how to remove kitchen faucet without basin wrench

How to Remove Kitchen Faucet Without Basin Wrench

In today’s independent world, people love to do every task on their own. Even the amateurs feel a great interest to do every task using their small toolbox. Remarkably, your presence in this article proves that you’re a crazy fan of handmade projects. You might have researched a lot about removing the kitchen faucet without the help of a basin wrench but seems that all you find was a disappointment. Immediately your worry stops here as you’re at the correct destination.

We all know that removing is easier when you have a basin wrench in your hand as it is easy to operate. Imagine if you don’t have a wrench available right now, then it will be trouble removing the old, won’t it?. Anyways, you can do it correctly without a wrench for the basin in case you know how to do it yourself. This can be an amusing DIY task for DIY Project lovers. 

Optimistically, this article will help you to remove the without a wrench covering all the primary queries. In addition, the step-by-step formula will support you to be a champion of the aforementioned job. Keep reading this article to make your attempt successful.

Before moving on to the Kitchen removing guidance, let’s start with the question:

What are a Kitchen and its importance?

What are a Kitchen Faucet and its importance?

The kitchen is undoubtedly the busiest attachment of any kitchen. A kitchen is not only the room for cooking, the greater part of cooking also comprises rinsing, cleaning, washing, and lots of kitchen tasks. It is that makes these household chores more convenient and flexible. Without noticing, you might be turning on and off the faucet more than 50 times a day while preparing the meal. That’s why needs much attention and maintenance. 

It is a vital component of every kitchen. This essential part is also used in the laundry section. It is the super advantageous part of every kitchen, making regular kitchen tasks stress-free. The kitchen comes with different price ranges depending on its design, material, quality, and finishing. Pay proper consideration to this valuable kitchen area and remove it if it seriously deteriorates. 

What exactly is a Basin Wrench and why it is important?

A Basin wrench, also known as a sink wrench, is a specialized plumbing tool that makes the complicated, tough nut and screw removal task smooth and easy.  The nuts mounted on the to hold faucets onto the sink are hard to reach, but it becomes much more effortless with a basin wrench. 

The basin wrench is particularly designed with a long shaft and right-angled head for easily reaching, losing, and unmounting the nuts smoothly. It can access the nuts under the sink that the standard wrench cannot access. People who routinely do plumbing tasks need this handy tool, but most people will not own it for its specific functioning. Luckily, there are a few alternatives available in your toolbox that are efficient for a replacement.

What are the reasons behind replacing a Kitchen Faucet?

What are the reasons behind replacing a Kitchen Faucet?

In the above discussion, we have already talked about the importance of. Now, we will know the reasons for removing the faucet: 

  • Aged Faucet: As time passes, the efficiency goes down. So it’s much better to remove the old with the advantageous new one. 
  • Blockage: Actually a block is useless mostly when you’re in a hurry or mess in the kitchen. To prevent blockage you need to properly maintain the faucet. 
  • Water leakage: After frequent using you may suffer a leaky but surprisingly a solution comes along with the problem. If not properly cleaned with time, it can produce leakage, so take care of the accordingly.
  • Corrosion and dirt: If the faucet gets corrosion and dirt in the waterline, clean it with vinegar and remove it when you can do this job by yourself.

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  • Malfunctioning: When any part of the breakdown down or the entire malfunctions then there is only one solution to remove it and install a fresh new faucet.
  • Improper installation: Sometimes improper installation makes the hard to use, in this situation, you can install the faucet using an easy DIY project. 
  • Design: If there is no problem with the faucet at all but it seems backdated with your kitchen interior, you can simply replace it with an upgraded one to improve your kitchen appearance. 

What are the tools You Need while removing A Kitchen Without Basin Wrench?

What are the tools You Need while removing A Kitchen Faucet Without Basin Wrench?

Though we are not using a specialized basin wrench here we just need a suitable socket wrench to do the faucet removal task which is available in any toolbox. All important tools are gathered here for your ease that is essential to remove faucet without basin wrench. Let’s learn about the required tools:

  • A screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Adjustable wrench or Channel-lock pliers
  • Some greases
  • A Gauge of tape
  • A Bucket or Container
  • A soft and clean cloth or towel

How to Remove the Kitchen Faucet without a Basin Wrench?

Welcome to the depth of this article. When you have gathered all the right equipment, now it’s time to get to work. Any problematic task can be easier by changing the technique. It’s better to follow some steps to do any task perfectly. And this section will teach you about a few steps to meet your desired result. Here we go with the 5 significant steps of removing a Kitchen without a Basin Wrench: 

Step 1: Close or Turn off the valves

Obviously, everyone knows the general rule for any plumbing work that, first of all, we need to stop the water supply. You will easily find the shut-off valve underneath the sink. This step must be followed if you don’t want a flooded kitchen. There is no way to skip this step so keep in mind this chief rule. 

In case there are two different water lines for hot and cold water, turn both of the valves to block off the flow of the water to the faucet. Put a bucket or container under the sink to prevent any accidental overflow and fetch excess water if it remains. For double certainty, you can turn to ensure the valves are shut off correctly.

Step 2: Release the pressure of the valve

Without any water, the faucet might be full of atmospheric pressure. This will create trouble to follow the next step. To avoid this challenge, remove the pressure of the valve. You just need to open it and keep it open for a couple of minutes. During this time, the valve will release the pressure and this process will ensure the faucet is light to the touch and convenient to work with later on.

Step 3: Disconnect the water lines

This step might be more tricky than the previous steps. Using the adjustable wrench or Channel-lock pliers, disconnect the water supply lines gently to avoid any damage. These pliers will help to hold the water lines in the correct place. And pull them out line by line carefully with patience. If there are two lines, one for hot water and another for cold water, then disconnect both of them, particularly be careful about the hot water supply line.

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Disconnecting the water suppliers will reduce the water pressure and help you to remove the more easily. As you are using alternative tools then extra care is needed here. Take proper caution not to torture or damage any part of the water line or faucet.

Step 4: Get the faucet mounting screws and nuts out

Once you detached all the water lines, this is the most important step where you are going to remove the nuts and screws of a kitchen without a basin wrench. As you know, comes secured with many nuts, you have to remove the screws and nuts securing using a DIY tool and set them aside. These nuts are easy to find as they hold the faucet. A socket wrench is the best tool to remove the mounting nuts from the faucet. Connect the wrench to the screw and turn it counterclockwise to remove them one by one.

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Here you may need some grease to loosen up the joints of the nuts if they are tightly locked and not placed, or maintained properly for an extended period. Grease will help to free everything up instantly. You cal also use a screwdriver to remove the screws easily. Remove the nuts and screws once properly separated and secure them in a safe place to prevent losing them.

Step 5: Detach and remove the Hose

After completing all the above steps successfully, disconnect the hose from the sink and delicately pull out the faucet. If you can do this, Congrats, you are the winner! 

Clean the faucet and the sink and wipe it with a soft cloth. Inspect the faucet finely, if there is any defect or damage fix it first. Alternatively, you can purchase a new trendy for your kitchen, if the previous one is in bad condition. Luckily you can also reconnect your new with the same process discussed above.


Needless to say, no kitchen can function appropriately without its major part, the suitable. In this article, we have tried to cover all the information you need to consider while replacing. After reading this article we are sure that now you can comfortably remove it without the help of a basin wrench.  

After researching a lot and after proper justification, we have tried to explain all the easiest formulas to help you in this sector. Following this step-by-step guide above, you will definitely be successful in removing using classic equipment. These few steps will allow you to do this task like a professional. 

To wrap up, removing the kitchen faucet without a basin wrench is not very difficult. Just go through the steps one by one and see the effective results. Now it’s your turn to apply the formulas in practical life. Don’t forget to let us know how you have enjoyed doing it by yourself by leaving a comment below. Best of luck!

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