How To Decorate A Bedroom With Slanted Walls

How To Decorate A Bedroom With Slanted Walls

Sloping ceilings add a unique and attractive look to bedrooms, but arranging them can be even more challenging. Do not waste floor space in a compact bedroom with low ceilings. Instead, use long ceilings and diagonal walls with some well-thought-out design techniques. This article will teach you how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls.

Very low ceilings make the room smaller than it really is. Painting these walls white will help to reflect more light and give the illusion of a high ceiling. A large painting or mural in the same tone as the color of the walls will add visual interest without making the ceiling look inferior. Solid color to blend in with the walls has a pattern that blends in with the decor.

Choose a Canopy-Style Bed

If your bedroom has a slanted wall, ignore it and instead place a traditional bed with a headboard opposite the perpendicular wall. Make it the centerpiece of the room with a delicate canopy-style bed. After all, you can create a whole new atmosphere on your furniture. Be romantic with flowing white fabrics or be elegant with velvet or dramatic patterns and colors. A canopy-style bed is a perfect choice for this type of home. It takes up very little space Or doesn’t feel too big. This simple trick will turn your bedroom into a mini-resort! 

Bedroom Choose a Canopy-Style Bed

If you have a sloping ceiling, you may be worried about how to decorate the space. But you can turn the feature into an asset by adding interest and charm to the room. Your unique diagonal walls will provide visual interest and can increase your vertical space by opening your room. You can use the negative space for storage or additional features, such as playgrounds for children. 

Make A Mini Gallery wall

Bedroom A Mini Gallery wall

Creates a unique canvas to decorate the diagonal walls of your bedroom. By creating a gallery wall, you help make the roof and floor corners more open and balanced. Choose artwork that moves to the corners of the walls. But with a straight line or isometric-shaped items that keep the center of gravity centered. Mounting your art in the shadow box will help things even more by adding depth and dimension to your mini-gallery. Easily learn how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls from depth and usage in mini-gallery 

Opt For Bright White Decor

If your bedroom has a slanted wall that is mostly white, this may give you a fair chance to paint your walls. Oblique walls are not the easiest angle to decorate, using bright white trim and accent pieces can make your walls look neat and clean. This will help to prevent any awkward corners caused by the slope of the wall. 

Your sloping walls are painted white, you are in luck. The easiest way to arrange it is: Introduce color and pattern through furniture and accessories, without worrying about colliding with the background. Here, different white shades and textures create a visual separation between the bed and the wall, rather than distracting from it. Design a bedroom with diagonal walls. If your home has a bedroom with a sloping ceiling, don’t be discouraged. You can find a way to use that odd space and adapt it to your design scheme. Use furniture and decorations to distract from the diagonal. Though they are boring to you. Consider creating a feature wall to lower the ceiling. 

Replace Drapery With Shades

One of the most effective ways to treat a high-angle sloping ceiling is to create another wall. That runs parallel to the slope. A built-in bookshelf or wardrobe makes clever use of this vertical space and can serve as storage for books, clothing or linen. Custom window treatment addresses this architectural challenge. Replace draperies with shades that work from the side or hang fabric panels similar to a valence. Stunned by the height of the panel along the length of the wall, it persuades the eye to see the ceiling below. 

Install longer shades to cover the diagonal walls instead of draperies. It will only create more visual weight and make the angle clearer. Tie a fabric tie under the shade in a color that matches the shade so they don’t hang on the floor. Hang artwork near the ceiling on a bed or across a completely slanted wall to give the space a bigger look. Drapes or curtains are often chosen for bedroom windows. Because they add softness and color, as well as block light. But if the walls of your bedroom are sloping upwards, the hanging draper becomes a problem, especially if the ceiling of your house is too high. 

Consider A Single Pendant Light

Bedroom Consider A Single Pendant Light

To say that a single pendant will remain incomplete without light is how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls. A single pendant light hanging in the corner of a diagonal bedroom can work well. The light points downwards and will only illuminate the immediate area. Less light spreads to other parts of the room. However, the lighting effect created by a single pendant light can create a cozy atmosphere that invites reading and relaxation. For example, consider a curved-glass pendant light that will draw attention to the unique shape of your walls. Alternatively, use two pendant lamps, one on either side of the bed and facing each other, to get the most illumination in the room when the lights are on. 

Hang A Couple Of Houseplants

Whether you want to decorate a bedroom like an adult or with a little imagination, there are many ways you can use slanting walls to your advantage. Proper lighting and artwork will give any home the desired environment. Since walls can be tough, stay on the market today to add life to your space. If you are looking for ways to add personality to your home, try adding some home plants. 

Though your bedroom has a light-colored diagonal wall, try hanging an attractive houseplant to color the room. You can place it directly on a table, hanging it will free up space and pull the eyes upwards. Choose a plant that prefers indirect light. However, you can still achieve a cozy and stylish look whether the room is large or small. Stick to one color scheme and don’t be afraid to include patterns. 

Include Wooden Beams

Install wooden beams, not just different colors on the walls. If you have wooden beams on your sloping ceiling, pay attention to them. The task of this design is somewhat challenging because you have to figure out where to place the beams. They should run parallel to the slope of the wall and be placed at a distance. There is enough space between them to hang the framed pieces between the beams. The vertical lines will draw the eye up, making the room look taller. You can stain or color the way you want to match the decor of the house and turn the beam into another statement. 

Paint The Ceiling

If your sloping walls are just above the bed, and the ceiling is low enough to touch while you lie down and it’s not a roof cathedral. You can also use dark or contrasting paint to create a framed effect. Paint the resurfaced area in one color and paint the angular part of the ceiling in another. This technique will bring your eyes upwards, giving you a more headroom feeling. 

You have a slanted ceiling, lighten it the same color or two shades as your walls. Whatever color (s) you choose, paint both the walls and the ceiling to create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom. Hanging artwork on diagonal walls is a challenging process. But there are some options that do not require nails and prefer sharp pencils instead.

Bedroom Paint The Ceiling

Turn To Shiplap

If the diagonal wall of your bedroom is at least 7 feet high. You want to tackle the task of installing shiplap walls, go for it. Horizontal planks will not only bring harmony to your room, but they will also help to draw the eye instead of focusing diagonally. Shiplap is no longer for rooms with a farmhouse feel. If you’re trying to make the best out of a frustrating space but aren’t interested in drawing vertical stripes on the wall. Shiplap may be your answer. Since it comes in tall planks that resemble horizontal stripes. It can add a lot of interest to the overall room as well as help to lengthen the look of the ceiling. Each step will help you to learn how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls.

Install A Skylight

When working with diagonal walls, you must have a way to brighten the dark side of the room. Painting those walls in black or any other dark color will not work. An architectural skylight is a great option to do this. They fill your home with natural light and protect it from overheating and stuffing. If you can’t install a skylight, you’ll need to rely on artificial lighting. When there is no natural light available to help illuminate your room, place a mirror right out of an open window to reflect light into space. 

Use Graded Shelves

If you want to be a little creative, angular walls can actually offer some unique decorations. A great way to decorate an angled wall is with shelves. If you have multiple angles in your room. You can choose shelves that fit flat against the wall. Try graded shelves if you really want to unlock your space possibilities. Shelves come in all shapes, sizes and configurations, from simple floating glass to huge built-in, customized units. In a wide range of finishes and even a variety of materials. The beauty of shelves is that they work with diagonal walls and add dimensions and provide adequate storage for books, collectibles. 

Bedroom Consider Wallpaper

Bedroom Consider Wallpaper

The visual appeal of the wallpaper is discarded if it leaves a chip or peel. For slanted walls, using more elastic materials like vinyl can help ensure that your wallpaper will not look worn and dirty. In addition, vinyl-based wallpaper can be easily repainted at minimal cost whenever you notice any tears or discoloration. Wallpapers are a great way to add texture, dimension or color to a room. This is a clear alternative to the traditional method of drawing diagonals to match the walls. It will definitely give your bedroom personality. 

Hang a Tapestry

.For those of you who have sloping ceilings, decorating your home the way you want can be difficult. Fortunately, there are some strategies that can help you get the most out of a sloping roof and still get your dream home. From hanging tapestries to rafters to hanging plants, diagonal walls make a stunning feature of your home. A tapestry, curtain, pendant light or other hanging fixture can disguise a slanted ceiling. If your bedroom has a sloping wall and limited space for your bed, locate the tapestry over the head of the bed so that it distracts from the angled wall. To enhance the aesthetic effect of a tapestry or curtain and to hide a slanted wall. Choose luxurious fabrics like silk crepe and velvet. 

Bedroom Accent Wall

Create An Accent Wall

The easiest way to transform a wall with diagonal ceilings is to highlight a wall in a unique way. Here, the design team has created an accent wall by painting lighter shades from patterned wallcovering on one of the walls of this room. This technique breaks down the volume of the space and draws attention from the diagonal walls. Strengthen accent wall colors with darker shades. 

Consider wallpapering the surface of your home to add interest and design. Look for a pattern that plates the diagonal of your ceiling, such as a diagonal print, triangle or zigzag. Even if you do not plan to paint your house, consider painting all the walls in a darker color than the ceiling. If you work with wood and white walls, for example, the paint may be a better choice than wallpaper on all surfaces. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize the natural look of your ceiling beams and walls, leave them colorless and choose light-colored wallpaper or paint on all four walls. 

Stick With a Light Colored Ceiling

Ceilings with a steep pitch are a common feature of older homes and if you have adopted it into your decor. You can use a light shade on the ceiling to make the room feel bigger and longer. This is especially important in small rooms. But even large rooms can look very different depending on the type of paint scheme you choose for the ceiling. You do not have to paint the ceiling with stripes of different colors, but you can use a color from nearby walls. For example, a diagonal wall with a blue tone may look better under a white or cream-colored roof than a dark blue one. 

Stick With a Light Colored Ceiling

Embrace The Angled Shape

If you have diagonal walls, try to embrace their angular shape by painting the walls at 30-degree angles to create a dynamic, optical illusion. Paint it diagonally with a soft, neutral or warm color to give it a cocoon-like feel or paint it in a darker shade for a dramatic effect. Add lamps on each side of the wall so that you can highlight the area and illuminate this unique place. Don’t be afraid to play the corner by arranging it with diagonal furniture in the same way as a triangular table. If a bed is placed on a diagonal wall, lean a headboard opposite it to soften the angle and complete the look.


If your bedroom has diagonal walls, you may think it is impossible to arrange. You don’t have to worry. There are still plenty of ways to beautify your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to use space. You can place a bookshelf in a diagonal space or a chair to take advantage of the unique space created by those walls. Unless you choose the right furniture, such as a desk, bed and chair that can fit comfortably in the room.

Make the most of high-rise spaces, including shelves. Smooth floating shelves are a great way to keep flat surfaces clean and simple. But keep in mind that each shelf can also serve as a display. The shelves on the walls are not just for storing books, as these arrangements show. Small objects of pleasing color and texture will pop up your sloping walls, especially when arranged in gallery-style grids. Hopefully, we have explained to you how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls.

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