How to Make Seat Cushions for Dining Room Chairs

How to Make Seat Cushions for Dining Room Chairs

Your chair cushion bears a lot of wear and tear which finally wore out this thing faster and left this uncomfortable and flat. While hand made cushions are an excellent way to update and transform your seating option even with easy sewing or not. We discussed how to make seat cushions for dining room chairs to help you to make colorful seat cushions with simple and straightforward steps.

Buying new section cushions required $35 to $65 when you want to have a standard quality. When you will go to buy separate things and made one of your seat cushions for chairs with your preferred things by own self this will be more accurate of your needed size and pattern for your requirement. Plus, you can be saving a good amount of money.

If you are a great lover of DIY projects. You should try how to make seat cushions for chairs. Aat your most comfortable and cozy dining space.

How to Make Seat Cushions for Dining RoomChairs

How to Make Seat Cushions for Dining Room Chairs

Getting an experienced tutorial means a lot when you are a beginner and expecting the perfect one. Though the entire process is very easy and anyone can do this without previous experience. But with our guidelines complete this project by yourself without any mistakes or multiple attempts and waste of things. The most important thing is for chairs. As a DIY project to fit your chair perfectly and this item won’t be priced like a new one. Let’s start the process.

Things You Will Need

  • Fabric per your required size of cushion
  • Thick foam -2 inch
  • Printer paper
  • Scotch tape 
  • Quilt batting 
  • Thread 
  • Marker
  • Pins
  • Scissors 
  • Utility knife 
  • Safety pins 
  • Straight pins

In the rest of the content, we shared Box style cushions which are a common type of seat cushions for dining room chairs. And if you also have this style of seat cushions for chairs. So, follow our guidelines to make seats for room chairs.


Picked taped pieces of paper to make a pattern. It takes this slightly larger than the chair seat aids to make the pattern easier and also suitably. Simply lay the paper on the edge of the table and also area the chair upside down on the table to obtain precise dimensions. It makes the additional easy, mess charge, and also time-saving. Currently mark a cut line around the chair seat over the paper making use of a pencil. Take a pair of scissors to eliminate on lines of the paper and trim the paper to precise the sizes and shape of the laying paper be pretty precise in measurement.


At this time lay your pattern on a piece of 2-inch thick foam and trace around the pattern with a marker. With a larger scissors/utility knife or electric knife. If you have cut the foam to size while the electrical knife makes the process fast and easy. To go to the next level you need to sew two pieces of quilt batting together. Make a pouch to place the cushion in at the time you are making two pieces of batting. Before start sewing them together take a zipper foot to attach with it. So, make sure these are larger than from the cutting foam. We’re suggesting using a pouch to go smoothly over the batting. To get this in the swing foot and alleviate this in sewing time. So, place your finger in front of the batting to keep it flat in it finally look to be sewn together.


Right now lay your pattern on an item of 2-inch thick foam as well as trace around the pattern with a marker. A bigger scissors/utility knife or electrical knife. To go to the next degree you need to sew two pieces of quilt batting with each other. Make a bag to put the padding in at the time you are making two items of batting.

Prior to beginning stitching them with each other take a zipper foot to attach with it to ensure these are larger than from cutting foam. We’re recommending making use of a bag to go efficiently over the batting. To get this in the swing foot as well as alleviate this in sewing time. So, area your finger before the batting to keep it level in it ultimately look to be sewn together.


Generally, you should cut two pieces of fabric and place them on the right side together on the work surface without making you confused further. Next place batting-covered foam on fabric and collect all of them if there is more fabric along the bottom edge to close the back of the cushion. And pick a marker to trace around the cushion and sew the fabric together by sewing the seam making sure about 1\4 inches away from the marker lines to 

create a finished edge on the fabric twice and pin. Finally, trimming off the excess fabric of seams gives a finished edge after sewing it.

If you also think sewing a box corner is quite difficult in the process of how to make seat cushions. For the dining , chairs use a marker to mark the corner area of the cushion. You should pin the seams together on both sides of the triangle with a line up from one corner to another. Next, sew a straight line across one inch down from the top. Cut off the tip of the triangle above your seam. Now get a gusset and repeat on each corner. Then, turn inside out and place batting-covered foam in.

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When you are going with a zipper closing the back of a DIY chair cushion you will face difficulties in wrapping a gift box so choose tape or a safety pin to secure this when you have the chair with a laddered back style which won’t be seen usually or accidentally.

How to Make Cushions for Dining Stools

How to Make Seat Cushions for Dining Room Stools

To complete the process smoothly you will need such as measuring tape, straight edge, craft paper or newspaper, shears, fabric, straight pins, and a needle. Go through these steps to reach your final destination of how to make seat cushions for dining room stools.

Step -1

Start with measuring the width of the seat from side to side. We have suggested picking 2-inch foam with the width of your seat cushions for the dining seating option needed for each of the pieces. As a wise step, you have to add 6 inches with the total width of fabric you will need to make cushions for room stools. Make sure you are taking measurements of the seat from front to back which is the most accurate every time. Here is a tip, double that number and add six inches to get the total length of fabric you need for each cushion allow the right measurement in a single attempt.


In creating a visual diagram need to draw. Your foam dimensions on a piece of craft paper or newspaper to be mistake-free. Use the straight edge to keep the lines straight for further tasks in the process. At the time cut out the pattern along the lines and go forth following the same rule. Of course, you should cut the foam to match. The pattern nicely fits with the seat pattern, and you should recheck the marker. We suggest picking high-density foam that won’t break apart and cutting out the foam with shears.

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Find the upper and underprint of your fabric and fold the printed side on the corner by half an inch and hold it in place after securing this with a pin. Besides this, pin the pattern to the fabric. When need to place the paper pattern on the fabric ½ inch from the fold and ½ inch from the edge and pin it in place. These half-inch drawing lines on the fabric from the other two sides. It helps to go to you straightly at the time of cutting and sewing up to its pattern. Here you should not be accurate but much more looks it faulty.

Make sure you are cutting along the lines you drew and cutting the fabric apart at the fold. It actually will be the top and bottom of your cushion.


Place the rectangular foam over the chosen measured fabric on the long edge to make a mark around the foam. You will need appropriate measurements. On all four sides draw another line taking ½ inch and cutting out two pieces of fabric with the outer line. Follow the same steps to cut the short side of the foam keeping it ½ inch longer and wider on each side no matter what. You are to make seat for stools with round and oval shapes.


When you have already put together all the sides of the fabric with a pin leave one corner open. It is the short side with an upper or printed part. Make sure you have pinned the short ends of the fabric strips. Which should fit into the seating option and move to sew keeping ½-inch seams of the fabric. If you do not pin the side strips from the top pieces of fabric. You may have found an issue putting together the printed seams at the corner. Finally won’t fit each side of the foam. If your seat cushions need any adjustments before closing the final corner here pin adjustability offers lots of choices for you.

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Before sewing, the final corner removes the fabric from the foam and sew the side pieces to the top pieces. You should leave ⅓ of the one side of the printed side while need to secure the bottom piece with a pin to prevent slipping of the foam inside of the cover. Before sewing turns it right side and removes all the pins from the bottom pieces to go next level. Be careful to cover the right side and slip the foam inside it to get the final finishing. 

Keep rolling the foam up to the fabric to make it easier to create and move forth to the corners of the seat cushion.


At the very end of the process need to sew of remaining opening to close this using a needle and thread. We have already told you that you can design your seat cushions for dining room chairs and stools such as a zipper, snaps, or hook and loop to make this pretty convenient to use. As a DIY project, you should enjoy lots of personal choices when you are doing this at home.


So, what are you thinking about how to make seat cushions for dining room chairs as a DIY project after reading our writing? Hopefully, this won’t be difficult as it seems to hear or before getting guidelines from us. More or less you have an interest in DIY projects which can bring the perfect look of upholstery appearance with existing room decor. Here, you have lots of sizes to the easy fit option, colors, and patterns to make it match for rest of things.

It could be adding a hook, zipper, or temporary methods safety pins depending on your use and convenience placing them in and out of the cushions. Making seat cushions for chairs. As a DIY project leaves numerous possibilities to give a personalized look and texture of it. Once you try this our guideline next time you can make this easily further.

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