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How to Keep Your Room Clean and Organized

A truly organized and functional bedroom requires good planing to move without making clutter. Our guideline on how to keep your room clean and organized. Covering every inch of your bedroom including the wall and under bed space. Whether your bedroom is larger or too small these basic organizing tip bring pretty decor.

All the information to keep your room clean and organized quite common in your eyes. You have doing every day’s or frequently but doing them with step by step saves your time and energy. Each of the ideas finally offer the clean and organized bedroom. While a messy room impact on your mind’s state you can choose various steps for your convenience to your place.

Of course, you will be benefited with our article with versatile ideas for both small and large size of bedroom which will need hours searching in internet. But we did all this on behalf of you as you can apply this for your kitchen with only comparing up to your preference and place.

How to keep your bedroom clean and organized

How to keep your bedroom clean and organized

Before moving toward organizing your bedroom make sure proper cleaning of the space. You should make a plan from where to start your cleaning task which takes less time without planned. So think about the most irritating thing in your bedroom and start from there. So, Here are the well researched and practical information to help you effectively. Have a fast look to make the process accurate.

Store cloth properly

We are pointing this very first while more or less we are all drowning in this clutter of cloth. It is very common to have pile or dirty or clean cloth corner of the room or bed, closet and basket of the room. At first, collect then and make difference on cleaning, wearing period and accessing state of store place. This clean process take only 10 mins or more.

Dump cloth on bed is disgusting and common scene in bedroom. Before doing anything put all then laundry, When you have completed the dryer task clean and organized of your bedroom is pretty easy.

If there are clean cloths hanging in your closet, wardrobe or folded on the shelves you should organize your cloth.Make sure you are choosing storage up to wearing season, color and cloth types. It also helps to reach the right cloth without clutter the entire closet or wardrobe. As tips, you can add shelves, rod or storage box to make more space things stack into them.

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To get rid of unclean bedroom de-cluttering is an essential step. Then, you should make selection among the needed or not clothing depending on your use. For spotless bedroom you should have great control con your closet cloth organization.Cloths which are unnecessarily donate them who needs them this provides more space for new cloths and shoes storing. When you’re organizing your bedroom closet be careful to pick up them per your day’s outfit to help you tackle the issue of every day clothing and shoes required. So, With marking these won’t create much clutter in the hurry of busy morning.

Purchase under bed storage

Purchase under bed storage

Under the bed storage is most popular and clean storage for easy access and invisibility. However, Here you can store different type of things like extra bed sheet, books, shoes, blanket and others. You will go with rolling storage container to keep thing organized under the bed vehicle. You need also not leave the valuable freed space of your bedroom.

Go with DIY closet divider 

Furthermore, making of DIY  divider can maximize your closet space if you have bare closet for shoes or clothing with different shelves and sections. Finally, to create hanging space you can install a pole or rod to keep cloth in good condition and easy to reach them.

Place a hamper for dirty cloth

You should not forget about the dirty cloth which you cloud not wash in these days. So, make a place for dirty clothes with a hamper either in the closet, near the closet or next to the closet. To help to contain the dirty cloth with spill out all over your bedroom. You can also choose this hamper with basic one or matching one with your bedroom.

Arrange books and other handy items

Your bedroom is not all about bed and closet or wardrobe like rather have personal hygienic item and so on which are being used throughout the day and night. Books is one of them if you are organizing your kid’s or book reader family member bedroom. You should place those things o the right careful to organize them per your daily or occasionally demand. Classified placement help to them easily and lessen the possibilities to loss them in next time use.

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As example, you can organize your book on reading habit of regular basis, category, alphabetical order and priority list, make a habit of restore the things where it belongs rather throwing them on bed or table and use or read. It could be your makeup item or other accessories. It needs to store in a box of your closet finally. You should remove things which are undesirable, empty and broken things in your closet. Put together less or unused thing to store under your bed or a linen closed beside your mirror.

Organize table area

Whether it is adult, kit or teenager bedroom you will find, computer, video games or entertainment systems. Start with cleaning them and organize them with putting their case back, rolling the wires or putting all the pieces of equipment away.

However, the main thing is arranged the desk with notebooks, text books, writing appliances or others into the drawer or corner of the table. Make sure you have removed all the unnecessarily things which actually you use or need on your table to keep the place clutter-free and more productive even you have small size desk.

Clean the food residue

Clean the food residue

Sometimes we are spending time in chatting, studying or video games playing with our friend in bedroom while eating of favorite dish like pizza, sandwich pop corn on bed or study table. As a result, their  leftover, packet or used tissue attract flies, bug and small rodents and ruin the entire atmosphere of your living room. This habit creates string when these dirty food had on garbage container or trash. Then, Clear out the container properly at the time of throwing out of your place in daily routine cleaning. Find a small and matching trash can with fit with nightstand.

Deep cleaning is step which offer nice and sparkle bedroom. For deep cleaning sweep and mob when you have tiled and wood floor and vacuum the floor with carpet. We suggest wiping don the surfaces for dust and residues with a damp cloth and some all-purpose cleaner. If you have enough time you can make DIY cleaner with good smelling and safe ingredient with taking help from YouTube.

Make your bed

Among the daily room maintenance tasks making bed comes first which give neater look for your bedroom. To make the feel of fresh and instant cleaning look this is the simplest step. It also needs only 2-5 mins in starting day off right. If you want to bring instantly cleaned and organized look making the bed step will be motivating for yourself.

After completing your morning routine shower, brushing teeth and more. So, now go through pull the cover-up, put the comforter in place, fluff the pillows and end up the making bed process. And also clean your shower screen regularly.

Hang an artwork on the wall

To create a focal point in your small or larger bedroom putting an artwork on the wall is a smart way. For streamlined look in small bedroom this will catch anyone attention easily.

Installing floating shelves on corner

Floating shelves are handy addition whether it is small or large kitchen living room or bedroom to make more space to store thing which are convenience to access. We are suggested to go with floating shelves on corner are of bedroom. It won’t take up virtually no space yet sleek solution for storing book, picture frame, personal accessories and greenery plant also on the purpose of show off and practical storage space.

Consider vintage hooks

Some accessories like scarp and belt can lose easily, vintage hooks to an old hanger to hold all these stuff rightly. For extra storage you can pick a homemade belt holder which can slides into the closet to essay access.

Choose clutter-free night table

You should pick night table which are able to meet you lighting need and grate storage space for professional organizer and daily used clothing without taking lots of space. A slim night table with lots of drawers is great for a tight place.

Add a rack to store blanket

If you have multiple blanket with different size storing them must be hassle for you. Sometimes you throw them on the floor which seems messy and disorganized in your room. To find solution of storing blanket buy a rack per your space and number of blanket. 

Store pillows in basket

In the bedroom you will find various types of pillows to sure utmost comfort in your bed. Several there are several decorative pillows which are not appropriate  for comfortable sleeping and needs to store to free the bed. In this purpose you should use a basket. You can choose various materials, size and designs which match your room decor most.

Place an over hanging shoe rack or clear accessories

Place an over hanging shoe rack or clear accessories

Tacking of coupe of pairs of shoes in your bedroom is not easy. There are lots of mess and dirty with shoes. With lots of pocket you can save floor space with store a good number of shoes or other accessories which need to store. These are available with various length and prices to meet your requirements.

Pick a window bench with more drawer

A window bench is a great choice for different style of bedroom theme. These furniture pieces offers dual-purpose such storage and sitting option side by side. You can make these things with customize style for your place. These could be good choice for living room or bedroom as versatile furniture.


At the end of discussion of how to keep your bedroom clean and organized you have lots of choices. Throughout the writing we will put together all the unique ideas from cleaning the room to decorate furniture or buying new things for storing items.

No matter you have small and odd type of bedroom and this guide fit your demand and make the rest of the process easy and quicker. With this information and innovative ideas you could not go any wrong direction even you have less knowledge about the entire process.

Thus, follow our instruction and even after you have question leave them in comment sections.

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