How to Organize Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

How to Organize Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

Nothing could be better than a kitchen with organized drawers and cabinets. But you should have good knowledge of how to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets, and we will discuss here throughout the writing. Like most of the kitchen your kitchen’s cabinet and drawer also have dishes, cookware, ingredients and more.

At the time of storing and organizing you should keep several things in mind such as easy access. To make your kitchen perfect place for cooking, eating and entertaining you should confirm the organization of kitchen drawers and cabinets smart and comfortable. You can go with groping item or string them near to complete confusing free cooking or serving kitchen task.

It seems hard to find from where you will start and choose which step should be following after one after another. To help, we are prepared quick guide to find out the best ways to organize your kitchen drawers and cabinets without making the entire process crucial for you.

How to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets

A fresh prospective and organized look can be ruined of an entire house easily by a clutter kitchen. People get confused even they are done this several times. With proper guideline this won’t be difficult anymore. Whether you are making nightly dinner or daily meal prep organized kitchen drawers and cabinets will help you as an experienced hand. So learn with us how to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets:

Take everything out

Start with emptying the kitchen cabinet and drawer respectively. Place the things on your countertop or table to reach them easily at the time of rearranging. Try to organize them each one type after another dividing into three piles such as- one for donating, one for garbage and one for keeping back to kitchen drawers and cabinets.

This step help you to get rid of  don’t use, missing part of things and broken items which will eat valuable space unnecessarily. Plus, through this time you can make difference what do you actually want and not. Donating extra things saves space in your tight kitchen cabinet and help someone who need this.

Spread liner for higher protection

Spread liner for higher protection

No matter you have wood or other material made kitchen cabinet to increase durability lining of cabinet and gripped shelf liner on the bottom of the drawer is a necessary step before any planing to rearrange your kitchen supplies. To ensure great stability to the base of the cabinet drawer to prevent falling and slipping the item of kitchen and protection from watery damage.

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We suggest using a sturdy beaded grip liner to avoid slippage and a ribbed shelf liner could be a great choice for pantry shelves where you usually store plates or dishes not required much grip and use frequently.

Wipe Down Cupboards as Well as Cabinets

With a moist fabric clean the dirt and crumbs out of them all the surface areas of nooks and crannies. If your closet, as well as cabinet, has any type of splatter or stubborn oil you need to try cozy water as well as recipe soap cleansing service to obtain the shiny effect. As a matter of fact, to remove substances stuck on rack surfaces do not be reluctant to use the all-purpose brush to scrub the cozy water and meal soap cleansing. After wiping down you should utilize a clean and also completely dry fabric to dry all the surface areas to prevent damages from added water.

Find a spot for everything

We have already said putting all things together by their types and functionality a wiser footprint in how to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets way. Up to your convenience of using figure out the best spot for things. Here you can keep your spatulas, whisk, measuring spoons and cups, kitchen towel and another thing individual drawer to make a sense to keep them in definite place.

Yet, keep this usual used thing close to the stove to reach them easily. As example store dishes close to the dishwasher to make the unloading process easier.

Consider consumable need

Consider consumable need

Relying on daily demands of consuming food make a section of shelves or cabinet just for food. To make quite certain at the time of locating them arrange this room by day-to-day palatable such as completely dry fruit, crackers, nuts and also more. Beside this make space for cooking needs like flour, sugar backing soft drink and so on. You can go will smart and also ans easy coordinator like careless Susan or turntable for easy to reach on containers.

Shop drawer organizer

When your kitchen have lots of thing and cabinet with less shelf and drawer you should consider drawer organizer while take the dimension of each wide, length and depth. These are comes with various sizes with dimension which fit you different drawer easily. Learn More How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs.

As example, roll out shelves  for extra deep lower cabinet which are available in kitchen organizing store with varied price and lots of storage space. With larger one you can make storage container and open topped basket to store group like items which won’t frustrate to keep organize kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Utensil holder and spice rack also played good role to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets without making clutter of the entire kitchen.

Labeling everything

Kitchen’s include drawers and cabinets lots of things and pick the right one even in hurry. Labeling each of container decrease the risk of potential mix of salt instead of sugar in your morning coffee. For your cupboard use chalkboard sticker to add detailing with expiration date.

Group clean supplies together and close

Kitchen is a place which becomes a messy very quick. You should store your cleaning supplies very close to your hand like under the sink from where you can access them easily. To make the organization united and efficient find out the expired and empty bottle and throw to free area.

Most important tips for how to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets

Group clean supplies together and close for kitchen

These tips help to make the entire process less complicating for you. Check out for your help.

  • Divide the entire kitchen per cooking, prepping, backing, washing and cleaning.
  • Find organizer which store things vertically.
  • Maximize your vertical space keep things tidy.
  • Try to stack pot and pan when you have multiple with same size
  • Separate daily used and frequently used items
  • Keep heavy item such as big plate and bowls on bottom shelves


Until you are not able to find reliable and effective ideas for how to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets, you could not move toward this confessional task. We do research on this topic and take interior designer help to keep the list of ideas short but efficient toward this problem especially when you do not want to make your kitchen drawers and cabinets complex per use of thing and kitchen or cabinet size.

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To tackle the task have tried to remove extra budget and the process time-consuming. Our this guide and additional tips helps you find small things like wine opener easy even not pulling single things of your cabinet and drawers.

Hopefully this post will be proven helpful in the long run to keep your kitchen’s cabinet and drawer organized.

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