Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500

Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500

Only a well review can save your time and keep your investment safe on cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500. And we did this task on behalf of you help to find most profitable and stylish match. When you want to bring a coherent look in your bedroom mismatched piece of bedroom furniture individual pieces won’t beautiful for various color and style, and you need to right bedroom set making the space relaxing.

If you can choose bedroom  furniture set which won’t make your room sloppy rather turn your bedroom peaceful and well organized with some cozier height for lamp and easy access of dresser’s drawer and supporting height of bed. On the contrary, other available features like material, color, style and finish of the bedroom furniture set.

Keep the budge inexpensive  like under $500 you will get fewer items- bed, a nightstand or small size dresser, but we attached similar choice for further shopping.

Over All Best

The smith couple distressed wood furniture

The smith couple distressed wood furniture

Budget Friendly

Home Square 4-piece bedroom set

Best Stylish

South Shore Maddox bedroom set

1. Cheap bedroom Furniture Full Size Bed – Bedroom Furniture also Set Distressed Wood King

Cheap bedroom Furniture Full Size Bed

Firstly, the smith couple bedroom furniture set have distressed Shiplap wood effect in king queen or full-size bed along with 84 x 78x 82 inch item dimension and 112 pound weight. Here, the  night stand and dresser and nightstand, Chester long dresser and mirror are available. It also puts together in this could be buying separately. Made out of real wood and MDF ensure durability.


The product itself is beautiful than your expectation. For your farm house inspired bedroom this piece could be the centerpiece with its sizable panel  headboard and two toned color palettes.


This made from solid and engineered wood with natural wood also grain, And darker brown hues on the ending around the headboard and footboard being low maintained and long lasted.


Firstly, this is designed with low profile footboard rest on two tapered dowel feet to add a modern touch to this rustic design piece. And also this bed has center legs that provide additional support for functional purpose.

Easy to Assemble: 

The bed is pretty easy to put together though this bed required fully assembly. So, You need to buy separately a box of spring ang mattress separately from here or others.

Great Customer Service:

This pretty and sturdy set also have satisfying customer service which build after purchasing their product.

Pros And Cons Of This Item


Affordable Price: The price is amazing for such high-quality bedroom furniture sets.

Easy Read Instruction: Assembly is pretty easy and time saving by flowing instruction.

Finish:  With fine and elegant finish this cloud be most eye catchy centerpiece for your space.

Design: Absolute beautiful set with simple and clean design  for farmhouse and vintage inspired bedroom.


The box of spring and mattress won’t come with this set which require to purchase separately.

2. South Shore Maddox Dresser with Chest and Nightstand Set

South Shore Gramercy

If you are a black lover South Shore Maddox dresser set will impress you along with chest and nightstand. To require of contemporary style these have black finish type and wood material construction. Therefore, bring nice vintage look this has elegant metal handles in a brushed nickel finish. Easy to clean with damp cloths and 5 practical drawers making the purchase functional for your bedroom storage need.


To enforced elegant design of this bed set metal handle in a brushed nickel finish with the decorative kick plate and Sleek lines for a contemporary style.

Convenient to Use:

This set featured 6 drawers in dresser and 5 in chest with drawer slides made of polymer. To provide safety latch and dampers in daily use.


Nothing could be satisfying when Cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500 comes with a good warranty service. Each of this piece have 5 years of warranty to keep your investment safe.

Fully Assembled:

Most of the furniture required manual assembly which makes you annoyed. But with this set you won’t feel this while this come fully assembled. Simply place this out of packaging.

Easy Cleaning:

You can take care of your favorite furniture without facing any hassle rather clean with a damp cloth.

Complement for Your Decor:

6 drawer double dresser, 5 drawer chest and 1 rawer nightstand have timeless look with black finish. It will also blend perfectly any trendiest decor.

Pros and Cons of This Set


Durable and Stylish: Even after cheap price tag you do not need to compromise quality and style of this absolutely high quality and beautiful bedroom set also.

Storage Space: Maintaining perfect storage in your bedroom could be difficult. Then this set you will get sufficient space to store various item with different sizes of  drawer.

Customer Service: manufacturer ensure best customer service against any defect at the shipping time or latter.


For wooden material construction the box of this item will be heavy. So, It arrives make sure your friends or other family member is here to help you to carry this.

3. Double Dresser and Two Nightstands – Home Square 3 – Piece Bedroom Set

Double Dresser and Two Nightstands

If you are searching quite simple and budget friendly bedroom furniture set our recommendation is Home Square 3-piece bedroom set included one 8 drawers double dresser and two nightstands following Scandinavian style. This set is made in Denmark and certified by ISTA 3A for its satisfying quality. Therefore, the white will make it complement for any décor from modern to classical.

Size and weight: This beautiful 3 pieces of set have an 8 drawer double dresser with 32.25” H x 55” W x 15.75” D with 115 IBS and 2 drawer nightstands with 16.65” H x 15.85” D x 15.75” W and 24.91 IBS weight.

Material And Quality:

This high-quality set have solid construction from engineered wood, drawers with metal runners. Modern silver color bar handles to give superior durability and pure Scandinavian look and design also.

Multipurpose Uses:

These are incredible to handy for storing various sizes of things in your small bedroom with extra depth of drawers.


With the Scandinavian look and design this set of furniture pieces could be great addition for contemporary or modern style of bedroom.


These are made in Denmark with solid wood material and foil surface bedroom furniture pieces and that’s makes easy to cleaning and maintaining even after’s years of use. So, Simply wipe the surface with damp clean cloth.

Pros And Cons of This Item


Storage Solution: Make your home well organized also with 8 wide drawers to keep sweaters, line. blanket in the unique dresser depth. Match any décor” finish to design of this set match variety of décor style while the streamlined hardware and round fit of the nightstands gives simple chic feel taking minimal space.

Easy Assembly: It comes with assembly manual and all necessary pieces of hardware and fasteners. Plus component are pre-drilled and pre-cut to make easy the process of assembly.

Safe and Dependable: These have ISTA 3A certification and premium quality material construction to goes yeas of use within cheapest furniture  shopping. So, Being the drawers half way opening this won’t occur in an accident.


The drawer only open half way which makes it less difficult to store oversize things.

4. Home Square 4- Piece Bedroom Set with Dresser, Bed

Bedroom Set with Dresser

Another suggestion from Home Square which have 4-piece bedroom set including dresser, bed and set of 2 nightstands. You have finish choice for this set as gray oak and weathered oak to get the exact you need for your room décor. Do not hesitate to buy this set which can make your high traffic area like bedroom clutter-free and budget friendly entire room decoration. While the nightstands keeps bedside necessaries at bay for easy access.

Product dimensions: With the 53.5” H x  32.5” W x 16.5” the dresser have 6 drawers, 23.23” H x 21.06” W x 16.48” D 2 piece nightstands and 80” x60.1” x 14 inch Queen Platform bed.


The set is made in North America used non-toxic laminated particleboard not sold oak or anything. And the top surface is laminated to allow best support. So, this don’t have chemical smell to bother you.


To give unique look full Queen platform bed have profiled shape at the bottom of the drawer to open this without accessing the handle, On the contrary, metal drawer slides and cut out handles at the top of the drawer makes is practical.

Finish Over the laminated particle board this set have weathered oak finish which finally allow elegant look for the entire room overlook. With various style and color upholstery this goes seamlessly.

Easy Access Storage: 

If you have small bedroom this set provide lots of easy storage like night hand have open storage space and a drawer, practicle drawer at the end of bed and 6 depth spacier drawers in dresser.

Pros And Cons Of This Item


Easy Assemble: Each piece is relatively easy to put together, but this requires 2 adult to complete the assembly task following the manual instruction.

Weight Capacity: This beautiful bed can support a total weight of up to 500 IBS which can accommodate 3 adult people comfortable.

Reliability: As this set will be pretty heavy and the packaging tested and certified to reduce the risk of damage during shipment which make sure well conditioned shipping.


Accessories of the furniture is not included, and the nightstands are not very wider and large so check rightly the size before confirm order.

5. Home Square 3 Piece Bedroom Set – 6- Drawer Double Dresser and Two Night Stands

Home Square 3 Piece Bedroom

Here is the ideal cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500 with 3 pieces from Home Square with black wood materials for 6 drawer double dresser and two nightstands. With black finish this set is more beautiful when it blended with contemporary style of these furniture pieces. This price this furniture is nicer than your expectation. These can offer storage space for bulky items too.


Double 6 drawer dresser comes with 19.75″ H x 16″ W x 19.5″ D and 2 night stands have 28″ H x 60.5″ W x 19.7″ D product dimensions which could be handy to small bedroom.


This set is required to assemble and that won’t be difficult for you if you have another one to help you in this task.


This has foil surface which can be cleaned with only damp clean cloth easily.


This set is made in Denmark. And therefore, these are made from PEFC certified sustainable wood to make sure long-lasting performance for years.


Design and appearance of this bedroom furniture set makes it worthy of money. To reinforce the contemporary style of each piece have simple look with black finish.

Customer Service:

Like others set the manufacturer also provide best customer service after purchasing and shipping time.

Pros And Cons of This Set


Compactness: From products dimension you have found that this set won’t take lots of your floor space and won’t make your moving difficult.

Functionality: With practical and easy accessible drawer in dresser and 2 nightstands these great for small bedroom rather able to provide good number of space to store heavy clothing and so on.

Quality: These items have ISTA 3A Certification to make dependable for their customer for premium quality material and expert maneuver.


Assembly instruction of the set is not well-read, and you may need to  understand properly before moving to the main task.

6. 6 Drawer Double Dresser and 2 Nightstands Bedroom Furniture Set

Bedroom Furniture Set in Soft Gray

For you small bedroom firstly furniture decor simplicity always being impressive. And Home square 6 drawer double dresser and 2 nightstands set  with most trendy soft gray finish to bring eclectic look with a combination of different colors of bedroom and styles. Secondly, To ensure better safety each of the  drawer slides designed with stop and dampers. Assembly with included instruction and cleaning of this set pretty easy with damp soft cloth also.

Size And Weight :

The 6 drawer double dresser comes with 23.26” H x 21.25” W x 17” D product dimension with 123 Ibs and 32.5” H x 59.25” W x 17’D  1 Drawer night stand with 58Ibs.

Material and Finish:

Better quality and soft gray elegant finish helps match these pieces with any décor with combining dazzling color or more classic picks. These are pretty durable with wood construction.

Storage Solution:

This trendy drawer double dresser is reliable furniture piece is your bedroom to store various sizes things cloths to blankets. Being sleek it won’t block lots of space of your small bedroom.

Various Functionality:

Not only for bedroom decoration these pieces but also living room and reading room with its simple yet elegant appearance.


This set has slim and modern look with trendy finish to provide most updated arrangement in your space.

Pros and Cons  of This Set


Well-made and stylish: Attractive addition to any modern space which fits nicely with different furniture pieces. Durability of these comes from solid construction. Metal knobs and long-lasting finish makes this durable.

Cost-effective: Manufacturer did not compromise with its quality of material and craftsmanship rather keeping this affordable for everyone.

Easy Assembly: This set comes with easy read instruction for their customer to put together this without making the entire process critical and time-consuming.


This set is not larger rather compact and offers standard space to store things. So this won’t be the right choice for larger are.

7. Home Square 3 Piece Dresser and 2 Nightstands Bedroom Set

Nightstands Bedroom Set

Firstly, If you are one of them who wants to things for bedroom light weight and durable Home Square Versa 3 piece dresser and 2 nightstands comes first which have laminated particleboard and metal frame materials. With square shape, winter oak finish and metal handle makes this set long-lasting to go years of uses. So, this provides you enough space to store cloth, books, blanket and other necessarily item of bedroom or living room.

Timeless Look:

The set have great look with classic lines and curved click plates to give unique and trendy look always. The sleek and clean strait easily match any decor of  your room.

Easy To Use:

This 2 bedroom set comes with smart glide drawer slides to make sure smooth gliding motion and metal handle helps to easy access your stuffs.

Material and Finish:

Over laminated particleboard while finish makes this elegant with any color of bedroom furniture pieces.

Storage Space:

The nightstand featured on drawer and an open compartment, on the contrary 6 drawers on the dress offers ample storage for storing lots of bedroom accessories.

Neutral style: This has classic, netral appearance with metal handle to add character and will be complement whether you are placing this any corner od center of your bedroom.

Pros And Cons of This Set


Value of the money: Not only this set is beautiful but also reasonable price for good quality of furniture pieces. Having particle board construction won’t disappoint you.

Choices to Place: As a sign of luxury and convenience this this also be ideal addition for living room, reading room beside bedroom without bothering the matter that this it men’s  or women room.

Perfect Sizing: 6 drawer dresser have : 32.75″ H x 59.25″ W x 17″ D dimension with 106 lbs while each drawer have 25.5″ W x 14.25″ D. And nightstand have 23.25″ H x 21.25″ W x 17″ D with 33lbs beside 15.5″ W x 14″ D drawer.

Reliable Customer Service: Like other items of Home Square these also bake with customer satisfying service once you have purchased this.

8. Home Square 4 Drawer Chest and 2 Drawer Nightstands

This not last, but the least item for cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500 from 3-piece set Home Square 4 drawer chest and 2 drawer nightstands in alloy steel finish. To match your any room style from  modern easily cohesive ambience it has contemporary design. Being engineered wood these pieces are very durable more than your expectation. As a beautiful  piece this have modern plastic silver color bar handle to make easy to use.

Ample storage space: This set has 4 drawers in chest and 2 drawers in nightstand provide good number of space to store things guest linens to daily entryway necessities of your bedroom needs.

Durable Construction:

The entire construction of the set feels to your safe to investment. Manufacturer has chosen engineered wood, steel bracket and plastic silver color bar handles.

Convenience Drawer System:

For the four drawer steel brackets add support to the bottom of the drawer for smooth access and modern plastic silver color bar .Each of the drawer have unique depth regard this ideal addition for your bedroom.

Style and Finish:

The 4 drawer chest in truffle slender and sleek have space-saving alternative of larger dresser. For bedroom, living room and entryways this looks elegant addition boldly with alloy steel furniture finish.

Easy to Assemble:

This set comes with an assembly manual and all necessary hardware and fasteners. Moreover, plus, the components are pre-drilled and pre-cut  ready to make the assembly process easier for anyone.

Quality and Guarantee:

These products are made in Denmark with reliable wood choice to maintain quality of them.

Pros and Cons of The Product 


Timeless Look: This set of bedroom designed with Scandinavian look and design provide you every time clutter-free room decor. In nightstand streamlined metal hardware and round feet give the Austin line to keep simple look. So, Streamlined metal hardware and round feet give the Austin line its simple chic feel

Safe and Reliable: Steel bracket add support to the bottom and drawer retreat smoothly on metal glides with build in safety stops won’t let you down to access this.


 These set is not good-looking for larger room and suggested number of people assembly is 2.

9. 3-Piece Bedroom Set 8 Drawer Double Dresser and Two Nightstands

Double Dresser and Two Nightstands

Who do not want to ensure cleaner look for his\her small bedroom? Sometimes this task being very difficult but 8 wide drawers dresser a 2 drawers nightstand from Home square will make the easy easily. Therefore, These pieces are made from engineered wood and useful to store sweater, lines blanket and other heavy cloth on 8 drawers of dresser and nightstands drawer for small necessary items. So, These are very easy, use and assemble in your different needs of every day.

Made From Durable Materials: 

To build these furniture pieces manufacturer use good quality particle board materials which help to go years without tension of breaking or shaky.

Size And Weight: 

This set of bedroom furniture is designed for small bedroom or living room with 32.25″ H x 55″ W x 15.75″ D and 16.65″ H x 15.85″ D x 15.75″ W for dresser and nightstands 115 and 24.91 lbs weight.

Safe And Durable: 

This product is make in Denmark and have ISTA 3A certification to be worthy of your trust and investment. The drawers only open half, so it doesn’t tip over and regard safe for your kid.

Appearance And Design: 

This elegant set have white finish with contemporary style and Scandinavian look to math any style of home and be complimented.

Low Maintenance:

This sett of bedroom do not required lots of effort to clean and maintain them thoroughly rather with with a damp cloth you can clean the foil surface of dresser and nightstands.

Pros and Cons of This Product 


Reasonable Price: Among thousands of cheap bedroom furniture set this is great choice with  good quality maintained set even with affordable price tag.

Easy Assembly: The packages includes assembly manual and all necessary hardware and fasteners with predrilled and precut component to make easy to assembly steps.

Convenient Use: Dresser featured with 8 wide drawer and nightstands have 2 drawers and access them effortlessly drawers have metal runners and modern color silver bar handles.


The drawer opens only half way which also provide safety features but makes it uneasy to put large things in drawers.

10. Home Square 3 Piece Bedroom Set

Home Square 3 Piece Bedroom Set

Firstly, We are at the very end of our review of cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500 and trying to introduce a set of 3 pieces of bedroom furniture including 5 drawer chest,6 drawer double dresser and 2 drawer nightstands. Secondly, For sleek and modern look this set is inoperable with ample storage space. Thirdly, This has most demanded coffee finish and durable wood construction to be long-lasting furniture pieces and decorative addition for your bedroom.

Product Dimensions:

Overall dimension of the chest: dresser and nightstand is : 44.25″ H x 30.25″ W x 19.5″ D :28″ H x 60.5″ W x 19.5″ D :19.75″ H x 16″ W x 19.5″ D which fits easily on small bedroom.

Provide Ample Storage Space:

Combination of chest and dresser in this set allow ample storage space to keep your belonging organized from bulky items to small accessories.

Look And Design:

This set has contemporary style with simple modern look to make the choice of furniture complement for traditional to modern style of bedroom.

Material And Finish:

This set is made in Denmark from PEFC certified sustainable wood which make sure loge lasting service more than your expectation.

Certified by ISTA 3A :

To keep your investment safe  and satisfying the product faced ISTA 3A test and being certified by them.

Pros and Cons of This Product


Match any décor: Whatever your theme of house and bedroom this set with go with them boldly with their sleek and modern look.

Carefree maintaining: The high quality finish of this set helps to clean water and make this  scratch and stain resistant. You can clean this set with only damp cloth,

Easy to Use: This bedroom set is designed with metal drawer glides and clean drawer interiors for smooth movement of each drawer.


Though this set comes with assembly instruction but could be difficult if you have no previous experience to doing this DIY.

Buying Guide of Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500

Firstly, If you don’t reach your decision to buy cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500 even after reading our top pick you must need to have a look which make you more confident to find the best out of the best of collections. So, to remove your confusion we have attached detailed  which save your time.


Without knowing the bedroom size you could not determine which actually you need. As example which size of bed you fit your bedroom king or queen size or overall size for placing dresser and nightstand. So measure the size of your bedroom and divide the space to be accurate to purchase and decor with them. One more thing is that choose the practical  furniture size not only for decorative purpose.

Number of pieces

Therefore, our title we mentioned cheap bedroom furniture sets you should consider the number of the pieces in a set where you have lots of choice up to manufacturer selection. Luckily, the bedroom furniture set are pretty flexible those come with at least two pieces  like bed and a single nightstand to offer you needed pieces for your room size.


Before you are making any decision you must finalize style which related to your picked theme of your room and rest of the furniture. There are lots of choice style which are also popular options for bedroom furniture set. In this list modern, English, French, antique and transitional could you consider for your next buy. Though these are not you can pick rather if you have time and patience check out the countless variation available on the market to grab the nicer one.


Weight of the bedroom furniture sets relates to delivery issue as these are incredibly heavy and make sure being delivered to your door before shopping anything. If you need to pick this set from alternative delivery point call strong friends to pick up then load and unload them in your bedroom without being hurt and damaged the arrival pieces.

Easy of Assembly

Most of the bedroom furniture sets  required assembly. In this case take friends. To help each big and heavy part of the furniture sets while bolts are driven. Connections are tightened. Rather you can hire service to assemble the furniture. Each of the cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500 in our pick list comes with instruction to make the process of assemble if  you have a helping hand.


Usually for reliable bedroom furniture sets hardwoods. As material’s most dominating option .Sometimes for tight budget softwoods also used, but this won’t go without cracking or breaking. From hardwood choice walnut, cherry, tropical, cherry could be durable and long-lasting with low maintenance.


What types of wood you have chosen the color of  wood,  yet painted one have another creative look. There are various color option light as white color to dark whether it comes from wood finish. Painting. Without determining color you can not find the best match. For your bedroom or else. People who picked softwood pieces preferred painted one. To make this long-lasting and keep real wood neural for their royal finish.

Safety Features

When you are picking nightstands and dresser drawer lining is a most important factor you should consider.. Through these feature making the item more expensive but makes this functional.On the contrary,headboard padding or headboard shelving creates convenience to use this in your comfortable bedroom.Dresser with mirror is the sign of elegance but in some cases it can be proved less durable for shaking or losing the connection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500

Here are some relevant FAQs for cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500 to help find and use them confidently. So, you shout check out them spending minute to learn important info about this matter.

What usually comes with cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500?

A bedroom set includes basically a bed,dresser ,nightstand when you have a tight budget like  under $500 but for the expanded set multiple nightstands,chest of drawers,bench,mirror and lamp.Different manufacturer choose set per their budget and customer demand.From our top list you can purchase various set with your preferred pieces.

Which materials makes the best quality bedroom set?

We have already said in buying guide that solid wood is considered most reliable material  the best quality bedroom set which are available in the market.Of course, you do not want to invest on flimsy quality bedroom set  rather long term.On the contrary MDF and particle board pieces are are less long-lasting than solid woods one.

What style of bedroom furniture sets  should you choose?

Like others, you also want to buy unique pieces for your bedroom .There are two rules which can you follow such as follows similar in style. To create a cohesive and unified look throughout the house or different style to highlight various theme of your room.The market is full of modern, traditional, traditional, country, casual, eclectic from where you can easily choose your favorite style.But some style of the  bedroom furniture sets  easily match any decor like Scandinavian or contemporary for bedroom,entryways,reading or living room.

Can you put together bedroom furniture sets by yourself?

Yes,you can do  put together bedroom furniture sets by yourself. Following instruction of the manufacturer. But we recommended taking help. Therefore, To your friend as most of the bedroom pieces are heavy. Most of the piece comes with pre-drilled. Pre-cut which makes the rest of the process of assembly easy, safe and time saving. Even after you do not want to assemble this as a DIY work call the professional to do this smoothly.


When you have determined the budget like Cheap bedroom furniture sets under $500.  Therefore, finding the right set with durability, Stylish and ample of storage being difficult for anyone. And we have been investing our time to save your time and make you’re investing on good product go through. A comparative studies on various number of set and brands and finally made the top list. So, It has 10 best choice to narrow your selection list.

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