Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $500

10 Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $500 Reviews in 2022

Whether you are decorating a new apartment or you have assumed that you did something wrong as a person, you want to decorate your home but save. Whether you are looking for a contemporary design or something new, we have localized what you need. As you can see, the low-cost sectional sofa at $ 500 is a great option for you. Features, however, are not easy to find on a cheap sofa priced at $ 500. Finding a cheap sectional sofa is no easy task. In this portal, I will discuss what to do when buying cheap sectional sofas under $500. It will give me some of my favorite sectional sofas for $ 500. 

A sectional sofa is one of the most popular home items out there that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Cheap sectional sofas are the most fashionable and most comfortable seating items. Add a real style statement to your living room, reading room, den, or study room. Therefore, They offer plenty of room to accommodate multiple people and they come in many styles and sizes. It’s hard to beat a sofa that combines the portability and versatility of a loveseat with the back support and comfort of a simple chair. 

Our Top Product List

Overall Best
  • Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch
Budget Friendly
  • Convertible Sectional L-Shaped Sofa Couch
Premium Picks
  • Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

1. Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

Key Features 

  • Grey in color firstly
  • 50″D x 77.55″W x 23.42″H product dimension secondly
  • Wood and fabric eat back frame material thirdly
  • 17.71 inches in height fourthly
  • L-Shaped sofa then
  • Modern style also
  • 3 person Seating Capacity finally

If you’re looking for a small sofa that can fit into an apartment or office, the Abbyson Living Convertible Sectional Sofa would be a great choice for you. Designed with a clean and simple look, this sofa will look great in any room. It is available in three different colors and is really easy to assemble. You can even easily use it in your office or any space where you want to make a comfortable lounge area. The Abbyson Living Convertible Sectional Sofa and Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $500 is ideal for making a space more casual and functional. So stop wasting space with a cumbersome sofa and get this one!

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Recommended for living room
  • Suitable for a variety of spaces and style
  • Cushions are nice and firm
  • Perfect in Small Spaces
  • Extra-wide chaise lounge for maximum comfort
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Can easily install it in 10 minutes
  • Designed to fit the curve of the back and relieve the backpressure also

2. Reversible and Convertible Sectional Sofa

Reversible and Convertible Sectional Sofa

Key Features

  • Fabric and Wood material firstly 
  • Solid wood frame secondly
  • Grey in color thirdly
  • 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H) by measuring fourthly
  • Used pocket coils then
  • Serpentine springs used also
  • 104.3 pounds item weight finally

If you thought your sectional sofa was practical. Then you haven’t seen anything yet. The reversible and convertible sectional sofa you’ve got your eye on just happens to be easy to clean too! That’s because its outer fabric is soft and breathable. Its inner stuffing is made from durable materials. Not only Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $500 that, but it also features a super comfortable sitting experience. That’s only made better by its sleek and simple design.

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Applicable in apartment, studio, hotel, loft, villa
  • Convertible and Sectional sofa
  • Hook and Loop Strips
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Comfortable sitting
  • Easy assemble
  • Fabric is durable and easy to clean

3. Convertible Sectional L-Shaped Sofa Couch

Convertible Sectional L-Shaped Sofa Couch

 Key Features

  • Dark grey in color
  • L-Shaped sofa
  • 30.3″D x 78.5″W x 35″H product dimension
  • Solid wood and fabric as material
  • Double Legs- 660lbs capacity
  • Wipe with a soft dry cloth
  • 3 person Seating Capacity
  • Used pocket coils and serpentine springs also

This convertible sectional couch can be used both indoors and outdoor. It is made with high-quality fabric and is fade-resistant. The sofa is easy to clean and maintain as it is machine washable. It can be used for many purposes and is a great addition to any home. There is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any home. It comes in two colors, beige and black.

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Convertible and Sectional sofa firstly
  • Supreme comfort secondly
  • Soft and breathable fabric thirdly
  • Easy assemble in 20 minutes and no tools are needed fourthly
  • Fabric is durable and easy to clean finally

4. Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Chaise L Shaped

Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Chaise L Shaped

 Key Features

  • Dark Grey in color
  • Wood, Cotton used as material
  • 54.7″D x 78.8″W x 34.8″H product dimension
  • Modern with arms
  • It has exquisite square armrests
  • Walnut brown color trapezoidal legs 
  • The frame is made of high-quality hardwood
  • Seat cushions are made of softer and more resilient material
  • Back cushions are 100% filled with premium cotton

The Khombu Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Chaise L Shaped is a modern piece of furniture that is ideal for a living room. It consists of a three-seater sofa and a chaise longue with high-quality cotton material. It is upholstered in a dark grey shade that is neutral and can be combined with other colors. The couch is easy to assemble and has a sturdy frame. This unique Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $500 sofa set also comes with a reversible chaise that can be used on either side. It is upholstered with high-quality cotton material. This sofa set will add comfort, style, and functionality to your home.

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Easy to Assemble Firstly
  • Sturdy Frame & Reversible Chaise secondly
  • Elegant Design thirdly
  • Superior Quality Seat Cushions fourthly
  • The cushion cover is removable and washable then
  • The back cushion has a different design on both sides, one side is a flat design, buttoned design on the other side also
  • The larger sofa chaise has enough space to stretch and relax the body finally

5. Linen Sectional Sofa, Compact Spaces w/Chaise Lounge

Linen Sectional Sofa, Compact Spaces w/Chaise Lounge.

 Key Features

  • Grey in color firstly
  • 52″D x 78″W x 34″H product dimension secondly
  • Plastic, Metal, Engineered Wood, Wood frame thirdly
  • 680 lbs weight capacity fourthly
  • 3 seating capacity then
  • Crafted with super soft fabric and a sturdy wood frame a also

If you’re looking for a home that’s compact and functional, you’ll love the Ove Decors Linen sectional couch which will maximize every square inch of space you have available. Ideal to use in a small living room, living room, and even a dorm room where every inch counts, this sofa is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. Simply place it in a corner or against a wall to enjoy an open floor plan where it’s easy to gather and socialize. Crafted with super soft fabric and a sturdy wood frame, this sofa is easy to assemble and built to last. The sofa can be arranged in any direction, up to a total of 180 degrees. It is available in a variety of colors and comes with an ottoman that can be used with the couch or separately.

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Easy to Assemble firstly
  • Space-saving yet heavy-duty design secondly
  • Attractive, multipurpose design thirdly
  • This sofa turns modular with an independent matching ottoman fourthly
  • L-Shaped also

6. Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Soft Cushion

Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Soft Cushion, Comfortable Backrest

Key Features

  • Type is Convertible, Settee, Sectional firstly
  • Light Gray in color secondly
  • L-Shaped Couch in style thirdly
  • Wood, Fabric used as material fourthly
  • 61.5″(L) x 25.6″(W) x 21.7″(H) Package Dimensions then
  • Adopts strong wood and durable linen fabric also
  • Used suede Fabric finally

Comfortable design and stylish. The modern look makes the Khombu Convertible Sectional Sofa. The cushion is a must-have for your contemporary or cozy living space. This sofa provides a versatile and comfortable spot to chill out or curl up with a good book. The padded seat and backrest provide a cozy and comfortable resting spot for you to kick back and relax. Showcasing a warm gray color and an L-shaped, convertible design, this is a great choice for a small space.

Featuring a set of tools and detailed instructions, all you need to do is to use a screwdriver to complete the assembly. Its zip-off fabric covers are easy to clean. So you won’t have to worry about spills or stains. The settee design of this contemporary sofa gives you an extra armrest and space to lean back. This versatile sectional sofa is a good choice for your living room, study room, apartment, dorm, etc. This Khombu sofa features:

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Complete tools and detailed instructions for easy assemble firstly
  • Modern design shape for your modern lifestyle secondly
  • Padded seat and comfortable thirdly
  • Good choice for small space such as living room, study room, apartment, etc
  • Suitable for Small Space also

7. Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch for Small Apartment

Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch for Small Apartment

Key Features

  • Reversible sectional type firstly
  • Dusty Grey in color secondly
  • Frame made of solid wood thirdly
  • High-quality Suede Fabric used fourthly
  • L shaped 3 seating capacity then
  • 50.39″D x 78.7″W x 35.04″H in dimension also
  • ‎101 pounds item weight finally

This sectional sofa is extremely comfortable, perfect for a small apartment. The couch has removable and reversible cushions. It is made with high-quality suede fabric and a frame made of solid wood. The has three seating capacities and has a comfortable sitting fall. It features a 3D hemming technology. The ottoman is multifunctional. It is easy to clean with a vacuum. It is a good buy for the price. Many colors are available.

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Soft and rebound firstly
  • Comfortable sitting falling secondly
  • Various color thirdly
  • Ottoman is multifunctional fourthly
  • Three-dimensional hemming technology used finally

8. Small Space Modern Sectional Sofa

Small Space Modern Sectional Sofa

Key Features

  • Grey in color
  • Soft microfiber upholstery
  • hardwood frame material
  • Removable aluminum legs
  • 44″D x 72″W x 34″H in dimension
  • Sectional sofa
  • ‎90.3 pounds item weight

Want to bring a contemporary flair to your house or apartment? Add a touch of style and elegance to your house with a modern small space sectional sofa with matching pillows. Soft brush microfiber upholstery, aluminum legs, and hardwood frame material make this a sleek and elegant sofa. The black, grey and white upholstery color pallet brings a neutral touch to any space, suitable to fit any interior with ample room to sit comfortably with 3 people. Removable aluminum legs allow you to store and save space when needed. It can be made into a bed with an additional bed frame.

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Perfect for a studio or an apartment
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Soft brush microfiber
  • 3 seating capacity
  • Minor assembly needed
  • Soft fabrics and fun colors

9. Convertible Sectional Sofas Couch with 3-Seat

Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with 3-Seat

Key Features

  • Dark grey in color
  • Metal frame
  • 50″D x 77.55″W x 35.43″H in dimension
  • Flared arm style
  • 660 lbs weight capacity
  • Solid legs and strong structure
  • Used serpentine springs and pocket coil
  • Linen fabric used

Make the most of a small space with this compact couch. Well suited for apartments and other locations where space is at a premium, this long sofa has the popular L shape and is ideal for extra guests. The back cushions are plush and the arms are flared in a style that lends the piece a modern feel. The neutral color is perfect for any decorating style. Crafted from steel and featuring serpentine springs and pocket coil support. This sofa has a solid feel that comes in handy when you want to spread out. Keep the cushions in place with generous seat ties for a clean look that is inviting. This couch arrives with instructions for easy assembly.

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Modern style
  • Perfect For small spaces
  • Instructions for easy assemble
  • Cushions are nice and firm
  • Extra-wide chaise lounge and maximum comfort
  • L shaped

10. Convertible Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise

Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with 3-Seat

Key Features

  • Dark grey in color
  • Wood and Cotton are used as the main material
  • 54.7″D x 78.8″W x 34.8″H in dimension
  • High-quality solid wood constructed
  • skin-friendly and breathable linen fabric adopted
  • 100% premium cotton and high-quality foam

Love the design of a sectional but can’t find one that meets your requirements? Why not build your own?   This L-shaped sectional sofa is the perfect choice for you. It is a unique design, modern and stylish. It is built from high-quality solid wood with special skin-friendly and breathable linen fabric to soften the atmosphere in your living room.  The sectional sofa is also comfortable to sit on. Supports many people, just like a sofa bed but only occupies a smaller space.  Each piece can be a stand-alone as well as a part of a bigger sofa.  Just adjust them according to your needs.  The sofas feature high-quality solid wood legs and durable and sturdy construction.  This wood sofa is durable and easy to assemble.

Why Do We Pick It?

  • Removable and washable cushion cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Dimension is space-saving
  • Easy to assemble and no tools needed
  • L shaped

Buying Guide Of Cheap sectional sofas under $500

You are here because you want to know where. How can you buy a cheap sectional sofa for less than 500. But where do you start? This is a difficult question to ask, especially when it comes to getting your money’s worth. I hope this article will help you choose the perfect Cheap sectional sofas Under $500. Best place to buy cheap sectional sofas below $ 500 and cheap sectional sofas. Y

Cheap sectional sofas under $ 500 are available in many colors and sizes through the online furniture store. If you are looking for a cheap departmental sofa for less than 500. There is no other website that offers better resources right now. Many customers say they search the web for cheap departmental sofas below $ 500. Because they have a tight budget. They want to spend as little as possible. Trust me: I’m browsing the web just like you and I can’t find more complete resources than this. 

One’s home is a significant investment. In the case of furniture, this investment is also significant. Furniture is something that stays in our home and office for years. But, the thing here is, we can’t cost every item with expensive cost. That’s why we go for cheap departmental sofas below $ 500 available online. 


To know the quality of a product, rely on its ingredients. If you have good quality material, invest in that furniture. It is not possible to collect good quality sofas without good materials. Therefore, For those whose house is dirty and there are small children in the house, it would be wise to choose a good quality couch.


Think for yourself about what kind of sectional sofa matches your room. If you have a tendency and like to decorate your room again and again. Then choose a stylish sectional sofa below 500.


Size is an important factor. In general, a small couch for a small room. A large couch for a large room is best suited. Measure the size of the furniture. Well before buying a stylish sectional sofa. Remember that this work looks appropriate. Never ignore this aspect. However, In my opinion, you should check the departmental level. Large section sofa sets should be 85 x 85 inches and small sofa sets from 78 to 88 inches Choose.


This is available in different designs at present. They have their own beauty. This does not mean that any design and fit of the house will be one thing. You need to design the space according to the black pot. If you do not want to place the corner space, then L-shaped sections are for you. Therefore, The convertible sofa would be ideal if used in large living areas. So, For those who have a groom’s family, the U-shaped sofa section is best.


Whatever you buy, always remember that budget. Whatever you buy, set up a budget in advance. Only those who are flexible in their budget are able to get the best departmental couch.

FAQs About Cheap sectional sofas under $500

What is a sectional sofa?

The sofa is made by combining different pieces. Into multiple shapes is called a sectional sofa or seating furniture.

How large should a sectional be?

There is no specific size for this depending on the size of the room. However, the buck is usually seen everywhere from 94 to 156 inches in sectional length.

Are sectionals good for small spaces?

Yes, it is an ideal piece of furniture. It can be used in small areas of the house. Each person can buy his own house in any size according to his needs.

How Long Should a Sofa Last?

Depending on the use of a sofa it lasts an average of five to fifteen years. If you use it properly with care, you will get more time than that.

What is the best color sectional sofa to get?

This depends on your choice. What is the normal color of your house then you have to take the risk. For this you need to use a couch. It will bring some peace of life. If you have a lot of color in your room, keep the couch very simple and emphasize the colors around it.

How big of a sectional couch should I get?

If the space of your house is big then you can use it for comfort. It all depends on the size of your house.


If you need a cheap sectional sofa to fit your budget. It’s only used for a quick nap, or if you have frequent guests, then an affordable sectional sofa will work just fine. Cheap departmental sofas under $ 500 are comfortable and work well for a family. Everybody wants an extra-large sofa for everyone who lives there. This is a huge promise. Especially if you have to buy furniture for the whole house. The good news is that there are cheap departmental sofas on the market right now. It will meet all your important needs while keeping your budget intact. 

The best deal for a cheap sectional sofa is an online site. This is because the prices of local furniture retailers are usually higher than those of online advertising. The quality of cheap sectional sofas under $500 also varies considerably. So it is important to choose wisely. So, We’ll take some of our favorite cheap sectional sofas in this review. 

Hopefully, this article will inspire you to look for ways to improve your own home. It’s up to you whether you buy cheap sectional sofas from our catalog or find something better. Having a comfortable place to relax and hang out with family is a great way to make your home look real. When you want all the comforts of a beautiful leather couch or the versatility of two or more couches sitting next. To each other, a sectional consideration is a great option. Finally, Here is a list of some of the best cheap categories below $ 500 that we can find online.

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