How to paint a dining room table shabby chic

How to Paint a Dining Room Table Shabby Chic

Creating a shabby chic dining table is fun when you will go on the right track and helping by an experienced guide. You will be more relaxed with our how-to paint a dining room table shabby chic guideline to follow a shabby chick dining table couple great addition to your dining area while this turned old and backdated before painting. With this painting idea, you will get fashionable and useful items by spending some hours.

Sometimes breaking the usual furniture style did good things for overall interior decoration. Yet the trends of furniture outlook changed frequently. It also makes the way of being creative even at the time. When you are designing your interior with old furniture pieces. Among these shabby chic styling gets a popular choice where you can provide your own beautiful painting effect.

What you will need for how to paint a dining room table shabby chic

A list of materials and things need to manage to complete the entire process safely.

  • A table to shabby chic
  • Sandpaper
  • Some lint-free cloths 
  • Paint 
  • Paint brushes 
  • Crystal furniture wax 

Prepare the Furniture Piece

Prepare the Furniture Piece

The first step is removing the existing wood finish or sanding. It is down to offer a wonderful chic, room table. To stick the new paintwork to the surface properly. Make sure you are not using hard sandpaper which can raise the grain of the wood. While you just need to roughen the surface to nicely paint absorb.

Another important tip is to use white spirit to remove the polished wax from the wire wool pad to make. It is easy and adaptable for a new layer of paint. Yet, it vanishes good quality sandpaper or paint remover will be enough to do the sanding down the task.

Wipe down the wood

An open secret is as much as the surface will be smooth, paint sets greatly. Use a damp cloth to get rid of the dust and dirt from the table, and wait to dry the existing painting and primer. Before giving the final paint stroke for the room table a shabby chic look.

Whether you have maintained your old wooden dining piece superbly. It did not require sanding. But rightly cleaning of wax is essential as a prep work painting a shabby chic or other types of painting. While using white spirit, clean the surface thoroughly if wax has been used in the furniture.

Apply a Coat of Water-Based Acrylic Primer

Though giving a coat of water-based acrylic primer is not mandatory, this simply gives your dining room table a smoother finish, working on easily. The most important fact is a room table same chic. You do not need to be neat in the painting tasks, whatever you can, it will bring beautiful effect with a coat of water-based acrylic primer.

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Give two Layers of Paint

Give two Layers of Paint

The paint of a dining table is worn-out trendy, make sure to use two layers with contrasting shades. You require to provide a number of slim layers of selected tinted-based acrylic paint as well as let. The initial layer completely dry completely prior to adding the following one. Supplying a much better coating, gently sand after the first layer with 180 grit sandpaper. See to it you leave enough time for the paint to dry prior to using your 2nd layer. When you are repainting a room table worn-out trendy, it is really simple to make layers. With a paintbrush, layering is pretty easy.

Right here, the paints typically take 1 hr to be difficult dry as well as 2 hours. It is to be ready for handling the second coat and after 3 hrs for the traumatic table. Pick the corned or other locations where more location is likely to appear on a table for the finest outcome of chic. Relocate your sandpaper with the grain of the timber to develop an antique look.

Protect your Table

Applying wax has double benefits as protection. Your table from accident and leaves semi-gloss shine for your superb beautiful furniture finish. You can choose a brush or cloth to give a thin coat. Be strict with applying in a circular motion remembering to go with the grain.

When you have chosen plain painting, you simply seal the paint in acrylic varnish. For natural wear and look creating a two-color distressed is perfect, rubbing away the second layer to reveal the first.

Distressing your Painted Wood Furniture

After adding the very first shade you must simply swab touches of clear furniture wax. You desire the timber to look troubled. As a smart action, use a paintbrush for wax which repeals the 2nd layer of paint to flaunt the base shade reveal. Currently, you require to paint the 2nd layer of paint over the whole point maintaining wax included. While the first layer dries clean the furniture with soft cotton fabric. To take the paint off waxed areas to supply a brilliant effect that appears like an expert makeover.

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There are no steps in how to paint a dining room table worn-out trendy. Even if you struck the pre-painted furniture with cable woolen or sandpaper instead repaint it once again. If you think making troubling effects is challenging randomly. You must stay clear of creating any kind of pattern simply paint over it. It wax as well as paint it once again with our provided ideas and directions.

Clean up the Table

To complete your task clean over the surface area with a somewhat wet towel. You should find a top-quality clear beeswax gloss or furniture polish for bringing a beautiful radiance and also safeguard the surface otherwise make use of varnish.


For a better understanding of the procedure and styling of how to paint a room table, the shabby chic faux painting style goes through painting, rubbing, and sanding. As in similarities, chic refers to heavily painted furniture pieces with many layers to hide time-worn areas. In the process of reproduction of furniture, this could be the similar option of older styled distress look addition for your room.

When you are in search of an antique look with similar items with less budget to paint a table won’t disappoint you. On the other context you can choose type and extent effect in shabby chic such as single color provide subtle aged look while gentle distress help to expose areas of bare wood.

For an impressive paint effect, you will need some basic knowledge and tricks which we keep in mind to write this which actually will be efficient on how to paint a dining room table shabby chic.

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