How to Decorate Dining Room Shelves

How to Decorate Dining Room Shelves

One of the most challenging things is decorating dining room shelves with functionality and eye catchy. Usually your dining room have build in shelves or floating. You should have known very well. You need to keep to know how to Decorate Dining Room Shelves. A dining room is not all about serving an eating food rather a place to spend quality time with near and dear ones.

As entertainment and celebrating spot for different important events dining place to require well and clean. Decorating to access thing easily and shows the accessories what actually you want. We know this task seems simple not really, but few key consideration makes the dining room shelves perfectly decorated. Even these ideas allows several changing style with central pieces even in different season.

From a good number of research we put together these ideas. It is not required large investment of time and patience rather simple tricks. Addition of fewer decoration piece you can bring elegance instantly. To break the monotony framed picture, frut basket or placing fruit basket can the decoration interesting all of these. We have considered giving you a straightforward guideline on how to decorate dining room shelves.

How to Decorate Dining Room Shelves

 Decorate Dining Room Shelves

Even you could not think that small thing’s placement can change the entire look of your dining room shelves. For different celebration you can update per lighting and theme. You may set your favorite decoration. If you know several tricks , won’t seem hassle every time. Shine your dining room shelves brightly by yourself by following our steps.

Step -1: Clear off all the things

We suggest starting with blank state when you are trying to figure out how to decorate dining room or others shelves. Clear off all the things which helps to divide your shelves into section before staring anything. To give a new-look decorating around them this plan works efficiently figuring out how to decorate.

While one huge blank space help you to set mind trick making the process of decorate dining room shelves less irritating. Depending on your shelves space and things to decorate from top to bottom.

Step -2: Create visual balance

You cannot deny the visual balance at the time of decorating dining room shelves It influences on the overall design no matter you are panning for single wall shelves or separate floating one. While a balance design feels comfortable and an unbalanced design feels chaotic for any decor type. Usually, the visual balance did not mean only the size of objects.It rather their shape and color also impacted on the location of them.

Creating triangle angle is a well known designer technique which allows eye pleasing and great balance on shelf decor. You can choose your own styling as while objects on each sheep in a triangle pattern while silver or blue can line between green or silver. Without compromising looked pleasing with objects placing make such imaginary line where group and spread of things done by layers and colors of them.

Step -3 : Make it functional

In the way of making welcoming dining room you should think to place at least one center about good food displaying which are beautiful and useful as color coordinated jar of dry goods like beans, pasta, spices and oats or arrange a fresh fruit bowl. Here as a decorative space create a dedicated cookbook and bookends shelf to show up your collection and taste.

Choose a shelf for baking kits and drink station with decorative and essential wine and liquor bottles with your collected elegant glassware. If you have floating shelve or build in dining room shelves these ideas could applieto both of them as a personalized culinary theme makes everything easily accessible and nicely displayed.

Step -4: Add accent pieces

If you want to bring more colorful shade with decorate dining room shelves consider wall which can enrich  the final look of the entire place. You can choose a series of two or three matching works above your shelves or hang a bold artwork centered position over the shelf. Beside these hang a mirror to the side or above the shelf which instantly open up the space and reflects the lights to brighten up even you have odd space and insufficiency of needed lighting.

On the contrary, accent light adds warmth of art with dining room shelves whatever style and design you’re picked. Even painting of the wall and shelf can be impacted while you can balance with contrasting or matching look per your decor need and preference.

Step -5: Position things rightly

Of course your shelf have the various number of shelves and need to style each of them varied themed with balance of heights, layered texture and grouping of the object we have already said to you. As example stacking books can make fantastic perches for meaningful object you want to keep in focal point and frames layered in front of vases to add interest can be a principle to decorate dining room shelves.

You will find a perfectly styled shelves by stacked books, item on top, leaned objects in front and layered a variety of textures and colors to help you explore visual triangles and groping of the object correctly. Even you are grouping books organize them by size, colour and stacking books vertically and horizontally with a balance. When it comes to beautify dining room shelves adding framed artwork, photos and other decorative objects is compulsory to add.

Step -6: Take advantage of basket

There is no doubt basket are functional in your dining room, but these also could handy to decorate dining room shelves. You can hide and ugly and unnecessary thing which can make the shelf clutter. For any open shelves’ basket are efficient storage not only for dishes of spoons rather books.

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You can choose an attractive and simple color palette basket to store things by groping inside them. And a paper covered or fabric magazine holder can hide cookbook or deep trays, as well as basket, contain napkin to spoon organizer in your well decorated kitchen shelf.

Step -7: Keep things simple yet unique

The rule of thumb is making function decor with eye pleasing. To do this keep plenty of baskets on lower shelves with necessities to accesses them in need. Baskets, boxes and other container good items to create repetition on shelves for visual impact.

Step -8: Include greenery and sculpture objects

Nothing can beat the freshness of a couple of plants. Like blossoms or edgy succulent or indoor plants for any space even in dining room shelves. Depending on the texture of your shelves fresh flowers or beautiful cored micro greens herbs can easily add life to your place. Adding Plant’s  is c a never flop idea for any space of your home or office. For absolute visual appeal you must consider lovely plants which could be real or fake.

If there are unusually shaped of statement pieces such as metallic orbs and small trophies or others try to give its own grouped with similar items for one of the shelf to make it punch of elegant taste.

Step -9: Give the final look

While you want to make sure appropriate decoration of your dining room shelves .You should take a step back to look at your shelves. Taking a critical look when you are thinking the task is completed. For better effect taking just one item away and try to find the difference. Do not hesitate to ask other member of your family or friends on this change. To analyze throughout the entire process take snap picture with your phone. At the time of starting or different steps of changes those helps to develop the entire decoration nicely.

Important tips for how to decorate dining room shelves

These are the highlighted points. We also said in this writing multiple time but this section help to reach your target with safer foots. Check out twice to make sure perfect everything in how to decorate dining room shelves.

  • Do not overcrowd your display which makes it difficult to find and focus important objects.
  • Leave some empty space on your display self for coherent look creating.
  • Fill the right height of the display space for an eye attraction effect.
  • Display the best things which you like most 
  • Start with empty space as removed everything before starting to arrange.
  • The back wall of your shelf needs your attention. If it is light color display darker item and if it is darker display lighter items.
  • For elegant look you choose a mirror or wall per as the back wall of your shelf.
  • Giving importance to arrange items symmetrically for traditional space. Same visual weight with different shape or size matters but in a contemporary look space asymmetrical display being worthy.
  • When you have a huge collection of things put all similar items together as a group. Rather of spreading different shelves.
  • A cozy and eye-catching display contain texture in mix no matter balance of smooth. Flat items to give depth those could numbers of wooden dough bowl wicker basket or mirrors object, something sleek and cold to feel the space to bring intimacy and warmth instantly.
  • Layering various item is the most popular ways as placing large back of the mirror, frame,tray or bookcase. It pick small item in front of them.
  • Go with two or three shades to display things overly not every time being match.Keeping things intentional which could black,silver and gray pr any color combination to make neutral or personalized.


When it comes to matter of how to decorate dining room shelves. You will get chances to display your favorite things. It is not only decorate the setting but also add character and depth to the space periodically or regular basis. A dining room shelves must fill with beautiful, meaningful and functional things where main motto will keep items less but not too empty look. You should have picked up a few tricks along the way usually you have followers to do.

These easy styling tips will make confident to complete  the task easily. Usually dining room shelves are the focal point of the entire space, and you should feel right in decorating this. With ours steps and unique tricks you can change this several times on various season and occasion. We only discussed here the main principle. Won’t let you go down even you are doing this without taking anyone’s helps.

So enjoy your task how to decorate dining room shelves with our guidelines. To share this on your favorite social media to helps other who struggling with this!

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