With routine cleaning, you can fight against a lot of buildup over time and not bake on grime or mold. Those can be difficult to remove. Usually used things like a vacuum and using a garden hose with some soapy water at the beginning and the end of the outdoor season did a good job of deep cleaning.

Following the right strategy to keeping clean, it is pretty easy. We will discuss the process broken into several steps. Have a faster look to complete the task confidently.

How To Clean Porch Screens

Clean Porch Screens

You should choose your cleaning step, time, and ingredient depending on porch dirt types. If you clean with a routine only vacuuming the surface is enough for removing dust and small particle and cleaning pollen, mold, and other grime off with the required soapy water and a brush. Move away the furniture from the screen at least 5 feet and push them toward the center of the porch. To make the cleaning path complete the task without any obstacle.

Things You Will Need

  • Vacuum with an upholstery brush firstly
  • crevice tool vacuum (optional) secondly
  • Ladder or step stool thirdly
  • Garden hose fourthly
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Bucket of warm water
  • Mild dish soap 
  • Distilled vinegar then
  • And spray bottle also

Clear Away The Dirt

Clear Away The Dirt

Vacuum porch screens are the first step of how to clean screens. You shout to start vacuuming from the outside so reach the exterior surface of your safely. We suggest using a vacuum with an upholstery brush to clean and loosen debris easily. But using a small blower or great sweeper can do this task easily. Reaching the center of porch screens easily attaching a crevice tool to the vacuum corner and edge of the screens without struggling not much to remove any loosened debris with an upholstery brush. If you are unable to access the area outside safely try to do this from inside the porch.

Spray Soapy Water

When your porch screens need deep cleaning it might be twice in a year or more wet your screens with soapy water. If you have enough time get ready with soapy water and a brush. When your porch is filthy it could not clean with only vacuuming. Use your hand needs spotted the area and use the suds with warm water and a couple of squirts of dish soap. Follow the same way the vacuum cleaner does dip the soft-bristled brush to scrub the screen with gentle pressure.

On the other hand, using a hose as a powerful washer to wet screens. Depending on distance and dirt type set the distance from screens. You can use the hose from inside the porch to rinse debris from each screen panel the ways across and down. Make sure you are set at the lowest pressure and stand several feet away from the screen to avoid damage.

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Wipe Away And The Dirt and Pollen

Wipe Away And The Dirt and Pollen

Unclean porch screens won’t give you the rightly visual experience in this era where pollen is common. You will need a bucket of warm soapy water dip a soft Bristol brush into the cleaning solution and scrub gently from inside it. If there are dirty and stained after vacuuming this step remove them thoroughly. To sparkle in your view helping extend the screen and frame’s life by scrubbing with a soft brush sometimes need multiple stocks for any stubborn spots.

Sweep Out The Mold and Mildew

If there is mold on your porch that appears as a green and powdery substance bleach or distilled. White vinegar in a spray bottle can remove with 3 portions of warm water. To keep this recipe pretty natural 50:50 vinegar also works efficiently. Soak, scrub, and rinse with vinegar in a regular maintenance routine. You can prevent building mold in your rather than leave a new look every season. The thumbs of the rule are working higher area to downward and inside to out. You should be more careful if you are picking bleach for removing mold. While this can discolor the aluminum and other furniture which come to contact with this. With 3:1 part of warm water and bleach is suggested for safe cleaning. Simply split onto the screens and scrub gently.

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Which things you should not do how to clean porch screens

  • Do not use an unfamiliar high-pressure washer
  • Do not be harsh to scrub the solution
  • Be careful to balance the ladder when you are working at a good height
  • Do not leave any corner, crack, and baseboard
  • Do not b late wipe the area with a paper towel.


Cleaning your things with our 4 steps included guidelines. Where we start with vacuuming the loose dirt, spraying soapy water with a garden hose, scrubbing with a soft brush and sponge, and finally removing mold from porch screens. From professional suggestion, we are delivering this through this writing as you can do this as a DIY project.

These ways do an excellent job to get rid of pollen, and mold even the curtains you hang beside screens. After reading this writing how to clean on won’t be a daunting task, and you also can make sure clean screens without calling professionals.

Essentially, the beauty of screens is only when they are rightly cleaned. So share this and follow this recipe year your porch screens are well maintained.

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