How to select tiles for living room

How to Select Tiles for Living Room

Tiling enhances the look and feel of your living room and makes it a focal point. The right tiles help to create a feeling of grandeur or modern space. Floor design tiles are used for your living room. In this article, I have briefly explained how to select tiles for room. So take special care when choosing your tiles. These are not only durable but also resistant to wear and tear. When buying tiles for your living room you need to consider three things:

  1. Pattern firstly,
  2. Size secondly
  3. Durability thirdly.

It is difficult to choose a tile to pose as the floor in the living room.

Decide first on the style of tile you want to use. Then you have to decide where to use it. Many types of tiles are available and each looks best in a specific location. For example, ceramic items look great on the bathroom floor, but will not work well in the kitchen.

If your main reason for choosing a tile floor is that it is easier to clean after a messy accident. You may want to consider other forms of flooring as the most popular types of tile floors. It is not as easy to keep clean after a mess. are one of the fastest-growing products in the floor and wall covering industry. More and more homeowners are looking for tiles for their bathroom, kitchen, room, or dining area. Choosing a ceramic tile floor or wall tile is becoming more popular than ever.

Before you start shopping for it, there are a few simple things you need to consider first. For example, if you have children or pets in your home, it is best to choose a tile with a durable surface. These can handle a lot of foot traffic. Nowadays with the introduction of synthetic materials, the materials for kitchens and bath places have become more diverse.

Select Color of Tiles:

Select Color of Tiles

The Living Room, also known as the Family Room, is where your whole family gathers to sit together, connect with each other, and stay away from the daily grind. The walls and floor are comfortable, cozy, and welcoming. The color is the most difficult to choose when decorating your house. Especially choosing the color of the tiles.

There are many things to consider when choosing the color of it for the living place. Color is the most important decision before anything else. Tile is the perfect solution for all these aspects. Not only for the versatility of the four basic colors. Like red, yellow, blue, and white. it brings an element. This is because you can see that more than 1 tile will suit your taste. But then you have trouble deciding which color to go for.

First, choose the type of tile you want with your flooring material. In this case, the floor is carpeted, you will look good on the carpet. Next, choose the type of natural stone item you want to install. Small size tiles for grout lines and large ones to fill in the blanks. According to The Art of Interior Design, choosing it for your living place is a big task. Interior design is a part of the plan. Remember that certain systems will work better than others depending on. Always compare prices between different stores. 

What Materials To Make Tiles

What Materials To Make Tiles

Room tiles are the materials that are usually made. Their best applications are here in any room of your home. Tile serves as a durable and attractive floor covering. These can help add beauty and style to any area of ​​your home. So understand how to select tiles for living room in an easy way. That kind of material works best with your decor. The cost will vary by tile material. Decide for yourself that one element is better than another.

Most things nowadays are ceramic for the room floor. These tiles are glazed, unglazed, or a combination of both. The marble look has many advantages in combining both with the wrong finish and less porosity. There are many materials used to make it for living areas. But they all share similar characteristics such as strength, durability, and stain resistance. Producers have responded to the demands of buyers. Natural-looking tiles that work well with many styles and designs of furniture. Where the soles of the feet provide a surface that is not too “slippery”.

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Made of low-maintenance living room thongs, stone, and ceramic. The foot can withstand traffic and is easy to clean. You choose porcelain and ceramic system. However, be careful to choose a matte or gloss finish for a uniform look. When tile is not an option, consider using area rugs to help keep dirt at bay. The main components of a tile are: – Clay, Granite or Marble: These three stones are the most commonly used. Each type has its own characteristics. – Firing: This process is essential for being able to make tiles. It is a process by which raw materials are heated downstream. It then turns into a ceramic material that adheres to its former shape.

Surface or Surface Treatment: This determines whether a tile is smooth or textured, glossy or without matte, glossy smooth, etc. Picking up to reinforce some details and make the design of the house more attractive.

You will use the room to entertain guests. Use it as an extension to the kitchen or dining room. Depending on your taste and the size of your room. Cut into a hexagon or shape into a rectangle. They come in a variety of colors and are used to decorate an entire house.

Before Buying Features of Living Room

Before Buying Features of Living Room Tiles

Before buying a living room tile, consider a number of features when designing a home, such as the type of floor surface, the size and dimensions of your room, the type of furniture and furniture in your living place. Room, and overall layout.

 Choosing the best tiles for the living room is a little tricky. There are different tile collections from different manufacturers and designers.

Many homeowners prefer for their living room. Because they provide extra warmth in a room. Although wood flooring is an option, it is less durable and can wear the finish faster. Provides top dollar for high-quality living room item made of natural stone or natural materials. Formica, porcelain, ceramic and glass are all suitable tile materials, but you must choose the right one for your home decor.

There are different types of tiles available in the market and each has its advantages. The tile industry and design slip perfectly into the current trend. Using tiles as your home wall and floor decoration makes it visually dimensional. As well as adding an artistic touch to it.

The Sizes of Tiles:

The living room is the most important and welcoming place in the house. For example, it is better to pay enough attention to designing the space. Wall tiles have a significant effect on the overall decor. 3 size are available namely; Mosaics, pebbles, and squares. This article is about how to select tiles for living room based on the number and size of walls in your room.

The tiles that should be used in the living place usually depend on the size of the room. Due to its size, narrow windows are placed in the corners which creates a dark area in direct contrast to this opening. In rooms that are partially shaded and partly sunny, light-colored meet these conditions well. We offer tile sizes ranging from 4 “x 4” to 24 “x 36”. So you can easily cover large floor areas in your living room. The first of these is the size of the cell you are planning to install. Suppose you plan to use 30 “x 60” (60 SF) tiles in your room.

When choosing a tile size for a house, you should first consider whether to use borders. If borders are used to cover more than one-third of the length of the wall. Use the same dimensions as the tiles. For example, as the roof height of the house is 9 feet and the floor is carpeted with a height of 0.5 inches (1.3 cm), then the should be at least 4 inches × 6 inches (10.2 cm x 15.2 cm). Used on walls with borders for the most satisfactory results.

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Homeowners can choose from a huge array of mosaic, classic or contemporary designs. The color and design of the tiles along with the color and style of the furniture and other accessories will determine how much weight each piece should weigh when selecting tiles for the room. Large tiles are used in the kitchen, small tiles are used in the bathroom. When choosing living room walls, you need to hide any imperfections or chips. For this, choose smooth with a matte finish. The fine mottling on the surface of natural stone and glazed ceramic tiles.  It helps to make them resistant to dirt and stains.

Maintenance and Durability

People do not always consider the level of maintenance of tiles before choosing. If you choose this type of tile, you will need a lot of unnecessary maintenance.

Durability is the most important factor when choosing the right tiles for the room. So if you are planning to install new tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, choose those that is resistant to liquids, heat, and stains. These can look decent even after several years of use. Always choose natural materials like marble stone, granite stone etc. instead of ceramic tiles. This is because it makes white spots that look ugly when the liquid spills. You can go to some showrooms to see different types of interlocking flooring materials.

Soaps are non-porous materials such as ceramics, porcelain, and granite. Cleaning with water is the most durable option. Rustic beauty of limestone, colorful designs of Mexican tiles, sophisticated look of slate or a polished marble floor. It come in different shapes and sizes with different types of finishes.

Few Tips to Select Floor Tiles

Few Tips to Select Floor Tiles

Floors are used in today’s homes for many reasons and several of them. Considering its great durability, it is also quite affordable. It protects your home from damage from leaks, moisture, accidents, and other things that wear and tear. Learn how to select it for the living place using just a few tips. 1, floor tile needs to be above ground, and should not be installed below ground. 2, floor can not be placed on the edges of the carpet and other foot space because the grout sand will fall while walking. 4, Use a wooden hammer to install instead of a hammer of other material 5, Check if there are air bubbles in the glue before installing

You can choose a design, a shape, and color to achieve the look you want in your home. When choosing floor tiles, there are many factors you must consider. It is important to consider not only the type of flooring material to be used but also their durability and cost.

Select the Right Size

Select the Right Size for Tiles

When you choose tiles for your home, it is important to consider the size. Each living place tile measures 13 inches by 19 inches and will cover a yard of about 3.2 square feet. This is definitely not important to you. Many people want to know how many they need. There are thousands of tile choices, but use the right measurements to successfully pick new tiles. These are essential for installation. Over time, the size of the it has increased and today they come in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 x 1 inch to 12 x 12 feet or more in most cases.

by the width in inches, divided by 12, and that number is multiplied by 100. The result is an approximate size of a tile for use in an installation. Where there are no other limitations. The actual tile is slightly smaller or larger than that size. To consider any custom cut or any over pull or under pull. For most rooms, choose a suitable color, pattern, and size to make the best use of the floor space. Also, appreciate any furniture or fixtures in the room. Total coverage is less than 50 square feet but chooses a mosaic tile for the entrance. It doesn’t make much sense.

Calculate the Cost

We always recommend that you take some time to figure out the cost of the project before you start. You need to know a good estimate of the price of different tiles. Get an accurate and complete idea of ​​how many tiles you will need. Add the area of ​​all your selected (this is approximate). Shopping Tip: Tile prices can fluctuate frequently, so it’s best to wait a week or two before making your final purchase.

This will probably save you a lot of money. When it comes time to install, if possible, we recommend using 1×1 “tiles as your main floor – they are great to look at and easy to work with. The most profitable way to buy it is weight, which requires a minimum order quantity. Download our sample tile range sheet from our website to get inspiration for your design. To order a free sample of the tile you want to buy.


Newcomers and professionals alike are still unsure how to select tiles for living room. From space-saving storage beds to feather-down borders, efficient living rooms require minimal effort for maximum results. When choosing the right size, color and texture, we should consider whether it will affect our mood at home. Black or dark colors are good choices if we need a place to play. The most important thing is that you have fun in your home. There are no rules you should follow when sorting it out.

The current trend of introducing glass is more than the traditional use of ceramic and porcelain things. They give a sense of clarity, which complements the look you want to create. Cleaning tile floors is a simple process that only takes a few minutes every day. Before you begin your cleaning process, you should evaluate the condition of your tile floors. The best way to do this is to look for grout in it. If there is any gray or black discoloration, you need to clean your tile floor regularly.

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