How To Open a Locked Bedroom Door

How To Open a Locked Bedroom Door – The Ultimate Tips & Tricks

A locked bedroom door can make any parent feel uncomfortable. Let’s face it, our kids keep themselves locked in their houses for a reason. To get away from us. But the more time they spend there, the more we think. That’s why I’m here today – to help us all escape the ‘what if’ and reduce our stress levels. Whether your child locks his door, your teen has locked it. You just want to know how to open a locked bedroom door for an emergency. We just need to help you unlock and re-open that door easily.

Outline 3 keys to quickly open a locked door without breaking or damaging the glass. It will also include many ways for you. To open the locked and jammed to get back into the room as soon as possible. There are many reasons why we can all. At one time or another, lock ourselves out of the room. While you may think that only movies and television shows have taught you how to pick locks. This is a skill that has been around for years. If you see a locked door, you need a key. To open the lock you can understand right now. But if there is no lock on the door or the lock feels like.

What You Need to Follow This

Most adults have at least one locked door in their homes. For example, a locked bedroom door prevents people from entering your home or accessing your valuables. This guide can help you to see how to open a locked bedroom door. And to get back to your home quickly and easily. Knowing how the locking system works, open or lock a locked without damaging the door. The locking mechanism is the same in most doors, so this is true in almost all cases. You will need:

  •  Some types of pliers 
  • You need a phone.
  • A credit card,
  •  Pliers
  •  I need tape
  • Pieces of hard plastic
  • A knife
  • You have a flathead screwdriver

Take helping Credit Card for a Spring Lock

A common type of lock for bedroom doors is a spring lock. Upgraded to act as a double- lock by adding an extra spring lock on the other side of it. This allows the user to secure both sides without the need for a key. In case you put your keys in the wrong place. They are stolen if bolted to one side and already have a spring lock installed. You have a spring lock in your bedroom and want to unlock it without any damage.  Use a credit card or other flat tool to slide gently on the door latch by pushing on the spring latch. The card should slide under Lach’s lips as much as possible.

It should pop up gently to hold it with the tip of your finger. Users can pull it down and release the lock directly. Use a credit card to buy the second one. Or an ATM card to have a credit card logo. The card slider should have a granular edge closest to the logo for sharpness. Slide the credit card between the door and the frame as if you’re trying to open it. Then re-enter the space and move it up a bit to unlock it. So you can get out of the house and keep your kids from hiding in their house all night.

The Way to Open With a Knife:

There is no key and you do not want to break down the door. Here is a way to open it. There are several easy ways to open a door from the inside with a knife. Effective if someone is locked out or stuck in the room. There is no need to use a key for this procedure. It is highly effective in emergency situations. Please note that this method will only work with a door that does not have deadbolt hardware inside.

If the knife is thin and its edge is fine. But you can try it. Whether it is possible to change the lock on the other side of the door from the outside? If possible, you can switch locks.

Do-or-turn from outside. Pulling out a knife, start sliding the blade between the door and the frame. Pressing the tip of the blade against the latch mechanism. The blade should slide downwards to the floor and then upwards again. To get maximum pressure on the latch mechanism using as little force as possible. You can’t open your even after trying this method, to damage or break down you’re for escape.

Choosing The Lock

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a lock for your bedroom or study door. Typically, locks in such rooms are made to a high standard. This means things like AD, AB Standard, etc. Over the years, bedroom doors have been repeatedly broken down. This is because the locks used are not sufficient to protect the space and the interior. The lock you choose is deadbolt style with a throw bolt that is as wide as a locking bolt. This type of lock is most effective for bedroom doors.

However, a new piece of software has made it possible for anyone to lock almost any door with a smartphone. Even if that person has never seen or seen inside your home before. Trained to recommend the right type of lock and key as well as to install it properly. Our Stamford Locksmiths have all the tools. We need to run a key-cutting and fitting service so you know you’re safe.

Use Small Screwdriver

You have locked yourself out of your room and have no way to get back inside. To need to use a small screwdriver to open your bedroom door. The first step is to locate a small flathead screwdriver. One that works is to carefully open any lock with a small Phillips screwdriver. Just slip it and turn it back smoothly until the tumblers fall off. The door may not open immediately. Unless you pull the handle, it will come back slightly. You can use any of the pointed tools (like tweezers or paper clips). But I find that a Phillips screwdriver works best because of its width.

If you have copied a car key or similar device for this lock, insert the copied key. Opened by turning it counterclockwise. Although most people think that they can use Locksmith. Just remember how much it would cost to make and pick a lock. In rare cases, you may want to finish the job without involving them.

Remove The Hinges

Usually people with malicious intent. To keep them out of the way. Sometimes we get locked out of our own room because of things beyond our knowledge. When this happens you have to go back to your house. 

locked bedroom

This is out of the question because it will cost you money. probably run into big problems. If there is a simpler way to open the door of a locked bedroom than the usual method. Do you have to enter a room but the door is closed? A quick and easy solution is to remove the hinges. Remove the hinge pins using a drill.

Someone can break through a small hole in the door. Then using your hand, pull the bottom of the door to separate it from the upper hinge cover.

Examine The keys

To open the door of a locked bedroom, first, check the keys. Sometimes you can fit more than one key into the keyhole. This is because there is no standard lock. Each lock is different. The shape of the keyhole is oval or dot-shaped. Also, lines may appear around it. If multiple keys don’t work, don’t lose hope. If, while holding the key in the lock, removed and then in place, gently pull on the door after. All the levers are in place and not moving.

Pick The Lock

To pick up a bedroom door lock, remove the doorknob and replace it with a blank plate. A plate that has no holes for the doorknob to go through. Buy one from a hardware store. Working from outside the door, wrap one end of an adjustable tension wrench around the outer barrel of the lock. Hold the tool so that it loosens. You can easily slide it to the other side of the lock. Then take a piece of stiff wire, which is enough to extend from the hole in the door. To the interior of the bedroom. Thread it through the tool attached to the bottom of the knob.

You need to escape from someone’s bedroom. But you can’t find the key. How can you get out? All you need: is two paper clips, a bobby pin, a wire cutter, a small hammer, and a WD-40. Locking the door and spraying WD-40 on the lock, bend one of the paper clips into a “U” shape. Pre-lock using this “U” shaped paper clip and bobby pin. This will keep you from getting frustrated. Then, use another paper clip to reach inside. Press on the pins stuck with the spray. The door should open now.

Turn The Key in Both Directions

If you have your bedroom locked and the key is out, first turn the key in both directions. Once you turn the key in both directions, turn the knob and knock on the door. If the door does not open, do not try to force it. Take a sock from inside the room. Put one end of the sock on your face. Use a shoe to break the glass inside it. Once you’re done, carefully remove the broken pieces so you can’t cut yourself. Then set foot outside your room and scream for help.

Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Locksmiths are people who are experienced in working with different locks. Extensive knowledge about the importance of choosing the right lock for your door. They can also give you advice on how to secure the locks in your space. Different situations may require the skills of your professional locksmith. One is if a lock on your door breaks. Another is if you have lost the key to the lock or put it in the wrong place. The third is if you see signs of damage or forced entry into your home or business.

Due to the delicate nature of a lock pick job. It is advisable to get someone with training and experience in this field. Hire a locksmith who can get out of the site as soon as possible. No need to schedule in advance. So call whenever you need help

Lubricate The Lock

Many times the door closes due to a lack of lubrication in the lock. A leak lock or door can keep your house wet. it is impossible to open the door. Let’s watch how to open a locked bedroom door. Lubricate the lock. Using a cue tip or toothpick, apply a large amount of WD-40 (or similar lubricant) to the keyhole. Now insert the key and try to turn it slowly, but firmly. The key should start moving more freely. If not, here’s a new product just for you! Apply a little more lubricant and wait 30 minutes

The Scrubbing Method:

To enter your bedroom with the key, you will need to resort to Plan B. This is the scrubbing method and it is easy. All you need is two objects that are strong and inflexible. So that they can easily break the lock finger. You will have a latch on the door to fit the handle, it will have to raise the latch. First, make a handle. If none, use a dowel rod or even a broom. Take your rigid object. Especially a screwdriver or other such tool with a sharp edge. Rotate it vertically between the door handle and the jamb. Give it a good push and repeat it several times until you see it. 

open a locked bedroom door use pin

Pin Method:

The pin method is the fastest and most effective way to open a locked bedroom door. First, you need to find a small pin or paper clip. With one hand, turn the deadbolt counterclockwise to unlock it. Then, with your other hand, insert the straightened pin or paper clip into the small hole between the bolt. Press gently on this pin until you can see that it is bent at a 90-degree angle. Pull this pin while gently pressing the deadbolt with your free hand. The pin method is a type of lock picking that uses a set of picks. A combination of a tension wrench and rack tools, especially a half-diamond pick. In this technique, a small square metal barrel tension wrench. Inserted at an angle equal to the height of the pin above or below the key. Whose handle stays away from the person applying the force. The tip of this tension wrench is used to apply force individually by slightly rotating each pin.

Use a Hammer

Bedroom, a sanctuary where you can sleep peacefully. A room that holds all your treasures – photos, jewelry, and photos. Or it may just have a dress and a bed. However, sometimes it is necessary to enter while it is locked. You will not be able to reach the keyhole or slot through which you will try to insert the key. All right. This is where your hammer and physical strength come in handy.

One of the most popular methods is to use a hammer to break a hole in the side of a jammed door. This is one of the fastest. Be carefully placed next to the door. Not compatible with hinges or deadlocks but a little farther away so as not to hurt.  You break through the walls and enter another room. If you no longer use the hammer, it is a good idea to place a towel against the hammer before the process begins. The most important thing to remember is that every effort is different, and if you are lucky there is an object. That is hard enough to break the drywall.

Know When to Apply Force

When a door is stuck, nothing seems to help. You can try unplugging the lock to slip between the doors. The frame to try to move things again or use a butter knife or other metal tool. But it is often a futile endeavor, especially if the problem is a broken knuckle. In that case, you need to break the deadbolt and replace it with a new one. Most locks are called holding clips. Which protects the cylinder from slipping off the rear plate. The retaining clip is installed opposite the rear plate where the screws are located. This makes it really difficult to remove when a door is stuck. There is virtually no clearance for your screwdriver when accessing it.

Instead, insert a pin into a small hole in one end of the holding clip to press it, Then slide it enough to reach it with your screwdriver, and loosen both screws in the lock. You can then pull the deadbolt cylinder and replace it with another.

There are times when calling the police or simply opening the door from the inside. Sometimes kicking a door is really your only way to get back home. You do want to know when and how to apply force to open a locked door.


With a little knowledge and a few simple tools, you can enter a bedroom without knocking on the door. To be able to avoid unpleasant things like the landlord or your neighbors calling the police or worse. Remember it is never safe to break the lock. If you have no other choice, try to avoid doing this by using a credit card. To work the bolt back and forth. It is also important that you do not force the door open. Unless you do away with all other possibilities. If there are children or pets in the house, you need to take immediate action to prevent injury. To open a door with a lock, turn on the lock knob. If that doesn’t work, try entering the passcode using the electronic keypad.

We have examined the problems surrounding bedroom doors that are not unlocked and how to fix them. Take your time to examine the problem and work through each solution as thoroughly as possible. Though you are steadfast and take your time. Then you will find a way to open your bedroom by yourself. This article contains all the information you need to catch how to open a locked bedroom. These tips will help you save money, time, and labor in the long run. If you have trouble opening the door to a locked bedroom.

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